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DT 28468

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28462

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 1st July

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This Saturday puzzle didn’t take long to solve or draft the review, but I wonder whether people who weren’t looking at the clues as carefully as I was would notice the number of times in a row that particular types of clue were used.

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1a Agree to fix being very thin (10)

6a Nail poet that’s twisted inside (4)
BRAD – Twist the inside letters of BARD (poet)

9a Rock singer learning to join blooming band (7)
LORELEI – LORE (learning) LEI (garland of flowers)

10a Seam put in Her Majesty’s furs (7)
ERMINES – MINE (seam) put in ERS (Her Majesty’s)

12a Trump’s game upset insurgent concealing mean person exposing wrongdoing (7-6)
WHISTLEBLOWER – WHIST (game with trumps), a reversal (upset – which as a reversal indicator surely belongs in a Down clue?), the latter having LOW (mean) concealed within

14a Something unusual, ‘I tarry’, needs rewriting (6)
RARITY – An anagram (needs rewriting) of I TARRY

15a Appear less civilised in puzzle (8)
BEWILDER – BE WILDER (appear less civilised)

17a Do away with corrupt cruel woman (3-5)
SHE-DEVIL – SHED (do away with) EVIL (corrupt)

19a Six-footer belonging to religious faction (6)
INSECT – IN SECT (belonging to religious faction)

22a Prepare a lithe model for Victorian artist (3-10)
PRE-RAPHAELITE – an anagram (model) of PREPARE A LITHE

24a Someone lagging in race for promotion (7)
TRAILER – A double definition with a nice surface reading

25a Empire sacked queen as head of government (7)
PREMIER – An anagram (sacked) of EMPIRE followed by R (Regina, queen)

26a Hearties regularly are unable to stand (4)
HATE – The regular letters of HeArTiEs

27a French short story with surprise ending entering competition (10)
CONTESTING – CONTE (the French word for a short story) STING (surprise ending)


1d Mass with everyone in shopping complex (4)
MALL- M (mass) ALL (everyone)

2d Old gardener has hour in tall building (7)
THROWER – HR (hour) in TOWER (tall building) – I’m typing this before the hints are published so it will be interesting to see how many solvers know/remember Percy Thrower

3d Source of money and wealth hellion dissipated (4,2,3,4)
HOLE IN THE WALL – An anagram (dissipated) of WEALTH HELLION

4d Needing refreshment when sun comes out, making a couple of points over love? (6)
THIRTY – A timely clue given that Wimbledon is almost upon us – Remove the S (sun comes out) from THIRSTY (needing refreshment)

5d Party in playground having to turn up smarter (8)
CLEVERER – REVEL (party) in REC (playground) reversed (having to turn up)

7d Sheep gets to tear around refreshed (7)
RENEWED – EWE (sheep) gets REND (tear) around

8d Group of soldiers abandon traitors (6,4)
DESERT RATS – DESERT (abandon) RATS (traitors)

11d Very rich woman crashed airline’s limos (13)
MILLIONAIRESS – An anagram (crashed) of AIRLINES LIMOS

13d Bad-tempered person in vote plot (10)

16d Previously popular leading man’s touring time (8)
HITHERTO – HIT (popular) HERO (leading man) ‘touring’ T (time)

18d Debonair, making a gentle change (7)
ELEGANT – An anagram (change) of A GENTLE

20d Old professors deserve interrupting that is on the rise (7)
EMERETI – MERIT (deserve) interrupting a reversal (on the rise) of IE (that is)

21d Tyrant installing son in base (6)
DESPOT – S (son) installed in DEPOT (base)

23d Dress up showing swagger (4)
BRAG – A reversal (up in a Down clue) of GARB (dress)


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  1. Thanks Sue I seem to remember feeling a bit underwhelmed with no favourite. There were a few comments about Percy and not much joy.

  2. Thanks Sue. I had to come to you to parse 24ac – although that had to be the answer, half the DD completely passed me by! Trailer – promotion….so obvious when it is pointed out….
    Oh, and I remember Percy Thrower very well!

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