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DT 28994

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28994

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 9th March 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A Saturday Pangram with quite a lot of anagrams

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1a    A drudge mistakenly offered protection (7)
GUARDED – An anagram (mistakenly) of A DRUDGE

5a    About eleven, processed a tube making ore (7)
BAUXITE – An anagram (processed) of A TUBE goes ‘about’ XI (Roman numerals = 11)

9a    ‘Provide everything that is required’, she quipped in part (5)
EQUIP – Found in part of shE QUIPped

10a    Agreed on a fizzy drink (9)
ORANGEADE – An anagram (fizzy) of AGREED ON A

11a    Outline of house with title removed (10)
SILHOUETTE – An anagram (re moved!) of HOUSE with TITLE

12a    Facility backed consuming European meat (4)
VEAL – A reversal (backed) of LAV (lavatory, facility) ‘consuming’ E (European)

14a    One who later became a saint suffering four assaults (4,2,6)
SAUL OF TARSUS – An anagram (suffering) of FOUR ASSAULTS

18a    Looked likely to come down in Canaan (8,4)
PROMISED LAND – PROMISED (looked likely) LAND (come down)

21a    Copyright on mouthpiece cut (4)
CLIP – C (copyright) on LIP (mouthpiece)

22a    In record time, one performing duet shows incompetence (10)
INEPTITUDE – IN (from the clue) EP (record) T (time) I (one) and an anagram (performing) of DUET

25a    Make material corroded (9)
FABRICATE – FABRIC (material) ATE (corroded)

26a    Easy to digest and easy to carry? (5)
LIGHT – Double definition

27a    Style on top sailors share (4,3)
CREW CUT – CREW (sailors) CUT (share)

28a    Almost certainly genuine, but bizarre (7)
SURREAL – Almost all of SURe (certainly) plus REAL (genuine)


1d    So dull on the outside but oily (6)
GREASY – GREY (dull) goes on the outside of AS (so)

2d    Eagle I left in the water (6)
AQUILA – I (from the clue) L (left) inserted into AQUA (water)

3d    Scripts regularly sent up in support of qualification? That’s tactful (10)
DIPLOMATIC – Reverse (sent up) the regular letters of sCrIpTs and put them after (in support of) DIPLOMA (qualification)

4d    Doctor single small creature (5)
DRONE – DR (doctor) ONE (single)

5d    Fit blue plastic around gold — lovely (9)
BEAUTIFUL – An anagram (plastic) of FIT BLUE goes around AU (chemical symbol for gold)

6d    Egg obtained from four geese (4)
URGE – A lovely misleading surface reading – a verb meaning to egg or encourage can be found in foUR GEese

7d    To some extent at home before a hearing perhaps (2,1,5)
IN A SENSE – IN (at home) A (from the clue) SENSE (hearing perhaps)

8d    See good girl in monocle (8)
EYEGLASS – EYE (see) G (good) LASS (girl)

13d    Aspirin maybe needed by father with trendy person who takes life seriously? (10)
PAINKILLER – PA (father) IN (trendy) KILLER (person who takes life)

15d    Stay in bed, stay to prepare for ambush (3,2,4)
LIE IN WAIT – LIE IN (stay in bed) WAIT (stay)

16d    This heat is clearly defined (8)
SPECIFIC – SPECIFIC heat is the number of heat units necessary to raise the unit of a mass of a given substance one degree in temperature. SPECIFC without the ‘heat’ is an adjective meaning clearly defined

17d    Thus one in chain possibly is fond of others’ company (8)
SOCIABLE – SO (thus) I (one) inserted into CABLE (chain possibly) [what a nice change not to have this word linked to Sir Vince]

19d    Girl disheartened during month in forest (6)
JUNGLE – Remove the ‘heart’ from GirL and insert into JUNE (month)

20d    Pulse taken by lady shortly going round hospital department (6)
LENTIL- Truncate LILy (lady) and put round ENT (hospital department)

23d    Reporters bear down (5)
PRESS – Double definition

24d    Element found by Zulu in chapter (4)
ZINC – Z (Zulu in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) IN (from the clue) C (chapter)

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  1. Had to guess Tarsus and Canaan, otherwise a very comfy solve.
    Thanks for the review CS

  2. Thanks to the setter for a lovely puzzle, I did like the two long biblical answers.
    And thanks for the review CS, for pointing out the pangram, which I missed, as always!

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