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ST 2742

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2742

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on  Sunday, 4th May 2014

Morning All!. This strayed into 3 star territory for me. I had a slow start but the progress was steady to the end with the usual array of solid and fun clues.

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1a           How chap who’s lost his shirt may be seen to speculate? (6)
INVEST – A lovely clue to start with. A bad investor or gambler will have lost his shirt colloquially hence being IN a VEST.

4a           Stern in front of vessel? That’s difficult to take (8)
HARDSHIP – Place HARD (stern) in front of SHIP (vessel). Nice nautical synonym.

10a         Type of character that’s in minority in Europe, America, or Asia (9)
CONSONANT – Typical Mr Greer!. All three words have more vowels then CONSONANTs in the letters – the cryptic bit is to work this out and remember that ‘characters’ are letters.

11a         Extremely incomplete draft, initially, by one composer (5)
VERDI – All but the last letter in VER(y) or extremely being incomplete, then the initial letter in D(raft) and finally I for one.

12a         Test 50 per cent of people, for instance (7)
EXAMPLE – An EXAM (test) then the latter half/50% of (peo)PLE.

13a         Male operating without delay in heavy rain (7)
MONSOON – A charade of M(ale), ON (operating/working) and SOON (without delay).

14a         Influenced, we hear, material used in gloves (5)
SUEDE – A nice homophone of swayed or influenced.

15a         Smelly fish is getting up one’s nose (8)
RANKLING – RANK for smelly/high and the useful crossword fish LING.

18a         Person who tests dunces, mostly kind (8)
ASSSESSOR – ASSESS for dunces and almost all of the word SOR(t) for kind.

20a         Hot food unfinished, becoming cold (5)
CHILL – Remove the last letter (unfinished) of CHILL(i) for hot food.

23a         Collected charts fellow sailing in ocean brought back (7)
ATLASES – place a SALT (fellow sailing) inside SEA (ocean and then reverse the lot).

25a         Judicial process making sense (7)
HEARING – Two definitions, one a trial and the other one of the five senses.

26a         Fleece providing warmth after cold (5)
CHEAT – HEAT for warmth placed after C for Cold.

27a         Attacking person as paragon of virtue outside US city (9)
ASSAILANT – A SAINT (paragon of virtue) placed around the outside of LA for Los Angeles.

28a         Set off, having assignation outside school (8)
DETONATE – A DATE or assignation outside ETON for school.

29a         Hears why, so to speak, you shouldn’t believe it (6)
HERESY – A homophone of hears and why = HERE’S Y


1d           Popular result of pressing for raise (8)
INCREASE – In for popular and CREASE, the result of pressing a fold.

2d           Graves, for example, dating from particular year (7)
VINTAGE – A definition and a cryptic definition, the former being a wine district in the Gironde region of France.

3d           Doctor Who’s gun, fine specimen of its kind (9)
SHOWPIECE – Make an anagram (doctor) of WHOS then add a PIECE – slang for a gun.

5d           Converted Christian man to revolutionary, perhaps (14)
ANTIMONARCHIST – An anagram (converted) of CHRISTIAN MAN TO.

6d           Great singer and musician’s last resting place (5)
DIVAN – A DIVA (great singer) and the last letter of (musician)N.

7d           Keep talking tediously about old whaling equipment (7)
HARPOON – To keep talking tediously is to HARP ON. Place that around (about) O for Old.

8d           Current in factory easily controlled (6)
PLIANT – I is the S.I. unit for current. Place that inside a PLANT or factory.

9d           Stupidly sat in wet trainers, poorly protected from rain (5-9)
WATER-RESISTANT – An anagram , indicated by stupidly, of SAT IN WET TRAINERS. Poorly refers to the fact that it is not waterproof.

16d         Profitable, as vital cure could be (9)
LUCRATIVE – Another anagram (indicated by could be) of VITAL CURE.

17d         A little lady disheartened after insult (8)
SLIGHTLY – Hard to spot this at first. Remove the inside letters (disheartened) of L(ad)Y and place that after SLIGHT for insult/slur.

19d         Front of vessel in sea near Cowes, not on the rocks (7)
SOLVENT – V (front of Vessel) inside the SOLENT, the name of the channel near Cowes.

21d         Parrot from island — it’s carried by officer on board (7)
IMITATE – I for Island then place IT (from the clue) inside a ship MATE or officer on board

22d         Turned and fled, pursued by police force (6)
RANCID – RAN for fled being chased by the CID or police force

24d         Was model wearing silk? (5)
SATIN – If you were a model than you have SAT/posed. Follow that with IN for wearing (She was in a rose coloured dress for example).

Thanks to Virgilius for the entertainment, I’ll see you all next Thursday.


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  1. Thanks to Virgilius and Gnomethang. This was yet another superb puzzle from the master. My favourite clue was 7d.

  2. Having the opportunity to go through this superb puzzle a second time with the full review is both invaluable and a big treat.

    I have my paper copy to hand. For once, I have made no mistakes!!! Parsing all correct, and definitions accurately marked. I am well pleased. Faves were 1a, 3d and 22d.

    Much appreciation to you both, Virgilus and Gnomethang.

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