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ST 2780

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2780

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 25th January 2015

Once again, it is my turn to think of something original to say to introduce a review of a Virgilius Sunday puzzle.   One of those crosswords that seemed to take longer to solve than it actually did, this one has all the usual trademark clues, and includes that splendid word ‘serendipitous’.

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1a           Do some home improvement — add bar? (10)
REDECORATE –     The ‘add bar’ refers to the addition of a bar or strip of metal under the clasp of a medal, showing that it has been won twice – a re-decoration.

6a           Long, narrow point or points turned round (4)
SPIT – A reversal (turned round) of TIPS (points).

9a           Bone in rump, centre thereof (7)
STERNUM –   STERN (rump, behind) followed by the centre of rUMp, ‘thereof’ is what tells you that you need the centre of that word.

10a         It’s said to eliminate noise, say, in camera component (7)
SHUTTER –   SH (said to eliminate noise) and UTTER (say).

12a         Luckily found our destinies transformed, seizing power (13)
SERENDIPITOUS – An anagram (transformed) of OUR DESTINIES plus (seizing) P for power.

14a         Period in which ringleader’s imprisoned as part of sentence (6)
PHRASE –   The ‘leader’ of Ring imprisoned in PHASE (period).

15a         Feature of meteorological chart in middle of this other map (8)
ISOTHERM is hidden, literally, in the middle of thIS OTHER Map.

17a         Material for violins, etc revolted conductor (8)
ROSEWOOD –   ROSE (revolted) and WOOD (Sir Henry Wood, founder of the Proms).

19a         Like animals or birds, but not necessarily fish (6)
PLURAL –   Animals and birds are definitely plural words, but fish can be either singular or plural.

22a         Process of depositing tainted monies corruptly (13)
SEDIMENTATION –   An anagram (corruptly) of TAINTED MONIES.

24a         A powerful explosive article about US city, initially, or another (7)
ATLANTA – Take A (from the clue), then insert LA (the initial letters of the US city of Los Angeles) into TNT (powerful explosive) and finish with A (indefinite article).

25a         A tiny covering so minute it’s amazing (7)
AWESOME –   A WEE (a tiny) ‘covering’ SO (from the clue) and M (minute).

26a         Type choice of endings in this text (4)
SORT –   Choose between S (at the end of this) OR T (at the end of text).

27a         I’d pulled back, protected by natural tendency? It’s not clear (10)
INDISTINCT –   Insert a reversal (pulled back) of ID into INSTINCT (natural tendency).


1d           A little of whatever is known is dangerous thing (4)
RISK – Hidden in whateveR IS Known.

2d           Person who puts clothes on    sideboard (7)
DRESSER –   The return of an ‘old friend’ in this double definition clue.

3d           Moscow’s anger disturbed new politician in Washington? Not he (13)
CONGRESSWOMAN – An anagram (disturbed) of MOSCOWS ANGER followed by N (new).

4d           Lots of people supporting reading or writing old language (6)
ROMANY –   MANY (lots of people) supporting or following R (reading or writing being two of the 3 Rs) and O (old).

5d           It’s most pleasant to consume wine in trial (8)
TASTIEST –   ASTI (wine) consumed by TEST (trial).

7d           Situation of plant on part of golf course that can be problem when driving (7)
POTHOLE –   POT (where you might grow a plant) and HOLE (part of golf course).

8d           It raised sum, we hear, in bank, in irritating way (10)
TIRESOMELY –   A reversal (raised) of IT, followed by RELY (bank) into which is inserted SOME, a homophone (we hear) of SUM

11d         Stupid group of workers, none the less, report information in it (13)
UNINTELLIGENT –   Remove the O (none…less) from UNION (group of workers) follow with IT (from the clue) into which is inserted TELL (report) and GEN (information).

13d         Show lasting effects of accidents in fast vehicles (6,4)
SPORTS CARS –   Split 5, 5 you might SPORT SCARS.

16d         Odd man out in high position (8)
MOUNTAIN –   An anagram (odd) of MAN OUT IN.

18d         Leather-worker not so happy about pound (7)
SADDLER –   SADDER (not to happy) about L (£, pound).

20d         Managed game in East, supported by Asian city (7)
RANGOON –   RAN (managed) GO (a game for two players which probably originated in China, the East) and ON (supported by).

21d         Fruit a couple of Romans found in this state (6)
HAWAII –   HAW (the fruit of the may tree) A (from the clue) and II (two , a couple, in Roman numerals).

23d         Start of scene in plane — it’s not serious, so to speak (4)
JEST –   The start of Scene inserted into a JET plane.



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  1. Beautifully smooth clues as always on Sundays. Virgilius makes it seem so easy when we all know that it isn’t. Thanks to him and CS.
    Top clues for me were 1a, 17a and 19a.

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