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DT 27343

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27343

A full review by crypticsue

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A strange solving experience this week as the Saturday Mysteron’s prize puzzle  took me longer to solve than any of the preceding week’s Toughies (which weren’t properly  tough, but you get the picture).


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1a           Dejected fellow killed in battle (10)
CHAPFALLEN –    A word no-one had ever heard of to start us off –   CHAP (fellow) and FALLEN (killed in battle).

6a           Hippie girl mostly fashionable (4)
CHIC –  Nearly all (mostly) of a hippie CHICk.

9a           Winning punch is about right (5)
FIRST –    A verb meaning to strike with the fist (punch) with R (right) inserted.

10a         Small attendance at theatre where Oliver was produced (9)
POORHOUSE –   The place where Oliver Twist was born – split 4, 5 it would mean a very small number of people attending a theatrical production.

12a         Increase in numbers opposing euthanasia quotient (13)
PROLIFERATION –   PRO LIFE (opposing euthanasia)and RATION (quotient).

14a         Things prepared for those arriving with coffees the ancient’s consumed (8)
LAYETTES –  A baby’s complete set of clothing, usually collected together before its arrival  –   Insert YE (the ancient way of saying the into LATTES (coffees).

15a         Sung in church and spoken (6)
CHORAL  – CH (the abbreviation for church) and ORAL (spoken).

17a         Independent Television Commission looks in to some abridged TV programme (6)
SITCOM –   Remove the last letter (or abridge) SOMe and insert the abbreviation for the Independent Television Commission.

19a         One taking off Dior dresses in old days (8)
PARODIST –   An anagram (dresses)  of DIOR inserted into PAST (old days).

21a         Means to keep out noise from one in bulldoze gang when rebuilding (6-7)
DOUBLE-GLAZING –   An anagram (when rebuilding)  of I (one) and BULLDOZE GANG.

24a         Donation from whistle-blower backing politician (9)
OFFERTORY  –   OF (from)  followed by a reversal (backing) of REF (whistle-blower) and TORY (politician).

25a         Trace   fishing vessel (5)
SMACK –   A small taste or trace of something;   a type of fishing vessel.

26a         Ardent   lament (4)
KEEN –   Eager, sharp  or a lamentation over the dead.

27a         Precautionary measure, holding funeral without name (10)
INTERNMENT –  The confinement of, for example, suspected terrorists in a time of unrest.   Insert N (name) into INTERMENT (funeral).


1d           Copper has very strong clout (4)
CUFF –  The chemical symbol for copper – CU followed by FF (the musical symbol for very loud or very strong).

2d           Waste a cup? (7)
ATROPHY –   Split 1, 6 to get A TROPHY (cup).

3d           Transport chief on paper means to keep slim (3,10)
FAT CONTROLLER –   The title of the person in charge of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends  on the Island of Sodor could also  be a method of slimming.

4d           Man encouraged to buy shares took strides about being unbalanced (8)
LOPSIDED –   Insert SID (the name of the man an advertising campaign  encouraged to buy shares in British Gas when it was privatised) inserted into LOPED (took strides).

5d           Wear down the Queen with poetry (5)
ERODE –   ER (the Queen’s cipher) and ODE (poetry).

7d           Skipping rail, he engages top-class freight carrier (7)
HAULIER –   An anagram (skipping) of RAIL HE with U (top or upper class) inserted.

8d           Does ex make a fresh start (5,5)
CLEAN SLATE –   Split 5, 4 you get CLEANS (does in the sense of cleans or tidies) and LATE (ex, no more).

11d         Hot brain shone working, over-elaborate in style (5-8)
HEATH-ROBINSON –   An anagram (working) of HOT BRAIN SHONE.

13d         Took no more bets for Enigma (6,4)
CLOSED BOOK –   What a bookmaker did before the start of a race or a figurative term for a mystery

16d         Stop everything as player is injured (8)
PARALYSE –   An anagram (is injured) of AS PLAYER.

18d         A delicacy that could make one fretful (7)
TRUFFLE –   An anagram (could make on) of FRETFUL.

20d         Thankless person in place of fire (7)
INGRATE –   IN (from the clue) and GRATE (place of fire).

22d         Developed from blazing row naturally (5)
GROWN –   Hidden in, or developed from) blazinG ROW Naturally.

23d         Small young animal that may be produced by 19 (4)
SKIT –   S (small) and KIT (the young of various fur-bearing animals including the ferret, polecat and fox).

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  1. Many thanks for your super review, Crypticsue! As I didn’t comment on this puzzle over the weekend, I’d like to say I found it fairly difficult. I did eventually complete it. At the time, I needed Big Dave’s hint for 1a, and found the word in our old Webster’s (1934). (BRB’s on my wish list…) Otherwise I didn’t need any hints. All my answers are fine, except I didn’t remember where ‘Fat Controller’ came from (although it rang a distant bell)! I am not sure I really enjoyed this puzzle very much…

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