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DT 29263

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29263

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 18th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **

A short-lived solving experience for a Saturday prize puzzle which I didn’t find as enjoyable as others appeared to on the day

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1a    Perfectionist‘s fine American pickle (7)
FUSSPOT – F (fine) US (American) SPOT (pickle)

5a    Unevenly coloured 25 dish: no cover on top? (7)
PIEBALD – PIE (baked (the solution to 24a) dish) BALD (no cover on top). One of my pet peeves is a clue early on in a crossword which references another much further down the puzzle – at least this clue was easy to solve without having to wait until the other clue had been solved

9a    Hands down, it’s a revolution! (9)
CARTWHEEL – A cryptic definition where you solve the clue by finding a word that fits the checking letters, and then look back at the clue to find out how to parse it

10a    Frigg ultimately appears in this swirling vision (5)
SIGHT – G (the ultimate letter of FrigG) appears in an anagram (swirling) of THIS

11a    Superior stimulant (5)
UPPER – Double definition

12a    Hormone from kidneys — there’s a row about that (9)
ADRENALIN – A DIN (a row) goes about RENAL (from kidneys)

13a    Spiny lobster could be gelatinous without one (9)
LANGOUSTE – An anagram (could be) of GELATiNOUS without the I (one)

16a    Tree needing oxygen as it happens (5)
OLIVE – O (chemical symbol for oxygen) LIVE (as it happens)

17a    That is chump catching ball (2,3)
TO WIT – TWIT (chump) ‘catching’ O (letter that is ball-shaped)

18a    Old fear and hurt transformed in prayer (3,6)
OUR FATHER – An anagram (transformed) of O (old) FEAR HURT

20a    Failing to supply a bouquet? (9)
ODOURLESS – Cryptic definition

23a    Blank, news boss stared stupidly (5)
GAPED – GAP (blank) ED (editor, news boss)

25a    Criminal eats King Edward, initially cooked thus? (5)
BAKED – BAD (criminal) ‘eats’ K E (King Edward initially)

26a    One unlikely to be out for whole night (9)
INSOMNIAC – Cryptic definition

27a    Canal’s entrance in eastern Lahore collapsed (7)
EARHOLD – An anagram (collapsed) of E (eastern) LAHORE

28a    Revolutionary soldier given no wine shunned (7)
IGNORED – A reversal (revolutionary) of GI (American soldier) followed by NO (from the clue) RED (wine)


1d    Part of spoof actually for real (7)
FACTUAL – Lurking in part of spooF ACTUALly

2d    Paddy right to enter bar (5)
STROP – R (right) to enter STOP (bar)

3d    Vessel has tangled rope at bow (9)
POWERBOAT – An anagram (tangled) of ROPE AT BOW

4d    Written in Sanskrit, he takes letter to Greeks (5)
THETA – Another lurker – written in SanskriT HE TAkes

5d    Quietly coming upon exotic arboreal creature (5,4)
POLAR BEAR – P (musical instruction to play quietly) and an anagram (exotic) of ARBOREAL

6d    German city needs some brickies sent (5)
ESSEN – And another lurker – brickiES SENt

7d    One backing search for swimmer (9)
ANGELFISH – ANGEL (one backing a theatre production, for example) FISH (search)

8d    River claims dwelling: is it international climate warming? (7)
DÉTENTE – The River DEE ‘claims’ TENT (dwelling)

14d    Fresh delivery for Brooklyn addressee? (3,6)
NEW YORKER – NEW (fresh) YORKER (cricket delivery)

15d    Result: twenty given job (9)
SCORELINE – SCORE (twenty) LINE (job)

16d    Protestant marching from mountains in state (9)
ORANGEMAN – RANGE (mountains) in the state of OMAN

17d    Hot water‘s exciting role with tub (7)
TROUBLE – An anagram (exciting) of ROLE with TUB

19d    Cut grass hides bird without tail (7)
REDUCED – REED (grass) ‘hides’ DUCk (a bird without its last letter or tail)

21d    Set to transmit commercial in Brazilian city (5)
RADIO – AD (commercial) in RIO (Brazilian city) – the Saturday Times crossword had this same clue in almost the same place on the grid, 23d in the case of the Times clue

22a    Son with us greeting tasty Asian dish (5)
SUSHI – S (son) US (from the clue) HI (greeting)

24a    Previous leader in monastery (5)
PRIOR – A chestnut of a double definition to finish

2 comments on “DT 29263

  1. The only remarkable thing about this puzzle was the 21d coincidence which gave me a slightly freaky deja vu moment
    Thanks for the review CS

  2. Thanks for the review CS, and thanks to the setter. I’m sorry this one didn’t float your boat, I found it very quick but very enjoyable too.
    As a technicality, there is an error in your answer to 27ac, not that I suppose anyone else will see it at this late date!

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