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DT 28582

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28582

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 11th November 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Cephas provided us with a nice straightforward crossword which turned out to be a pangram too.

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6a    Fruitful series triumph of one barely running (7,6)
WINNING STREAK – A triumph that might be achieved by someone running without any clothes on

8a    Lines one very good soldier from Down Under cut (6)
STANZA – ST (one very good) ANZAc (soldier from ‘Down Under’) without its last letter (cut)

9a    Item for storing leaves two things on course, we hear (3,5)
TEA CADDY – Homophones (we hear) of TEE and CADDIE, two things found on a golf course

10a    Old bird making endless lament (3)
MOA – This extinct bird is an ‘endless’ MOAn or lament

11a    Box holding English produce (6)
CREATE – CRATE (box) ‘holding’ E (English)

12a    Metal barrel by gents removed (8)
TUNGSTEN – TUN (barrel) [followed] by an anagram (removed) of GENTS

14a    Thoroughly fashionable wisdom (2,5)
IN DEPTH – IN (fashionable) DEPTH (wisdom)

16a    For audience shortly, host gives wave (7)
TSUNAMI – Homophones (for audience) of SOON (shortly) and ARMY (host)

20a    Fringe breaks record time to show short-lived things (8)
EPHEMERA – HEM (fringe) ‘breaks’ or is inserted between EP (record) and ERA (time)

23a    Bottled gas could offer a new energy to get behind yet (6)
BUTANE – A (from the clue) N (new) E (energy) behind BUT (yet)

24a    Vigour this person’s displayed after five (3)
VIM – I’M (this person’s) displayed after V (the Roman numeral for five)

25a    Entailed adjusting what may be found at top of paper (8)
DATELINE – An anagram (adjusting) of ENTAILED

26a    Quite a strange one having fled European match (6)
EQUATE – An anagram (strange) of QUITE A, without the I (one having fled) followed by E (European)

27a    Going off celeb’s heavenly body that’s flared up (9,4)


1d    Soak fruit one sister’s put on (8)
INUNDATE – I (one) NUN (sister) put on [top of] DATE (fruit)

2d    Film Etna erupting — fibre’s needed (8)
FILAMENT – An anagram (erupting) of FILM ETNA

3d    Disturb a person working in US military gallery (7)
AGITATE – A GI (person working in US military) TATE (gallery)

4d    Injury riddle (6)
STRAIN – Double definition, one a noun, the other a verb

5d    Where people go round night and day getting to the heart of problem answers (2,4)
LE MANS – Lurking in the heart of probLEM ANSwers

6d    Oasis panic, greet law roughly (8,5)
WATERING PLACE – An anagram (roughly) of PANIC GREET LAW

7d    Hoaxer going to church in Worcs town (13)
KIDDERMINSTER – KIDDER (hoaxer) going to MINSTER (church)

13d    Animal found in alarming numbers (3)
GNU – Found in alarminG Numbers. Did anyone else spend a good part of their Saturday trying to get the Flanders and Swann song out of their head??

15d    Woman briefly turning chart over (3)
PAM – MAP (chart) turned over

17d    Coach comes up with ‘Join together or go under’ (8)
SUBMERGE – A reversal (comes up in a Down clue) of BUS (coach) with MERGE (join together)

18d    Quotient resolved, almost (3,5)
NOT QUITE – An anagram (resolved) of QUOTIENT

19d    Live jumps during January Olympic event (7)
JAVELIN – An anagram (jumps) of LIVE inserted into (during) JAN (January)

21d    Grant immunity to former partner, nearly clear (6)
EXEMPT – EX (former partner) EMPTy (nearly all of a synonym for clear)

22d    One runs daily or weekly perhaps (6)
EDITOR – Someone running a daily or weekly newspaper, perhaps


4 comments on “DT 28582

  1. Hi 6 down the answer given by Cryptic Sue is surely wrong. I don’t want to give it away but Hole just doesn’t work on many levels. Perhaps it should be a five letter word that sounds fishy.

    1. Thanks Barry – I do like to leave something for people to spot as sometimes it is the only way to get comments on the weekend reviews – it could also be me on ‘automatic pilot’ as the ‘hole’ is the word we’d usually use.

      You can give away as much as you like when commenting on a weekend puzzle review as the closing date for entries has passed.

  2. Mud Mud Glorious Mud
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
    An earworm for you.
    Thanks for the review Sue.

  3. I thought this was such a witty, clever crossword. I can’t believe I was defeated by a lurker, 5 down, AGAIN. I just don’t see them! Thanks for the detailed review CS and many thanks to Cephas for the pleasure.

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