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DT 29248

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29248

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Happy New Year everyone.

We have been away with family again and despite partying to welcome in the new year, we happily managed to avoid the holiday chaos on the roads and get home in time to solve this Jay’s first puzzle for 2020.

 Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Answer by soldiers must be commitment (10)
RESOLUTION : Engineering soldiers and then an answer to a problem.

6a     Type of knot that poses a danger to shipping? (4)
REEF : The world’s largest coral example of this type of shipping danger is off the coast of Queensland.

10a     Character of small time politician stifling answer (5)
STAMP : The abbreviations for small and time plus a Member of Parliament surround the abbreviation for answer.

11a     Ready to change and go for a ticket like this (3,6)
DAY RETURN : An anagram (to change) of READY and then a go or opportunity to play in a game.

12a     Policy U-turn could make you suddenly get very angry, then collapse (4-4)
FLIP-FLOP : A word meaning get very angry or blow one’s top and a similar looking word meaning to collapse.

13a & 15 Across     Pay when payer amended such a wish (5,3,4)
HAPPY NEW YEAR : A seasonally appropriate anagram.

15a     See 13 Across

17a     Do ask mostly for best (7)
CONQUER : Another word meaning do or trick and then ask or question loses its last letter.

19a     Humour ultimately missing from sadly integral part of a joke? (3,4)
TAG LINE : An anagram (sadly) of INTEG(r)AL once the last letter of humour has been removed.

21a     Sudden advances made by son with friends (7)
SALLIES : S(on) and friends or possibly military partners.

22a     Hurts to see a game finishing early (5)
ACHES : ‘A’ from the clue and then a board game without its last letter.

24a     The after-effects of Chinese dynasty rule cut short (8)
HANGOVER : The Chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 BC to 220 AD and then rule or administer is lacking its final letter.

27a     Independent vote in Ohio converted ordinary people (3,6)
HOI POLLOI : I(independent) and a vote or plebiscite are within an anagram (converted) of OHIO.

28a     Blow last of pimiento to make relish (5)
GUSTO : A blow or blast of wind and then the final letter of pimiento.

29a     Source of deadly green extract (4)
DRAW : The first letter of deadly and then green or inexperienced.

30a     Home entry fixed to include everybody on the inside (10)
INTERNALLY : The two letter word meaning ‘home’ and a word for everybody is inside an anagram (fixed) of ENTRY.


1d     Take a chance on body-search with top off (4)
RISK : Remove the first letter from a body search that could be looking for a concealed weapon.

2d     Scoundrel‘s stolen goods including ring and yen (9)
SCALLYWAG : A word for stolen goods defined by the way they are wrapped up contains ‘ring on the telephone’ and the abbreviation for the Japanese currency.

3d     Left a young seal to drink eagerly (3,2)
LAP UP : L(eft) then ‘A’ from the clue and the term for a young seal.

4d     Child beginning to trust stranger crossing line (7)
TODDLER : The first letter of trust and then stranger or more peculiar contains the abbreviation for line.

5d     Policy must change over month of games (7)
OLYMPIC : An anagram (must change) of POLICY includes M(onth).

7d     Marine finally joining crack outfit (5)
EQUIP : The last letter of marine and then a crack or joke.

8d     Imagine groom’s costume (5,5)
FANCY DRESS : Imagine or believe plus ‘groom’ or make orderly.

9d     Satisfied hotel with new loan for alcohol (8)
METHANOL : Satisfied or fulfilled the requirement, then H(otel) and an anagram (new) of LOAN.

14d     Disturbingly cute, at hand — and without ties (10)
UNATTACHED : An anagram (disturbingly) of CUTE AT HAND.

16d     Issue undertaking to support energy (8)
EMISSION : The physics symbol for energy and then an undertaking or assigned task.

18d     General shift in values squeezing right (9)
UNIVERSAL : An anagram (shift) of IN VALUES includes R(ight).

20d     Level of aid mainly accepted by European prisoner (7)
ECHELON : Remove the last letter from a synonym for aid and place this within E(uropean) and a three letter informal word for a prisoner.

21d     Illumination that comes after tequila? (7)
SUNRISE : The answer is used after tequila in the names of a cocktail and also a hit song by The Eagles.

23d     Aloha — if arriving outside this port! (5)
HAIFA : A lurker hiding in the clue.

25d     An instrument for gangsters to conceal (5)
ORGAN : A second lurker.

26d     Quality of wine society? (4)
BODY : A double definition. The word ‘full’ is often used in association with this wine quality.

Quickie pun    wheel    +    metre    +    gun    =    We’ll meet again

79 comments on “DT 29248

  1. A nice straightforward crossword to start the New Year – lots to enjoy throughout.

    Thank you to Jay and the 2Ks and 13/15a to all – I do hope there aren’t too many people suffering from either a 24a or some 22a this morning

  2. Nice start to the year. Good to see 27A, whose antonym, hoi oligoi has almost vanished (except for oligarchy). A 2*\3.5* for me. Also liked 8D. Thanks and a Happy New Year to all on this page.

  3. Solved this one in the early hours, preferable to drinking too much alcohol; although a 21d wouldn’t have been amiss. I go along with the 2ks rating; very enjoyable. I hope there are’n’t too many 24a amongst you. Once again HNY.

  4. Didn’t expect to be posting today as we were supposed to be in Kent for the New Year, but the dog’s a little bit poorly so we cancelled. It gives me the opportunity to add my thanks and good wishes, firstly to Big Dave for this marvellous site, but also to the setters, bloggers and commenters. I might not pop in very often, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t appreciated all that was on offer.

    To today’s crossword – as always, I enjoyed it. If I have to pick a favourite, it was probably 27a. I didn’t need the hints but I thank the 2Ks for their offering. I love seeing your photos of your local flora and fauna and hearing your news.

    Happy New Year to all🎉🎇🍾

    1. Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for your pooch, always so worrying when they’re not well.

      1. Thank you Merusa, that’s very kind. Actually he is much better now, a quick visit to the vet has sorted his tummy. He’s a terror for scavenging in the garden and I really don’t want to think about what he might have been eating!

        1. That is good to know. So glad your pooch is on the mend. We had a dog who would eat anything outside, deer poop was a favourite, but turned her nose up at various dog foods that were supposed to be good for her. I miss her still. She did die of old age but as you say, who knows what she ate along the way.

  5. 1.5*/4*. A very light but great start to the new year! I would have finished in my 1* time except that I didn’t twig 26d straightaway. 8d was my favourite.

    Shouldn’t 23d be “inside” not “outside”?

    Happy New Year to all, and many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks, who have been enjoying 2020 for a few more hours than most of us.

      1. Hi Margaret, I tried to interpret it as you suggest but surely what is outside this port is “alo…rriving”?

        P.S. I do hope your dog makes a speedy recovery.

          1. Haha, thanks for the bone, most kind. Diesel is a male 9 month old Westie and he’s got a bit of a gippy tummy, but he’ll be fine, thanks for your concern. Yes I see what you’re saying re the clue. It will be interesting to see what others think.

    1. 23d – I don’t think outside or inside works as a lurker indicator which I note the 2Ks did not identify in the hint.

  6. It was **/**** for me too. A thoroughly enjoyable set of clues with so many good ones that I can’t pick a favourite. Thanks to the 2 Ks and the setter. I can recommend the New Year’s Day Concert from Vienna. I am watching the TV version but an extended version is available this evening. There are 6 women playing in the orchestra this year!

  7. 26d was also my downfall (in a solving sense I should add) but otherwise this was a mercifully straightforward solve completed whilst watching the excellent New Year’s Day concert from Vienna. My favourite was a toss up between 27a and 8d.

    Many thanks to Jay for an enjoyable start to the solving year, and to the 2Ks.

  8. Very quick solve. 17a held out a bit but it was 26d that stumped me. Fortunately when I started going through the alphabet for words with those checkers it is the first you come to. Thanks Jay if it is he and HNY to 2Ks.

      1. Thank you CS! It’s hard having to fill it in every time on an iPhone. I don’t know what happens to it or follow-up emails!

        1. Don’t forget to look at your predictive text line Wanda. It makes things a lot quicker…….

  9. Sorry I have just spelt my monicker wrongly on a comment which is now awaiting moderation. I only said yesterday how glad I am that the auto fill works and now it’s gone again.

  10. A few seasonally appropriate words helped me get started on this. The only clue I struggled with was 29a; for some reason, I just couldn’t work it out on my own.

    Happy new year to setters, bloggers and commentators. This site has been a great help to me in my first nine months of DT cruciverbalism. Some days are better than others but I’m frequently completing crosswords without looking at the hints, now.

  11. As others apparently found, it was the pesky 26d that held out to the end and it’s so annoyingly obvious once the penny drops.
    No particular favourite today, just a satisfyingly good solve with its occasional nod to the date.

    Thanks to Jay for another great year of puzzles and to our 2Ks for their consistently good reviews. A very happy New Year to all three birds.

    1. 26dn did me as well and I was drinking full ****** at the time. 60% Primitivo/40% Negroamaro from the excellent cantina Cantele – the name of the wine Amativo and it is 14.5%:-)

      Happy New Year to you and all, our setters, bloggers and of course BD.

  12. Well I’m pleased to see I’m in excellent company re 26d being my LOI, and also being a little unsure of the interpretation of 23d, though it was an obvious lurker.
    Anyway, Jay puzzles are always enjoyable and this lightly themed one was no exception. I’ve ticked 12a, 17a and 20d (such a loverly sounding word) for podium places but it could have been several others.
    Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks and a HNY to all fellow cruciverbalists.

  13. Very enjoyable except for 26d which was very sneaky and not a good clue IMHO. A real shame when setters spoil a good puzzle with clues like that. For me it just doesn’t work properly for either definition. Hey ho!
    ***/** 26d cost a star in each category.
    Thx to all

  14. A belated HNY to all. This is my first day out of bed since Sunday as I am suffering from the worse case of manflu on record. It started with George the youngest grandson then spread like wildfire through the rest of the family. I have instructed Mrs S to paint a cross on the door for the body collectors. More later if I’m spared…

    1. Sorry to hear about your family germ fest.

      We had the same a couple of times this year, courtesy of those toddler super-spreaders. Nothing for it but constant hand washing. Nothing else works for poor grandparents apart from the flu jabs, which are working better this year than last. I recommend frequent doses of chicken chilli soup, hot ginger cordial and a bit of red wine. It doesn’t kill the virus, but makes you feel a hell of a lot more cheerful.

  15. A pleasant start to the New Year. A steady solve without recourse to the hints for once. Like others, my last one in was 26d and it gave a “doh!” moment when I finally got it. My notable mentions are 2d and 4d but the COTD for me is 12a.

    I thought today’s quickie pun stretched things a little – “gun” for “gain”?

    Thank you to the setter and to the 2 Kiwis for the hints.

    I wish everyone on the blog a very Happy New Year. Thank you to all who work hard to make it such a success. :yahoo:

  16. Another declared victim of 26d. Unlike Weekend Wanda I went through the alphabet twice and still didn’t twig. Having looked at the blighter for nearly as long as it had taken to complete the remainder of what was a gentle offering I succumbed to impatience & looked at 2Kiwis hint.

  17. First one in – 26d!
    Not sure how long this took as there was a minor interruption for a long standing tradition to toast the (UK) New Year over Skype with my baby brother. So, ??/****.
    Favourite – 12a.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  18. I enjoyed the seasonal contents of this puzzle, especially 21d.

    Happy New Year to everyone and especially the Sloggers and Betters. Let’s hope we have a fabulous and clear-sighted 2020!

  19. 29a did for me…it’s always the wee words.

    Otherwise a very enjoyable puzzle.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2 Kiwis.

    And…..A Guid New Year to ane and a’ (and mony may ye see).

  20. In general agreement for this pleasant start to another solving year.
    2.5*/4* a couple held me over but otherwise a fairly pacy solve.
    Many thanks to Jay & 2KWs for review.

  21. Unlike Chriscross and Young Salopian I waited for the end of the New Year concert from Vienna before applying myself to today’s cryptic challenge which was completed without any real aggro but then again not a lot of fun to be had. No Favs. Thank you Jay and 2Kiwis. Prosit Neujahr BD and Co.

  22. Lovely start to 2020. I really enjoyed this. Thank you to setter, Big Dave, 2Kiwis and everyone here for all the comments and fun. We just made it to midnight because A was working late shift and got home just before the clock clicked.
    He is retiring this month, I am quite unnerved by that but he worries so much about me being home alone for 12 or more hours a day out in the country even though I am feeling better and better, though the anaemia still persists, probably not helped by the fact that doctor decides to empty at least an armful of my blood once a month. I do have a favour to ask of everyone here, the man is going to be under my feet and is already planning on taking over my kitchen as he says ‘To make it more efficient and logical’, so any and all suggestions to add to my ‘Honey Do’ list will be most gratefully received. Think of it as a mercy gesture. Or promise to write if I do go to prison for killing him.

    One other really funny thing to start my 2020. Tomorrow I am going to the police station because in order to get my UK pension – a stunning $984 a year, yes a year, apparently I have to prove I am alive. I have to find someone respectable and upstanding and I don’t know anyone like that so I am going to ask a policeman to look at my passport and drivers licence and agree that I am alive. At least the view will be nice, I do rather have a bit of a thing for men in uniform….

    Happy New Year!

    1. I feel your pain! Exactly the same happened to me. All I can say is that you eventually get used to it! At least mine didn’t do what someone else’s husband did – he put all the tins in the cupboard into alphabetical order …

      1. OMG actually I can see my hubby doing that!

        1. LOL RabbitDave now you are asking too much. We recently had a bit of a clear out and found tins with dates going back….well rather a long time. Whenever I read about some new bright young thing on TV or in movies I realise I have stuff in the cupboard – spices, herbs, tins of things that are much older. Sigh.

        2. Who cares? My Nan (my paternal grandmother) died in 1981. My Mum and Dad were sorting out her house. My Dad was in the Royal Navy in WW2 and they came across all kinds of stuff with, “Issued to HM Forces” stamped on it!

      2. I have far worse to report – when we moved house last year my husband put all my books in alphabetical order – but by author. I always know what book I’m looking for but can’t always remember who wrote it – he hasn’t even retired yet! I fear for the future . . . :unsure:

        1. Ha ha ha! You just made both of us laugh out loud but suddenly Alan said ‘Actually that’s a good idea!”

      1. hahahaha one of our grandchildren has a condition – one of the branches of her chromosomes is missing. She is a stunningly beautiful little girl, loving, adorable. She can see, hear, feel but she doesn’t speak. My husband thinks she should be the prototype for the perfect woman. Obviously I fail in that regard… I speak. But he does say he is glad I didn’t die last year because he would miss the background noise.

  23. Happy New Year to all!
    I thought this was a great start to the puzzling (interpret that in whatever way you wish!) year. Rather like the proverbial London bus, we seem to have had 27a 3 if not 4 times in the last couple of weeks. Time for another piece of Mr K statistics? Like others, I thought 23d should be inside rather than outside.
    As for 9 d, Jay’s fluid?!

    1. Hello, Spinky. The only recent Telegraph appearance of 27a that I can find was in Toughie 2352 from December 18th. When I get a chance, I’ll check crosswords in other papers.

  24. A perfect crossword for the day after the night before! Nothing to disturb the horses and fun to complete.
    Personally I can see nothing at all wrong with 26d.
    Thanks to Jay, and the 2K’s for the review.

  25. Excellent start for New Year, challenging enough for a relative novice but doable without needing to look at the hints.I think Margaret got it just right in her post and would wish to echo her comments.

  26. 26d was my downfall, too, but otherwise this went well. I am having a run of good solves at the moment, which is really enjoyable, but this is always followed by a run of puzzles where I feel that the setter and I are on different planets. I’m waiting for the axe to fall! However, onwards and upwards.

    Thank you BD and all for such an enjoyable Blog and all the hints.

  27. Lovely gentle start to the new year. Thanks to Jay and the Kiwis. I needed the hint for 21 down but not 26 down which is probably a reflection of my drinking habits! A dull day in southern Ontario but no storms or fires or other weather anomalies. A big thanks to Big Dave for this site and Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. Welcome to the blog

      It is very dull in East Kent too – misty, murky, damp and cold (even after the frost had gone it didn’t seem any warmer)

    2. Are you in the horseshoe?
      Surprisingly bright here today compared with last few days. At least the freezing rain has stopped.
      I am so looking forward to a new year/decade after my annus horribilis. I know it sounds a bit daft but hubby printed off the crossword every day of my 3 months in hospital throughout the year and it really kept me going.
      I do hope the setters and everyone here knows how very much they are appreciated. The bits of news from people around the world in real human terms rather than ‘the news’ gives me such a feeling of connection. Even the bad stuff, horrible floods in Spain and then reading about the recovery, tales from New Zealand…. sorry I should stop because I can’t reference everyone but I do read all the comments and enjoy them.

  28. It’s exactly a year today that I started attempting the DT cryptic crossword, as a sort of misguided New Year’s resolution. So I must join many others in saying a big “thank you” to Big Dave and all of his splendid team for the assistance I’ve had from this site. Also to the many commenters whose input I’ve found very helpful. And, of course, the setters: I’m in awe.

    I found today’s puzzle fairly straightforward (couldn’t have said that a year ago!), no particular favourite but no major holdups either.

    Happy New Year to all, may you avoid 22a and 24a.

  29. Yes a very nice start to the new decade 😃 **/**** I also found 26d & 29a tricky 😳 Favourites 27a & 2d. Thanks to Jay and the 2x Ks

  30. Don’t care what the Dude’s opinion is The Eagles produced some good easy listening music of which 21d is a good example. Pleasant start to 2020 so thanks to all and Happy New Year to all as well.

  31. Defeated by 26d, no excuses for that…
    The rest was very enjoyable fare from Jay.
    I hope everyone had a good new year. The last decade is one I am happy to say goodbye too…
    Thanks all.

  32. Another Jay treat, I do look forward to Jay days.
    It’s hard to choose a fave, too many choices, but I think 2d is it, wotta lovely word, with 12a hot on its heels.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis for the fun over the past year, the puzzles, the reviews and snapshots of your lovely world.
    Wishing our fellow commenters a Happy New Year. I was in bed long before midnight, keeping dogs calm!

  33. Brilliant site, I’ve been accessing it for years, but never commented before.
    Very nice relatively simple puzzle.
    HNY to all

  34. Morning all.
    Recently we have been having brilliantly red sunrises and sunsets. These have been caused by the smoke that has drifted about 2000Km across the Tasman Sea from the horrendous fires that are raging in Australia at present. The proverbially ‘Lucky Country” isn’t living up to its name at present. Although there is constant rivalry between our two nations it is a relationship like that between siblings and our hearts go out to all those affected.

    Sounds like the pesky four letter answer for 26d was most people’s stumbling block today. They so often are. Another of them beat us in today’s Toughie.

    1. Me too re the Aussies. A friend who I shared a house with when we were training lives in a little tiny town called Eden in SE Australia. Her husband is in the Voluntary State Emergency Service – I’m just about to email her to check up on them.

    2. I, too, have been reading with horror the dreadful fires and destruction to wildlife in Australia. It seems like it’s never going to end, and those poor little koalas. Please let it end.

  35. Splendid Jay puzzle as usual, hard enough to be interesting but solvable from the clues. Favourites 27a and 8d. Many thanks to Jay and 2K’s and a happy and prosperous New year to all.

  36. Can I echo a 13 and 15a to you all. A benevolent and enjoyable start to the year (but not the decade as the media would have us believe) from our setter, perhaps anticipating a few 24 Ds around the globe. Not me, I had to work but finished well before the blog opened for business in my time zone. No 1As for me either, given up on those. No real favourite candidates but enjoyed the New Year theme. As always, thanks to BD, 2Ks for the extra dimension and the setter🦇

  37. Oh dear! For no very obvious reasons I really had a battle today.
    I can’t blame a 24a – I lost my glass within a short time of arriving at friends last night and, anyway, knew that we had to walk home so wouldn’t have drunk much.
    26d beat me too – I ended up putting ‘rosy’, in desperation – pathetic – I should be shot!
    I liked 1 and 21d today.
    Thanks to Jay and to the K’s.

  38. The usual brill stuff to start the crosswording year. Many thanks to Jay and the Kiwis.

    Feliz Año nuevo a todos.

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