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ST 2953

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2593

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 27th May 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Another very satisfying puzzle.

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1a           Happy after pawn’s taken in game (6)
PLUCKY – LUCKY for happy after P for what must be ‘Pawn’s taken)’ from a chess abb. Otherwise the ‘taken’ is superfluous.

4a           Heroic changes for person who’ll likewise succeed? (2-4)
CO-HEIR – A change/anagram of the word HEROIC.

8a           What’s up, possibly, outside ring for unusual boxer (8)
SOUTHPAW – An anagram (possibly) of WHATSUP outside of O for a ring/zero.

10a         In first act, I carefully established plan for play (6)
TACTIC – A hidden word IN firs T ACT I C arefully.

11a         Low river berth (4)
MOOR – MOO for low (as a cow does) and then R for River.

12a         At home, somehow courted daughter and proposed (10)
INTRODUCED – IN for ‘at home’ then an anagram (somehow) of COURTED followed by D for Daughter (an abb. from a heraldic tree).

13a         Aim to irritate people ahead of time, creating hazard (12)
ENDANGERMENT – A charade of END/aim, ANGER/irritate, MEN/people all in front of/ahead of T for Time.

16a         Setting English novelist, as announced, for part of course (7,5)
PUTTING GREEN – PUTTING for setting/placing and then a homophone (as announced) of Graham GREENE the author.

20a         Hat in style in certain fashion — or not (10)
HESITANTLY – An anagram (in certain fashion) of HAT IN STYLE gives the antithesis (or not) of ‘in certain fashion’.

21a         This part of body is in foot? Yes and no (4)
FIST – Yes, the IS is inside FT (for foor length) but no, a fist is not in the foot.

22a         School embracing popular conclusion (6)
FINISH – Place IN (popular, hip) inside some FISH (or a school of fish).

23a         Celebrated British rugby player transformed side (8)
LIONISED – A British LION (a touring rugby player) and an anagram (transformed) of SIDE.

24a         New way to introduce service (6)
MODERN – A MODE or way goes in front of or introduces the RN or service of the Royal  Navy.

25a         Lead, perhaps, holding end of mission in mind (6)
MENTAL – A METAL, of which lead is an example/perhaps, including the end letter in missioN.


1d           Deeply significant, as expert discovered (8)
PROFOUND – A charade of PRO/expert and FOUND/discovered.

2d           Without any reservations for express (5)
UTTER – To definitions – completely and also to say/express.

3d           Writer having half a fish for breakfast, then another (7)
KIPLING – Half of a breakfast KIP(per) then a LING – a common crosswordland fish.

5d           Emerge with parts switched, as result (7)
OUTCOME – To COME OUT or emerge with the two elements switched in order.

6d           Fight opponents at bridge with noble monarch (9)
ENCOUNTER – the E(ast) and N(orth) are opponents at bridge. Follow that with a COUNT or noble and ER – Elizabeth Regina – our monarch.

7d           Resistance over crackpot ideas brought up (6)
RAISED – R for Resistance and then a crackpot anagram of IDEAS.

9d           Small weapon for jet fighter? (5,6)
WATER PISTOL – A jet of WATER for a fighter would be in a WATER PISTOL.

14d         A politician was untruthful about condition being strengthened (9)
AMPLIFIED – A MP (Member of Parliament) and then LIED (was untruthful) about a conditional ’IF’.

15d         One thing female tries to dispose of on beach? It’s hard to say! (8)
SEASHELL – A cryptic definition of the hard thing to say that she sells on the seashore.

17d         Member of staff a head interrupts after start of term, mostly (7)
TEACHER – EACH (per head) interrupting most of TER(m).

18d         Supporter in camp is fellow central European? (3,4)
GUY POLE – A GUY for a man/fellow and then a POLE for a European national.

19d         Film, for instance that’s neither rare nor well done (6)
MEDIUM – Film is an artistic MEDIUM and MESIUM is a way of cooking stake that is not rare nor well done.

21d         Deceptive move by boxer that’s weak, we hear (5)
FEINT – A homophone/we hear of FAINT or weak.


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  1. Thanks Gnomethang. I needed your review to fully parse 22a & 5d although I remain to be convinced that ‘fish’ can be used as a synonym for ‘school’. I can’t find it in the BRB under the definition of ‘fish’.

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