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DT 29311

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29311

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th March 2020

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1a    Less familiar way to meet worker in park (8)
STRANGER – ST (way) RANGER (worker in park)

6a    Jar for this berry? (4)
RASP – A verb meaning to jar or grate

9a    Unusual question — not to one that sparkles? (6)
SEQUIN – An anagram (unusual) of QUESTiON without the I (not one)

10a    Star perhaps in top window (8)
SKYLIGHT – A star could be described as a SKY LIGHT

11a    Did not forget and picked up again (11)
RECOLLECTED – With a hyphen after the RE, this would mean picked up again

14a    Factory still dry i.e. peculiar! (10)
DISTILLERY – An anagram (peculiar) of STILL DRY IE

15a    Dickens will accept article for Ruth’s husband (4)
BOAZ – A (article) accepted by BOZ (the pen name of Charles Dickens) to produce the name of Ruth in the Old Testament

16a    10, say, entering Virginia (4)
VEGA – A first magnitude star (so a sky light as in the solution to 10a) is obtained by entering EG (say) into VA (the abbreviation for the State of Virginia

17a    Boring bird? (10)
WOODPECKER – Cryptic definition

19a    Connoisseurs, one hundred with terrible congestion (11)
COGNOSCENTI – An anagram (terrible) of I (one) C (Roman numeral for 100) CONGESTION

22a    Advantage facing high ground in Civil War battle (8)
EDGEHILL – EDGE (advantage) HILL (high ground)

23a    Flexible western dropout? (6)
WHIPPY – W (western) HIPPY (dropout?)

24a    Good person — and a good party (4)
STAG – ST (saint, good person) A (from the clue) G (good)

25a    Coward’s work that could make one sniffy (3,5)
HAY FEVER – A play by Noel Coward or an allergy that could make one sniff a lot


2d    United drew (4)
TIED – Double definition

3d    Come up against an objection (4)
ABUT – A (an) BUT (objection)

4d    Refined chap, slippery type (7)
GENTEEL – GENT (chap) EEL (slippery type)

5d    Cure the heart-sore lot suffering (7,2,6)
RESTORE TO HEALTH – An anagram (suffering) of THE HEART SORE LOT

6d    Princely payment? (7)
ROYALTY – part of the Royal Family (princely) or a payment

7d    Turn on or off, then reverse to find railway (10)
SWITCHBACK – SWITCH (turn on or off) BACK (reverse)

8d    One who is working at last (9)
SHOEMAKER – Cryptic definition

12d    Type of betting established inequality (5,4)
FIXED ODDS – FIXED (established) ODDS (inequality)

13d    Acquisition of rough mat in a tent (10)
ATTAINMENT – An anagram (rough) of MAT IN A TENT

17d    Witty fellow covering part of leg for cleaning (7)
WASHING – WAG (witty fellow) ‘covering’ SHIN (part of leg)

18d    Course not to be taken by drivers (7)
PATHWAY – Only to be used by pedestrians!

20d    About four, I, in France, dance (4)
JIVE – JE (the French word for I) goes ‘about’ IV (Roman numeral for four)

21a    Another pew seating elder initially in part of church (4)
APSE – The initial letters of Another Pew Seating Elder

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  1. I’m probably being thick but I don’t understand why 8d is “shoemaker” – a cryptic definition? Grateful for guidance here!

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