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DT 29012

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29012

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 30th March 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – A pleasant enough Prize Puzzle with a couple  of enjoyable lavatorial clues.


1a           Spreads river across five docks (8)
DEVELOPS – The river DEE goes across V for 5 in Roman Numerals and then LOPS for docks/cuts is added.

5a           Slates laid backwards give way (4)
SNAP – Reverse (laid backwards) of PANS for slates.

9a           Lists gobbling duck and other fowls (8)
ROOSTERS – Place ROSTERS or lists outside (it is gobbling/swallowing) O for duck/nil.

10a        Missing parts of muscular body found by hospital dept (6)
ABSENT – Place ABS (abdominal muscles) next to ENT – Ear Nose and Throat , a hospital department.

11a        Having dropped a name, niece is disposed to be celebrity (8)
EMINENCE – Make an anagram (is disposed) of N( a )ME NEICE having first lost/dropped A.

12a        American music accompanying tango is most crude (6)
BLUEST – BLUES (American music) with/accompanying T for Tango.

14a        Stake European thrust into sentry and swore (10)
GUARANTEED – Place an ANTE or stake and E for European inside a GUARD or sentry.

18a        The still, small voice opposed to logical observation? (10)
CONSCIENCE – A charade of CON SCIENCE or against logical observation.

22a        All-round entertainment mostly about America (6)
CIRCUS – Most of CIRC( a ) or about in Latin and US for American.

23a        Flier that shows cockney barber’s art (8)
AIRCRAFT – A barber’s art might be HAIRCRAFT so a Cockney would drop the leading H.

24a        Mention collecting or looking back can be stimulating (6)
EROTIC – Reverse (looking back) CITE or mention with OR included (also reversed).

25a        Novel artily involving the Queen should be well-read (8)
LITERARY – A novel anagram of ARTILY with E.R. (the Queen) inside.

26a        Ergo Russian’s definitely getting something to drink (4)
SODA – So for ergo and DA for Yes/definitely in Russian.

27a        Disturbed and elderly, eating junk after lunchtime? (8)
AGITATED – AGED for elderly including/eating TAT/rubbish after I for one o’clock or lunchtime.


2d           Olive largely gets stitched up in fiddle (6)
VIOLIN – Most of OLIV (e ) (largely) is jumbled/stitched up and then IN is added.

3d           Amounts of water possibly needed in sunlit resort (6)
LITRES – A hidden word IN sun LIT RES ort.

4d           Light fabric items designed to go over jumpers (10)
PARACHUTES – A cryptic definition of the light canopy that goes over someone who jumps out of a plane.

6d           Writer with showy jewellery having little taste (8)
NIBBLING – A NIB/writer/pen with BLING or showy jewellery.

7d           Came first and quietly withdrew (8)
PRECEDED – P for quietly and then RECEDED for withdrew.

8d           Praise where bird nests, going to Spain for liberty (8)
LATITUDE – A TIT/bird is nesting inside LAUD for praise and is followed by E for Espania/Spain.

9d           In speech, Shakespearean character facing north wind (4)
REEL – Reverse (facing north) a homophone (in speech) of King LEAR/LEER.

13d        Hopelessly aspiring to be seen around court, working as a lawyer? (10)
PRACTISING – Make a hopeless anagram of ASPIRING and place it around CT for court.

15d        Dish, ceramic, for cooking wraps around East (3,5)
Newspaper version – Energy put into shaping of ceramic dish
ICE CREAM – An anagram (for cooking) of CERAMIC wrapping around E for East [Energy for newspaper version].

16d        Gross to come in unshaven or moustached (8)
ENORMOUS – A hidden word IN unshav EN OR MOUS tache.

17d        Busy, as ladies often seem to be … (8)
OCCUPIED – The ladies toilets are typically more OCCUPIED than the gents.

19d        … acute in writing, maybe. Alternatively, there’s one’s expression when talking … (6)
ACCENT – Two definitions  – an acute ACCENT in the French language over an e and also a different regional expression of the same word in speech.

20d        … blank, as gents often are! (6)
VACANT – The Gent’s toilets are often more VACANT than the ladies!.

21d        Visit source of Scottish river (4)
STAY – The source letter in S(cottish) and the river TAY.



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  1. Where did your version of clue 15d come from? My (newspaper)copy reads “Energy put into shaping of ceramic dish”. Mike

    1. Welcome to the blog Michael

      We always use the Telegraph Puzzles site for the clues as they are electronically readable and can be easily transferred to the blog post. It is annoying, but not uncommon, that the printed version differs from the online one.

  2. Thank you as usual for your excellent site! It helps me so much when I’m stuck with the last few clues. Is there a way of accessing the hints to clues which are not included in the initial Saturday blog without seeing the answers please? Last Saturday I was totally flummoxed by 7 and 8 down and would have liked to have seen the clue hints without the answers ?

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