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ST 3009

Sunday Telegraph 3009

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 23rd June 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This was a tad more difficult than recent Sunday puzzles but nothing that couldn’t be unravelled. Some fine surface readings added to the confusion which is always a good thing.

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1a           Modest container in farm building (6)
SCANTY – A tin CAN in a pig STY

4a           Insect, male with reclining pose (6)
MANTIS – A MAN (male) and a reversal/reclining of SIT or repose.

8a           Counter, to the left of which lies room key (5,3)
SPACE BAR – A BAR or beer counter with SPACE or room to the left of it.

10a        Parade image on one’s skin (6)
TATTOO – A straightforward double definition.

11a        Draught knocked back after a song (4)
ARIA – Reverse/knock back AIR/draught after A from the clue.

12a        Paris landmark, converted racecourse (5,5)
SACRE COEUR – An anagram (converted) of RACECOURSE.

13a        Fish in front of ship eaten by vermin, thrashing (7,5)
RAINBOW TROUT – Place IN from the clue and the BOW of a ship inside a RAT/vermin and then add ROUT for a thrashing.

16a        Change involves a tense discussion (12)
CONVERSATION – A CONVERSION or change contains A T(ense).

20a        So a son, true to form, is disloyal (10)
TREASONOUS – An anagram, indicated by ‘to form’, of SO A SONTRUE.

21a        Capital city in chaos, London (4)
OSLO – A lurker IN cha OS LO ndon.

22a        Broadcast possible breakfast show (6)
SERIAL – A homophone (broadcast) of CEREAL or possible breakfast.

23a        Box transported primarily behind coaches (3,5)
TEA CHEST – The primary letter in T(ransported) behind TEACHES for coaches.

24a        Very, very sore unfortunately after ending on backside (4,2)
EVER SO – Place V for Very and an anagram (unfortunately) of SORE after the ending letter in (backsid)E. The clue paints a lovely picture.

25a        Main course in middle of menu, something woody (6)
ENTRÉE – The middle letters in mENu followed by TREE for ‘something woody.


1d           Rescuing male, warmer hugs for a mother (8)
SUPERMAN – The SUN or our warmer is hugging PER (for a) and MA for mother.

2d           Vertical line approximately showing African capital (5)
ACCRA – A reversal (they are vertical in a down clue) of an ARC/line and CA for Circa/approximately.

3d           Mexican crisp filled with first of beans, as in Mexican state (7)
TABASCO – Place the first letter of B(eans) and AS from the clue inside a TACO or Mexican crisp.

5d           Democrat upset having taking out Mafia’s leader in some style (3,4)
ART DECO – Make an anagram (upset) of DE(m)OCRAT having taken out or removed the first letter in Mafia.

6d           Trait oft misconstrued, time for revenge (3,3,3)
TIT FOR TAT – A misconstrued anagram of TRAIT OFT followed by T for Time.

7d           Old Japanese commander removing central part from weapon (6)
SHOGUN – Remove the middle letter (central part) of SHO(t)GUN or weapon.

9d           Create trouble — as might a large wave? (4,3,4)
ROCK THE BOAT – The second (cryptic) definition is one possible action of a large wave acting on e.g. a yacht.

14d        Centre in a fresh fruit (9)
NECTARINE – A fresh anagram of CENTRE IN A.

15d        Drinking beers, company and church come together (8)
COALESCE – CO for Company and CE for Church of England containing or drinking ALES for beers.

17d        Far Eastern food ending in Japan a lot (7)
NOODLES – The ending letter of (Japa)N followed by OODLES (a lot).

18d        Support America in incident damaging reputation (7)
SUSTAIN – US for America inside a STAIN on one’s character/reputation.

19d        Walk in the park, breath of fresh air? (6)
BREEZE – Two definitions – something easy (a walk in the park) and also a movement of fresh air.

21d        Different relative doffs cap (5)
OTHER – A (m)OTHER or relative removes the top letter (or doffs cap).

Thanks to the setter and to CS for covering in my golfing holiday absence. I’ll be back tomorrow for a Saturday review.



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  1. I solved it on a Wednesday evening but still thought it just right for a Sunday prize crossword

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