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ST 2794

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2794

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Morning All! This was an absolute gem of a puzzle with many excellent surface readings,

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1a           Change into suit (6)
BECOME – Two definitions to turn into/change and to suit or fit (e.g. Death Becomes Her)

4a           Retract stupid, stupid thing when PM finishes (8)
MIDNIGHT – Reverse (retract) DIM for stupid then add NIGHT, an anagram (stupid) of THING.

10a         Revered status of John, George, and Paul, but not Ringo (9)
SAINTHOOD – A good cryptic definition that I had seen before. Only three members of the Fab Four share the Christian name of a Saint.

11a         Take part in imbibing excessively? (5)
BINGE – A good all-in-one clue where the answer is also the whole instruction. It is hidden (take a part in) imbiBING Excessively.

12a         Observe friend returning some computers (7)
LAPTOPS – A reversal (returning) of SPOT PAL (observe friend).

13a         He put an uncle and three sisters on stage (7)
CHEKHOV – A cryptic definition of the playwright and author who wrote both Uncle Vanya and The Three Sisters.

14a         Foolishly grips piece of holly (5)
SPRIG – A nice concise clue and an anagram (foolishly) of GRIPS.

15a         Circles location without double parking, in reverse (8)
OPPOSITE – Place O – O (circles) and a SITE (location) outside (without) PP for double parking. O PP O SITE.

18a         Item on page, very small piece (8)
PARTICLE – An ARTICLE or item placed after (ON in an across clue) P for Page.

20a         Indian oddly selected house in part of US (5)
IDAHO – Select the ODD letters – I D A – from India and then add HO, the abb. for House.

23a         Put in grave situation, I am not there for ever (7)
INTERIM – A charade of INTER (put into a grave situation) and I’M.

25a         A final piece in concert Elgar arranged for free (2,5)
AT LARGE – Start with A from the clue and then the final letter (piece) in (concer)T and then make an anagram (arranged) of ELGAR.

26a         Consecrate as bishop? Not so (5)
BLESS – B the abb. for Bishop and then LESS for not so.

27a         Unaware patent has line I inserted (9)
OBLIVIOUS – Place L for Line and I from the clue inside OB VIOUS or patent.

28a         Influence is held by established kind of writer (8)
ESSAYIST – Place SAY (influence) and IS from the clue inside (they are held by) EST the abb. for Established.

29a         Judge can rule if that is correct, initially (6)
CRITIC – The initial letters (initially) of Can Rule If That Is Correct.


1d           Fish, netting strange eels? Wrong, as a matter of fact (8)
BASELESS – A BASS fish containing/netting a strange anagram of ELLS – BAS(ELES)S.

2d           Opener for can with more in? It’s full of beans (7)
CHIPPER – The opening letter of Cans followed by HIPPER (more hip/in/trendy).

3d           I had the impression it contributes to theme, though tangentially (9)
METHOUGHT – A slightly archaic word but Shakespeare used it enough. It is hidden in (contributes to) the last three words of the clue.

5d           Her bland piece I trashed as not good for readers (14)
INDECIPHERABLE – An anagram (trashed) of HER BLAND PIECE I.

6d           Magnificent, like Basie or Ellington? (5)
NOBLE – COUNT Basie and DUKE Ellington both had monikers that were ennobled.

7d           Source of report that’s the reverse of comfortable and fashionable (7)
GUNSHOT – A reversal of SNUG (comfortable) followed by HOT/fashionable.

8d           Number of centuries needed for MCC? 4, perhaps (6)
TWELVE – MCC in roman numerals is 1200 which is 12 x 100 i.e. TWELVE centuries. The answer also refers to 4 across i.e. 12 Midnight. Al lovely cricketing surface reading!

9d           One place for parties that’s peerless (5,2,7)
HOUSE OF COMMONS – In a choice between the Upper or Lower Houses of Parliament (places for political parties) choose the one which has no Lords/peers i.e. is peerless.

16d         Medication in second sequence of deliveries — excess that’s spread around (9)
SPILLOVER – Place a PILL or medication inside S for Second and an OVER or sequence of cricket deliveries.

17d         Change in force’s related to criminal investigation (8)
FORENSIC – An anagram (a change of) IN FORCES.

19d         Fitting quality of a point, shortly followed by another (7)
APTNESS – Start with an abb. (shortly) of A Point – A PT and then add NESS which is a point of headland or cape geographically.

21d         Section of stairs on side of ship where flight begins or ends (7)
AIRPORT – AIR is a section or part of the word stAIRs . Place that on the left or PORT side of a ship.

22d         Abridged volume I accomplished having potential to succeed (6)
VIABLE – A charade of V (an abridges version of Volume in S.I. Units) then I from the clue and finally ABLE or accomplished.

24d         Dangerous state in East — heavens above (5)
RISKY – RI is the abb. for either the Republic of Indonesia (IVR) or Rhode Island – One a Far East state the other an Eastern US State. Follow that with the SKY (the heavens above us).

Many thanks to Virgilius. I’ll be back next week for another Sunday review.

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  1. Top entertainment as always from Virgilius – thanks to him and Gnomethang. It never occurred to me that ‘state in East’ in 24d could be Indonesia as well as Rhode Island. My favourite clue was 7d.

    1. Thanks gazza . I had the US state in my head when I solved it but Googled it yesterday. I am sure that Mr Greer intended the latter!

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