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DT 27749

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27749

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 14th March 2015

A fairly average Saturday puzzle – but could our setter be a Jane Austen fan??


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1a           Firebrands stirred up maturer blokes (13)
TROUBLEMAKERS –   An anagram (stirred up) of MATURER BLOKES.

9a           Goes down fast with a lack of calming drugs, not having a temperature (9)
NOSEDIVES –   NO SEDATIVES (a lack of calming drugs)from which the A and T are removed (not having A Temperature).

10a         One stuffing daily post in university (5)
CHAIR –   I (one) is stuffed into CHAR (daily).

11a         Extremist caught in awful tragedy (5)
ULTRA –   Caught in awfUL TRAgedy.

12a         Release unauthorised information on radio — one of five a day? (4)
LEEK – One of your five fruit or, in this case, vegetables of the day is a homophone(on radio) of LEAK (release unauthorised information).

13a         People get Euston’s second fare list (4)
MENU – MEN (people) plus the second letter of EUston.

15a         Inadvertently reveal the French doctor in Jersey perhaps (3,4)
LET DROP –   LE (the French for ‘the’) and TOP (jersey, perhaps) into which is inserted DR, the abbreviation for doctor.

17a         It will build body — heavenly one if given a start (7)
STEROID –   If you were to start by putting an A in front of  this body building chemical you’dl get an ASTEROID (heavenly body).

18a         Leaves chaps in revolt (7)
SPINACH –   An anagram (revolt) of CHAPS IN.

20a         Old car journey hard without acceptable motorway (7)
TRIUMPH –   TRIP (journey) and H (hard) are put outside (without) U (acceptable)and M (motorway).

21a         I was in charge of country (4)
IRAN –   Split 1, 3 –  I RAN (I was in charge of).

22a         TV award endlessly given to a work by Austen (4)
EMMA –   Remove the Y from the EMMY (TV award) and add A (from the clue).

23a         Subject for photograph (5)
TOPIC –   TO (for) PIC (photograph).

26a         Steaks, etc, make old king poorly (5)
GRILL –   GR (George Rex, old king) ILL (poorly).

27a         Compose neat prose in synthetic language (9)
ESPERANTO –   An anagram (compose) of NEAT PROSE.

28a         Austen’s work is subject of study taken in by male and female novelist (9,4)
MANSFIELD PARK –   MAN (male) FIELD (subject of study) SPARK (Muriel, the author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.


1d           Reprimands French perhaps helping in a big way (6-8)
TONGUE-LASHINGS –   TONGUE (language, French perhaps) LASHINGS (large helpings of food).

2d           Start working at Pinewood? (5)
ONSET –   ON (working) SET (a film set which can be found at Pinewood Studies, for example, hence the ? at the end)

3d           Inauspicious occasion when one has a terrible shock (3,4,3)
BAD HAIR DAY –   A day that starts badly and gets worse – characterised by difficulty with one’s shock of hair.

4d           Pen love letters in order to cover up (7)
ENVELOP –   Is there a more helpful anagram indicator than ‘letters in order’?   Rearrange PEN LOVE.

5d           Spot sailors taking ship round church (7)
ABSCESS –   ABS (sailors) CE (Church of England) and SS (ship)

6d           Eat out and so on with husband (4)
ETCH – ETC (and so on) H (husband).

7d           Modern sculptor’s turning up collecting junk somewhere in palace (9)
STATEROOM – Insert TAT (collecting junk) into a reversal (turning up in a down clue) of MOORES (modern sculptor’s).

8d           Whipped chocolate drunk all day long (6,3,5)
AROUND THE CLOCK –   An anagram (whipped) of CHOCOLATE DRUNK.

14d         Recorded terrible dirge without record player mostly (10)
REGISTERED – An anagram (terrible) of DIRGE put outside (without) most of a STEREO record player.

16d         Asian island’s in good condition making use of traditional customs (9)
TRIBALISM –   BALIS (Asian Island’s) put into TRIM (good condition).

19d         That man personally makes songs, little being articulated (7)
HIMSELF –   Articulated is a homophone indicator which works for the HIMS = HYMNS (songs) but it should really go before the ELF (little being) – or as I wrote by my grid as I solved the puzzle “No!!”).

20d         Walk wearily from wild parties (7)
TRAIPSE –   An anagram (wild) of PARTIES.

24d         Bear father’s letters? (5)
PANDA – P AND A are the letters of PA (father).

25d         Sweet enthusiast scoffing last of caramel (4)
FLAN –   The last letter of carameL is eaten by a FAN (enthusiast).


3 comments on “DT 27749

  1. It looked as though a couple of themes were being started which then petered out (i.e. two Austen titles and two of the five-a-day recommended foods). Thanks to Mr Ron for the puzzle and to CS for the review.

  2. I do not think that tribalism has much to do with ” making use of traditional customs”.
    We are entitled to a little rigour are wenot?

  3. Thanks for the review, CS, I like to check I’ve parsed clues correctly. I found this puzzle more of a ‘find the word that fits and parse afterwards’ sort, but better that than nothing! Thanks to setter as well.

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