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DT 27833

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27833

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! Not much to write home about this week – I solved it so quickly that I didn’t really have time to enjoy it. The clues did seem quite pleasant when I wrote the review though.

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1a    Pieces of eight? Start to find a great deal in the morning (7)
FLOTSAM – The starting letter of Fine followed by LOTS (a great deal) and AM for Morning.

5a    Victorian-era relief from bad statute (4,3)
POOR LAW – A charade of POOR (bad) and LAW (statute).

9a    Wild hair getting this person in a state (5)
MAINE – A MANE of wild hair including (getting) I for this person.

10a    Electronics firm brackets I can reset for device (9)
APPLIANCE – The APPLE electronics firm including (it brackets) an anagram (reset) of I CAN.

11a    Protection for pupils celebrated by girls (10)
SUNGLASSES – A charade of SUNG (celebrated) and LASSES (girls).

12a    Quick kiss for Gregory (4)
PECK – Nice and Easy! A Gregory PECK on the cheek (not the neck!).

14a    Son presently staying at school doing winter sport (12)
SNOWBOARDING – S for Son followed by NOW (presently) and BOARDING (staying at school).

18a    Drink’s dark apparently in industrial place (4,8)
PORT SUNLIGHT – Start with PORT’S (Drink’s including the apostrophe s) and then add UNLIGHT – an odd way of saying (make) dark.

21a    Reported match from Asian country (4)
THAI – A simple homophone (indicated by reported) of e.g. a cup TIE.

22a    Having faulty vision, a blemish to mark endlessly (10)
ASTIGMATIC – A charade of A from the clue, STIGMA for blemish and then all but the ;ast letter (endlessly) of TIC(k) for mark.

25a    Try to catch eccentric knave perhaps (5,4)
COURT CARD – COURT means ‘try to catch’ or woo and then add a CARD for eccentric/wag.

26a    Tipple before a play (5)
DRAMA – A wee DRAM or tipple followed by A from the clue.

27a    Expensive article in French tower (7)
STEEPLE – STEEP for expensive and then LE, an article (the) in French.

28a    Squadron leader has Princess back round — about to get in gin (7)
ENSNARE – Place S (the leading letter in Squadron) inside a reversal (back round) of Princess ANNE and finally add RE for about/reference.


1d    A thousand must tuck in to seafood or starve (6)
FAMISH – Place A and M (A from the clue and M is 1000 in Roman Numerals) inside a FISH/seafood.

2d    Give direction to tenor making detour round island (6)
ORIENT – An anagram (making detour) of TENOR around the outside of I for Island.

3d    What’s suitable punishment for schoolboy breaking in is apparent (10)
SEEMLINESS – Place LINES (a schoolboy punishment) inside SEEMS for ‘is apparent’.

4d    Ace in First World War battle is complaining (5)
MOANS – Place A for Ace (a Bridge abbreviation) inside the battle of MONS.

5d    Liven up Evita with one spicy item (9)
PEPPERONI – A charade of PEP (liven up), Eva PERON and I for one.

6d    Miss old Cambridge college (4)
OMIT – O for Old and then the abb. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – yes, the Cambridge is not our own!.

7d    No end of stays — that is, ladieswear (8)
LINGERIE – Remove the last letter (no end) of LINGER(s) and then add I.E. – Id Est or ‘That Is’.

8d    Debris of riotous rag week round about (8)
WRECKAGE – A riotous anagram of RAG WEEK around the outside of C – Circa or ‘about’.

13d    Greek scientist agreed with one of his gods coming round (10)
ARCHIMEDES – Place ARES (a Greek God) around the outside of CHIMED for agreed.

15d    Injured lad winces in old nuclear site (9)
WINDSCALE – A straight anagram , indicated by injured, of LAD WINCES.

16d    Stay during good times then leave abruptly (2,6)
UP STICKS – STICK (stay) inside of UPS or good times (not the downs!).

17d    Large plant cut down by a certain valued friend (8)
TREASURE – Atart with TRE)e) – a large plant that has been cut down and then add A SURE (a certain).

19d    A Scottish inventor with nothing raised capital in America (6)
OTTAWA – A from the clue then James WATT (a Scottish inventor) and then O for nothing, all of which is reversed (raised).

20d    Fight English in difficult situation (6)
SCRAPE – A charade of SCRAP (fight) and E for English.

23d    I long to take in new kind of music (5)
INDIE – Place N for New inside I DIE (I long/to die for).

24d    Prevent vessels keeling over (4)
STOP – A straight reversal (keeling over) of POTS.

Thanks to the setter – I will see you in a couple of weeks.

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  1. What I liked about this puzzle is that all the surfaces were smooth and meaningful, so that it was enjoyable without being the sort of stretch that we ought to get from a Prize Puzzle. Best clues for me were 3d and 16d. Thanks to Mr (or Mrs) Ron and Gnomey.

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