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Toughie 441

Toughie No 441 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A pleasant puzzle but not very difficult. Getting the two 15-letter anagrams at an early stage was a great help

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1a    After removing cereal, wave bowl (4)
{DISH} Take an 8-letter word for “wave” and remove a cereal (often eaten as a health food) from the front

3a    Crikey, so that’s how envelopes are sealed? (2,3)
{BY GUM} A minced oath which is still used in the North of England (as in ee ** ***!) reveals how envelopes are sealed

6a    Hood to subdue bull, finally (4)
{COWL} “To subdue” + L (bull, finally) gives a hood, especially of a kind worn by a monk

8a    Form of attraction having curious mammalian tinges? (6,9)
{ANIMAL MAGNETISM} An anagram (curious) of MAMMALIAN TINGES gives the sexual power of attraction due entirely to physical attributes. The “mammalian” in the clue provides a hint.

9a    New topic not opened for discussion (6)
{NATTER} N (new) + a topic with the first letter removed gives discussion (or gossip)

10a    Slight energy recalled regarding church service (8)
{GOSSAMER} A word meaning slight (as spider-threads that float in the air) is formed from a 2-letter word for energy followed by a reversal of “regarding” + a (Catholic) church service

11a    Silence surrounds rejected minion, mostly not a right-hand man? (8)
{SOUTHPAW} An interjection meaning “Hush!” goes round “rejected”. This is followed by a minion with the last letter removed. The answer is a left-handed boxer (not a right-hand man)

13a    Surface exactly right in article (6)
{PATINA} “Exactly right” + IN + A gives a film or surface appearance that develops on long exposure

15a    Figures securing University’s position (6)
{STATUS} An abbreviated form of tabulated numerical facts (figures) contains U (University) to give one’s position (in society or in any group)

17a    Profit affected training centre (4,4)
{BOOT CAMP} “profit” + “affected” gives a training centre, originally for US military recruits but now also for X-Factor contestants

19a    French writer is after beer and tavern (in reverse order) (8)
{RABELAIS} IS follows a reversal of beer and tavern to give a French writer (?1494-1553)

21a    Most of greens I’m turning over, finding sausage (6)
{SALAMI} A highly-seasoned sausage is formed from a cold dish of vegetables or herbs with its last letter removed + I’M reversed

22a    Version of marimba tune norm in popular song (2,10,3)
{MR TAMBOURINE MAN} An anagram (version of) MARIMBA TUNE NORM gives the title of a 1965 hit for The Byrds. If you watch Mastermind tomorrow you will see a friend of mine answering questions on The Byrds

23a    Instrument very likely to be recalled, in part (4)
{LYRE} An ancient harp-like musical instrument is hidden in a reversal of VERY LIKELY

24a    Imposing figure cheers when coming into money (5)
{TITAN} Cheers! (or thanks!) put inside money gives a gigantic god of Greek mythology

25a    Income that’s not enough for some gambling (4)
{WAGE} A word for a bet loses its last letter to give an income


1d    Commented about one chorus, taking up analytical approach (9)
{DIAGNOSIS} A reversal (taking up) of “commented” around I (one) chorus

2d    Is thus stimulated with a form of massage (7)
{SHIATSU} An anagram (stimulated) of IS THUS with A gives a Japanese healing and health-promoting therapy using massage with fingers, palms, etc.

3d    They’re drawn to effect changes in many a church (4-5)
{BELL ROPES} A cryptic definition. “Change” is used in a campanological sense and the answer is what is pulled to produce ringing sounds in a church

4d    City that’s as good in subdued light (7)
{GLASGOW} A Scottish city is formed from AS G (good) in a subdued light

5d    Mathematical operation commonly used in problem, on reflection (5)
{MINUS} A reversal of a (mathematical) problem goes round IN

6d    Cleansing tractor and front of heavy lorry (9)
{CATHARTIC} A word for cleansing is formed from a tractor with caterpillar wheels + H (front of heavy) + a flexible lorry

7d    Our group offering no light relief in film (7)
{WESTERN} Our group (i.e. you, me and others) with a word meaning severe (offering no light relief) gives a genre of films

12d    Earl, say, and servant appearing in start of book? (5,4)
{TITLE PAGE} The page of a book telling you what it’s called is made up of “earl, say” + a servant

13d    Puritan so outraged about French writer (9)
{PROUSTIAN} An anagram (outraged) of PURITAN SO gives an adjective relating to a French novelist (1871-1922)

14d    Fancy I can block computer manufacturer supplying household gadget (9)
{APPLIANCE} An anagram (fancy) of I CAN goes inside a personal computer manufacturer

16d    Tuck in with a beam after it finally appeared? (3,4)
{TEA TRAY] “tuck in” + “a beam” follow T (it finally). When this object appears you might tuck in and smile

17d    Is copper in part of bridle coming to snap? (7)
{BISCUIT} IS CU (copper) goes inside part of a bridle to give, e.g. a ginger nut (snap)

18d    Rising quantity of hypochondria? I mean an actual disorder (7)
{ANAEMIA} A disorder of the blood is hidden in reversed form in HYPOCHONDRIA I MEAN AN

20d    Sailor getting on vessel, ousting one first in order (5)
{ABBOT} AB (sailor) + a vessel with the letter A removed gives a person in charge of a religious institution

As usual from Kcit a pleasant non-controversial puzzle

9 comments on “Toughie 441

  1. A very pleasant Thursday toughie. I would make 22a my clue of the day but have been singing the song all day! Thanks to KCit for the entertainment and Bufo for the explanations.

  2. A pleasant crossword with some nice clues and misdirections. The only thing that detained me was working out the wordplay for 1a after I had the answer. Many thanks to Kcit and to Bufo for the notes. Favourite clues were 8a, 14d and 18d.

  3. Agree another pleasant puzzle. Thanks Kcit & Bufo. So far all the puzzles this week have been enjoyable & “do-able” – the sort you settle down with & have a cuppa. Is this the calm before the storm? Who are we due to lock horns with tomorrow?

  4. My best toughie performance by far. Would have been better without an unfortunate guess at the spelling of the shiatsu :)

  5. 16d was probably my favourite in what was a very atraightforward puzzle.
    6a in the Times is the same as 6a here (and on the same location):

    Jersey for one looking initially for cover (4)

    Thanks to Kcit and Bufo

  6. Most enjoyable crossword of the week so far, favourite clue was 22a. Thanks Kcit for a grand crossword and Bufo for an equally grand review.

  7. Another Toughie finished and mostly understood apart from 1a – missed the “bran” part.

    Bufo – 22a – The Byrds version of this song was the first single I ever bought – but, perhaps, we should give a mention to the man who wrote it – Bob Dylan!

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