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NTSPP – 468

NTSPP – 468

Anniversary Crossword by Prolixic

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Birthday Bash, a puzzle by Windsurfer, is available m as Special Puzzle 007.


A review by crypticsue

Anniversary Crossword by Prolixic

Every solution contains a significant number. They are defined normally but the wordplay omits the number that you need to enter in the grid. One solution contains two Significant Numbers



From L to R  Tilsit, Gazza, BD’s sister Carol, Dutch, Kath, Miffypops. Mr Kitty, ?, BD, Kitty, Donnybrook, Pommers, Prolixic, Bufo, me and Jay.


1a End of kingdom without money (6)
EXPIRE A kingdom without the abbreviation for Money (SN = Roman numeral)

4a European church rector has quiet time with opening of scriptural passages (8)
EXCERPTS The abbreviations for European, the Church of England and Rector followed by the musical abbreviation meaning quiet, the abbreviation for Time and the ‘opening’ of Scriptural (SN = Roman numeral)

10a Hazel maybe referring to northern vegetable (4-5)
TREE-ONION The living thing of which hazel is an example (maybe) the two-letter way of saying ‘referring to’ and the abbreviation for Northern (SN = number)

11a Walk away from landing site with screw propeller (5)
HELIX Remove a three letter verb meaning walk from a landing site for a particular aircraft (SN = Roman numeral)

12a Top copy (4)
APEX A verb meaning to copy (SN = Roman Numeral)

13a Morning transport carrying Greek character going across land and water? (10)
AMPHIBIOUS The abbreviated way we’d refer to morning and a form of transport ‘carrying’ a Greek letter (SN = number)

15a Lecture organiser (American) is boring (7)
TEDIOUS An organiser of a series of lectures and another way of saying American (SN = number)

16a New hit about group of people (6)
NATION The abbreviation for New and a verb meaning hit (SN = number)

19a A BBC boss describes advanced piece of music (6)
ADAGIO – A (from the clue) the abbreviation for the boss of the BBC ‘describes’ the abbreviation for Advanced (SN = number)

21a Norway replaces first of elegies in poetry translation (7)
VERSION Take some poetry and replace the first letter of elegies that appears at the end of the ‘poetry’

23a Random, initially pointless, streaming movement of people (10)
EMIGRATION An anagram (random) of sTREAMING without the S (initially [compass] pointless (SN = number)

25a Push back communist author (4)
MARX A reversal (back) of a verb meaning to push (SN = Roman numeral)

27a Maybe future part of the UK (5)
TENSE Part of the UK follows the SN written as a word

28a Look again at engineers beginning to extract form of ammonia (2-7)
RE-EXAMINE The abbreviation for Royal Engineers, the ‘beginning’ to Extract and a form of ammonia (SN = Roman numeral)

29a Channel Islands succeeded in hollow verdict (8)
DECISION The abbreviations for the Channel Islands and Succeeded inserted into a hollow (SN = number)

30a Left trap for cub (6)
LIONET The abbreviation for Left and a trap (SN = number)


1d Removes on-line pamphlets (8)
EXTRACTS The letter used to indicate something is on-line and some pamphlets (SN = Roman numeral)

2d Claimed left-wing editor supports Polish leader (9)
PRETENDED A left wing abbreviated editor goes under (supports) the leader of Polish (SN – word)

3d Right for debauchery (4)
RIOT The abbreviated way of writing right (SN = number)

5d Article on weak yellow colour (7)
XANTHIN An indefinite article goes on top of weak (SN = Roman numeral)

6d The biros I designed for presenters (10)
EXHIBITORS An anagram (designed) of THE BIROS I (SN = Roman numeral)

7d Reversal of cut in disease (5)
POLIO A reversal of a verb meaning to cut (SN = number)

8d Biased group receiving income support (6)
SEXIST A group ‘receiving’ the abbreviation for Income Support (SN = Roman numeral)

9d Heads of British Medical Establishment surveying ecosystems (6)
BIOMES The ‘heads’ of British Medical Establishment (SN = number)

14d Girl admitting mistake expresses hesitation getting building materials (3,7)
BOX GIRDERS A slang term for a girl ‘admitting’ a [footballer’s, for example] mistake, plus expresses hesitation (SN = Roman numeral)

17d Rust developing in half of toadflax (9)
OXIDATION An anagram (developing) of IN (from the clue) and half of the word TOADflax (Two lots of SN, one a roman numeral, the other a number)

18d Remaining motionless when exercise is involved is unprofessional (8)
INEXPERT Involve some abbreviated exercise in a synonym for motionless (SN = Roman numeral)

20d Working sailor in Canadian province (7)
ONTARIO A way of saying working and a sailor (SN = number)

21d Victor allowed to see flower (6)
VIOLET The NATO Phonetic Alphabet letter signified by Victor and a verb meaning allowed (SN = number)

22d Covered with tepees, say, spread for drying (6)
TENTED A verb meaning to spread for drying (SN = word)

24d National Insurance Contributions of the ancient Greeks (5)
IONIC The abbreviation for National Insurance Contributions (SN = number)

26d Asian people carrier (4)
TAXI An alternative spelling for some Asian people (SN = Roman numeral)


14 comments on “NTSPP – 468

  1. An exceptionally clever crossword!

    (Managed to get both significant numbers into my comment)

    Thanks! Prolixiic!

  2. A typically exceedingly clever Prolixic puzzle which was most enjoyable.

    However, I must take umbrage with 20d – a city in California but a Province in Canada!

    Thanks Prolixic.

  3. It could be argued that 29a has two instances as well!

    Senf is spot on – a typically clever puzzle that was great fun to solve.

    Disappointed that I am not able to attend the Birthday bash after all – I hope it is customarily fun for all.

    Thanks Prolixic, not only for the puzzle, but for all your help in the past. Roy/LbR/Rags

  4. That was quite a challenge and heaps of fun. Now it is time for our Sunday morning walk so we will save the Windsurfer until after that.
    Thanks Prolixic.

  5. Many thanks to Prolixic for an enjoyable and very clever puzzle. I found parts of it very tough but persistence paid off in the end. Thanks too to CS particularly for explaining 14d (which I just couldn’t parse at all) and 22d (“det” was a new word for me).

    P.S. CS, the answer to 30a (another new word for me, incidentally) is not hidden.

  6. Well done to Prolixic for a very enjoyable challenge and for managing to fill the grid with so many suitable words with hardly any obscurities. 5d and 30a were new to me.

    Thanks to him for such a clever puzzle and to everyone else who made yesterday’s event such a memorable occasion. It was great to see so many new faces there for the first time.

    P.S. Thanks also to CS for her review – I think it is Pommers standing just behind Prolixic, no?

  7. Thanks Prolixic for such a clever puzzle; nice idea and good setting!

    Thanks also to Sue for the good blog. It was nice to meet up with both of you yesterday.

  8. Thank to all for the comments and to Crypticsue for the review. It was great to see so many people on Saturday for the Birthday Bash though recovering from flu meant that my energy levels took a nosedive and I had to bail out early!

    Apologies to the good folks of the province of Ontario. Read “province” for “city” in the clue.

  9. I thought this was super – a great idea, perfectly executed.

    Thanks for the entertainment, Prolixic. It was lovely to see you on Saturday, though a great shame about those energy levels. Flu is a [expletive withheld]!

    Last but not least, thanks to Sue for the review.

  10. It was an excellent idea to print this off and savour it later.

    There is no end to Prolixic’s ingenuity! This is a very clever Anniversary Crossword and such a lot of fun, too. I did find it quite difficult, but much enjoyed teasing it out. Too many super clues to pick out a fave.

    I needed explanations of my answers to three clues in the south west corner. I am most grateful to CS for this, and for the lovely pics. That is a beautiful looking cake and I bet it was delicious!

    Most appreciative thanks to Prolixic, and I hope you will soon be feeling much better. And most appreciative thanks, too, to CS for the excellent review.

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