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DT 28746

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28746

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Winter has arrived. At present we are having cold days with strong winds bringing a succession of squally showers some of which are thundery and others bringing hail. Further south they are expecting snow. Just the weather for hunkering down and enjoying a Jay cryptic puzzle.

  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Answer, accepting wife’s sudden avoidance manoeuvre (6)
SWERVE : The abbreviation for wife is inside a synonym for answer when it it used as a verb.

5a     Charm of chap appearing on revised A-list (8)
TALISMAN : An anagram (revised) of A-LIST is followed by another word for a chap.

9a     Shifty character is keeping very quiet and cheating (5,8)
SHARP PRACTICE : An anagram (shifty) of CHARACTER IS contains the musical notation for very quiet.

10a     Vogue must carry traditional fashion business (3,5)
RAG TRADE : An informal word for a vogue or trendy style surrounds a shortened form of traditional.

11a     Last up ordered to admit state due to too much booze (6)
STUPOR : A lurker hiding in the first three words of the clue.

12a     Ocean inlet or lake ignored by new leaders (3,3)
RED SEA : An anagram (new) of (L)EADERS once the abbreviation for lake has been ignored.

14a     Drink milk before restaurant employee? One’s thrown out (3,5)
TAP WATER : Milk here is a verb meaning extract liquid from. We need a synonym for this. Then remove the Roman numeral one from a restaurant employee.

16a     Suppress what’s given to baby out of bed (6,2)
BOTTLE UP : The container used to feed a non-breastfed baby and then a short word for out of bed.

19a     Only ten of team present for unique occasion! (3-3)
ONE-OFF : The wordplay tells up how a football team or cricket fielding side can become ten.

21a     Vacant space filled by tour band (6)
STRIPE : Vacant space gives us the first and last letters of space. These are filled by a synonym of tour or journey.

23a     Suggestion open zones should lose cover (8)
OVERTONE : A synonym for open or public and the central letters (uncovered) of zones.

25a     Nasty secret led hack to prepare for action (5,3,5)
CLEAR THE DECKS : An anagram (nasty) of SECRET LED HACK.

26a     Like actor on stage may be till food is cooked (8)
FLOODLIT : An anagram (is cooked) of TILL FOOD.

27a     Very much on the contrary (6)
RATHER : Double definition.


2d     A way to be covered by pay for natural loss (7)
WASTAGE : ‘A’ from the clue and the abbreviation for a street (way) are inside pay that is made at an hourly rate.

3d     Criticise  cook(5)
ROAST : Double definition. This way to cook is using dry heat.

4d     Eased off about scheme for promenade (9)
ESPLANADE : A scheme or design is inside an anagram (off) of EASED.

5d     Hill workers with temperature, suffering (7)
TORMENT : String together a hill or promontory, male workers and the abbreviation for temperature.

6d     Misses careless broadcast (5)
LACKS : A homophone (broadcast) of a three letter word meaning careless.

7d     Provoke mimic pinching last of profit (9)
STIMULATE : The last letter of profit is inside a word meaning mimic or copy.

8d     Growth that’s essential to phenomenal uprising? (7)
ANEMONE : A reversed lurker hiding within the longest word in the clue.

13d     Discharge during altercation is light (3,4,2)
SET FIRE TO : We have a 3-2 word for an altercation that surrounds a word for discharge as one might a gun.

15d     Stock of food established revolutionary communist (9)
PROVENDER : Established or authenticated, and the reversal of the colour used to describe a communist.

17d     Drink dispenser needing a line of sight (7)
OPTICAL : The drink dispenser that all crossword solvers get to know is followed by ‘A’ from the clue and the abbreviation for line.

18d     One who might predict return for listener (7)
PROPHET : ‘For listener’ indicates a homophone for a return that an investor hopes to receive.

20d     Financial penalties needing case of subtle flair (7)
FINESSE : Financial penalties often applied by the courts and then the first and last letters (case) of SUBTLE.

22d     Register only raised to include voter’s right (5)
ENROL : A word for only or unaccompanied is reversed and includes the letter from the extreme right of the word ‘voter’.

24d     Implied this article can interest them all at the front (5)
TACIT : The first letters (at the front) of five words in the clue.

Quickie pun    foray    +    nurse    =    foreigners


32 comments on “DT 28746

  1. Here in East Kent, spring/summer is still trying to make its mind up what to do with itself -grey with a chilly wind at the moment

    As for the inside back pager, on the friendly side for a Jay I thought, but the usual entertainment. I’ll pick 8d as my favourite because it relates to how a very nice man told me how to remember to spell the flower in question

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  2. A quite clement puzzle with great clues and very enjoyable. I’ve ticked 14a, 23a and 5d as favourites, but there were many good ones. 2.5* /3*

  3. I started this one off at an absolute sprint, the whole of the top half went in in no time. The first to stymie me was 15d, and from then on I knew this wasn’t going to be finished in * time.

    21a and 22d also held me up, so I only finished in **/*** time. The afore mentioned 15d is therefore my COTD.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks, from a very summery South Manchester.

  4. Excellent cluing today, agree with the 2k’s on a **/****.
    Last in was 13d and it produced a D’oh moment when I saw the correct light !
    Loved the surface of 16a.
    The Quickie pun amused , thanks all.

  5. That was great – thanks Jay and also to the 2Kiwis for some parses (14a, 21a and 17d – should have remembered the last one). SW was rather tricky. I can never quite see 27a as very much – somewhat yes. I liked surface of 13a.

    1. Very good clues I thought although stupidly I missed the two lurkers. I too was looking for an anagram for 11a. As I was on a train without a BRB I assumed that stupal was an adjective describing someone in a stupor. Favourites 19 and 21a and 7d. Thanks. Jay and 2Ks for putting me straight with the lurkers. I get the “rather” I think Angellov. It is rather a posh expression with the pronunciation emphasis on the ER. For example “Did you enjoy the hunt today Hugo?” Rather! It was jolly good fun.

      1. Weekend Wanda: I had overlooked its use in that kind of context so I stand corrected.

  6. Another Wednesday winner with lots of wonderful wording . Loved the simplicity and crypticness of 22d .
    Finished all to quickly with SW corner last in .
    Thanks to everyone especially J & Ks .

  7. Despite the answer being obvious, it took me quite some time to parse 12a – no idea why, just being dim as Kath would say.
    3d struck me as being extremely severe criticism!

    No particular favourite but an enjoyable Wednesday puzzle.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for their usual high standard of blog.

  8. Like Jane, no particular favourites for me in this fairly amiable crossword today.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.

  9. Quality as usual from Jay. Hard to pick a fave, but I do agree with KFB re 22d. 19a & 9a also up there.

    Lovely. Thanks to Jay and to 2ks.

  10. 8d is one of the best lurkers that I’ve seen in yonks.

    12a is a tricky parse.

  11. Really enjoyed this Jay puzzle and on the radar ok. Did feel more straightforward for me than the usual Jay setting, but not complaining about that. Last in 8d and missed the well hidden lurker for ages. Found West side the easier with a fair few hold up’s, on the East side for some reason? Pleased to have completed as I often struggle with a Jay puzzle.

    Clues of the day: 16a / 8d

    Rating: 3* / 4*

    Thanks to 2K’s and Jay.

  12. I thought some of the wordplay was a little more intricate than usual for a Wednesday puzzle (12a being a prime example) and consequently found the solve took slightly longer than normal.

    A terrific set of excellent clues as ever, the top two for me were 8d and 13d.

    Many thanks to Jay and the wintry 2Ks.

  13. Very enjoyable today, I do like Jay puzzles.
    I don’t care how often it comes up, I’m never going to remember rhe drink dispenser in 17d and I had to google it yet again. I also needed the hints to understand the “tap” in 14a.
    Lots to like here, thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis for the fun.

  14. Another sparkler from Jay, done late in the day but well worth the wait. Too many great clues to pick a favourite, and 2* /4* overall from me.

    Thanks to the three birds.

  15. Top half was going well but stumbled when I got to the flower I didn’t see the rekrul and had to put the electrons down until I got home. A quick glance at the hints for 8d 15d and 12a got me going again and I managed the rest. 5a my fave today.
    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s

  16. Morning all.
    Looks very quiet on the comment front today. Perhaps having an extra box to tick has deterred people from posting their thoughts. One thing that particularly appealed to us in this puzzle was the link between 7d and 18d. Wonder if it was put there intentionally or just reflects Jay’s train of thought when he was compiling.

  17. A ** for difficulty here too. The only one which caused any real difficulty, and my LOI was… 11ac, a hidden word. Why do I always miss them?

    1. I spent some time thinking I had to solve an anagram of “last up” before the light dawned.

  18. Actually got some sunshine here today, guess we can stop building the ark… although the weekend forecast is pretty dire for us here. Did buy a new raincoat today for upcoming European trip though, just in case. I work on the theory that if you have it you won’t need it.

    Found this tricky in places, but just me being dim today, and 2Kiwis hints quickly sorted that, I.e. 9a, 14a and 15d. The last one was a word I have never seen or heard before. Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis.

  19. I had never heard of the 15d, but my other failings were to my missing three, (three!) anagram indicators, and both lurkers………..very strange.

    I am not sure if that was due to clever misdirection, or the fact that I have been starting work at 5 a.m. since Saturday – I suspect a combination of the two.

    Certainly a very fair puzzle – thank you to Jay. And thanks for the very necessary explanations to the 2 Kiwis, (who may be interested to read the article on the BBC site today about how Perfidious Albion left NZ high and dry in the 70’s when joining the EU).

  20. Hi 1 across on 28746. I hit SWERVE but I would love to an example of when serve is a synonym for answer. Thanks

    1. How about (cribbed from the internet):

      ‘we’re looking at new types of programmes to answer/serve the needs of our audience’

      And, welcome from me.

    2. Welcome from us too Mike.
      Looks like Senf has answered your question already.

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