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ST 2741

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2741

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on  Sunday, 27th April 2014

I solve what many people (Mr CS for one) might consider far too many cryptic crosswords every week but the one I look forward to the most is the Sunday Telegraph, and doubly so when it is my turn to enjoy it twice over while typing the review.

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7a           Devotee covering half of idol with blossom (8)
FOLLOWER – The second half of idOL is ‘covered by’ or inserted into FLOWER (blossom).

9a           Choose as successor — isn’t accepting refusal (6)
ANOINT –   To mark as an intended successor – AINT (isn’t) with NO (refusal) inserted.

10a         It’s held back in month? That’s debatable (6)
MOTION –   A reversal (held back) of IT inserted into a MOON (month).

11a         Offer full pay, finally, in caring way (8)
TENDERLY –   TENDER (offer) plus the final letters of fulL and paY.

12a         Harmoniously settled scores, making speeches about case, right? (14)
ORCHESTRATIONS –   A lovely cryptic definition –   insert CHEST (case) and R (right) into ORATIONS (speeches).

15a         Turned round cricket clubs, making effort (4)
STAB – A reversal (turned round) of cricket BATS.

17a         Boxer, for example, getting his start in part of old film (5)
REBEL –   someone who took part in the Boxer Rebellion –   B (the start of Boxer) inserted into a REEL (part of an old film).

19a         From perspective of doctor, grave situation (4)
TOMB – TO (from perspective of) MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor).

20a         Catching small boy in greedy behaviour, being highly judgmental? (14)
OVERESTIMATING –   Insert S (small) and TIM (boy) into OVEREATING (greedy behaviour).

23a         Converted by force, was hesitant (8)
FALTERED –   F (force) and ALTERED (converted by).

25a         First word in any crossword can be something hard to bear (6)
ACROSS – a word we solvers see every day (in my case 6 or 7 times at least!) can, if split 1, 5, be something that is said to be hard to bear.

27a         Rip off    woollen coat (6)
FLEECE –   double definition.

28a         Flier showing part of menu that changes (8)
NUTHATCH – hidden in part of meNU THAT CHanges.


1d           In which horsemen attack and defend    traveller (4)
POLO –   A field game in which men on horses either attack or defend a goal is also the surname of a famous Venetian traveller.

2d           Travel over snow to butcher, say (6)
SLEIGH – this verb meaning to travel by sledge sounds like (say) SLAY or butcher.

3d           Some integrity and strength of character (4)
GRIT –   Hidden in some of inteGRITy.

4d           Something attractive that’s good in artist (6)
MAGNET –   G (good) inserted into the French artist – MANET.

5d           Pre-eminent doctor in Midlands team (8)
FOREMOST –   MO (doctor) inserted into [Nottingham] FOREST.

6d           Strange leanings about monarch, initially, who lives in castle? (10)
ENGLISHMAN –   Because as we all know an Englishman’s home is his castle –   an anagram (strange) of LEANINGS with HM (the abbreviations used to denote His or Her Majesty when referring to a monarch) inserted.

8d           Flailing sword around in royal house (7)
WINDSOR –   An anagram (flailing) of SWORD with IN (from the clue) inserted.

13d         Helping friend in a way that’s sensible (10)
RATIONALLY –   RATION (helping) and ALLY (friend).

14d         Unpaid worker? British in origin (5)
ROBOT –   B (the origin of British) inserted into ROOT (origin).

16d         Short rest, mostly time off on the river (8)
BREATHER –   BREA(k) (most of some time off) THE (from the clue) and R (river).

18d         Be harsh critic of English writer as leader of trend (7)
LAMBAST –   The English essay writer, LAMB followed by AS (from the clue) and T (the ‘leader’ of trend).

21d         Patriotic composer retained by monarch for lucrative job (6)
EARNER –   ARNE, the composer of that patriotic work Rule Britannia , inserted into ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen).

22d         Taking part in disturbance, it provides cover for head (6)
TURBAN –   Hidden in disTURBANce.

24d         Fellow European that may be said to seal a deal (4)
DONE – DON (academic fellow) and E (European).

26d         Short time, repeatedly, for religious group (4)
SECT –   Two (repeatedly) abbreviated ways of indicating time – SEC (second) and T (time).

Thanks once again for providing the highlight of my solving week – don’t tell Kath but I had at least five favourites but 6d  had ** by it, making it my top favourite.



2 comments on “ST 2741

  1. I too look forward the most to the Sunday puzzle every week. Thanks to Virgilius for the continuing enjoyment and to CS for the review.

  2. Super review, Crypticsue, for which appreciative thanks.

    I also love the Sunday puzzle — double the pleasure, going through it again here. I made just one slip, and it really is unforgivable. I missed the double definition in 1d because I forgot all about Marco Polo. I should have known better!

    I didn”t comment on this puzzle at the time. Suffice to say it was highly enjoyable then and again now. Fave was 6d, but I also marked 12a, 18d and 21d.

    Appreciative thanks to Virgilius.

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