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DT 27271

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27271

A full review by crypticsue

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I found this Saturday’s Mysteron puzzle more enjoyable than usual – perhaps it was nostalgia taking me back to the 1950s when I was both a Brownie and a watcher of 9a.    Not content with making grown men cry, I now appear to be causing our Canadian friend to despair about my assessments of difficulty, and so although I took one star time, I have awarded it 2* for difficulty based on an average view  of the comments made on the day.


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1a           Get bogged down after loot taken by half of German general staff? (7,5)
SWAGGER STICK  –   SWAG (loot) followed by (after)  GER (half of GERman) and STICK (get bogged down).

9a           Canine hero runs in adventure cartoon (3,3,3)
RIN TIN TIN –  R (runs in cricket scoring) IN (from the clue) and TINTIN (adventure cartoon).  You probably need to be a child of the 50s to remember this canine hero.

10a         Sea-dog died dissolute (5)
DRAKE –   D(died) plus RAKE (dissolute person).

11a         Brownies team tucking into food (6)
PIXIES –   One of the ‘sixes’ in a Brownie pack –   Insert XI (the Roman numeral for 11 – a football or cricket team has eleven players) into PIES (food).

12a         Neckwear used by top gangster (8)
SCARFACE –   SCARF (neckwear) and ACE (top) gives us the nickname of  the old gangster, Al Capone.

13a         Old tennis champ in posh car taking less care (6)
RASHER –   Insert the surname of Arthur ASHE between RR (the two letters used to refer to that posh car, the Rolls Royce.

15a         Porter carrying paintings set off (5,3)
START OUT –   Insert ART (paintings) into STOUT (porter being a type of dark-brown beer)

18a         Naval vessel and similar things returned carrying soldiers (old one) (8)
CORVETTE –   Reverse ETC (and similar) and insert OR (ordinary ranks, soldiers) and VET (a veteran or old soldier).

19a         It’s just too much being held by agent with acne (6)
SPOTTY –   OTT (over the top, just too much) inserted into SPY (agent).

21a         People add up in the head (8)
MENTALLY –   MEN (people) and TALLY (add up).

23a         Empty bar on vessel needed drinks supplier (6)
BREWER –   Empty or remove  the middle letter from BaR and follow with a EWER (large jug or vessel for containing liquid).

26a         Prepare    costume (5)
DRESS –  Double definition  –  the second one obvious, the first meaning to prepare or set in order.

27a         Clip about Asian island’s primitive behaviour (9)
TRIBALISM –   Insert the Asian island of BALI and an S (island’s) into TRIM (clip).

28a         You support a child (6,6)
SECOND PERSON –   SECOND (support [a motion])  PER (a, each)  SON (child).


1d           Tool for republicans’ objective! (7)
SCRAPER –    The republications might well want to SCRAP  ER!

2d           Take possession of girl with kiss (5)
ANNEX –   ANNE (girl) and X (a kiss).

3d           Legendary queen always visiting African country briefly (9)
GUINEVERE –   Insert EVER (always) into nearly all of the African country of GUINEa.

4d           Ceremony just broadcast (4)
RITE –   A homophone (broadcast) of RIGHT (just).

5d           Resolution: enact it in some form before start of year (8)
TENACITY –   An anagram (in some form) of ENACT IT followed by Y (the start of year).

6d           Caught one flushed that’s taken up drink (5)
CIDER –  C (caught in cricket scoring) I (one) followed by (taken up in a down clue) a reversal of RED (flushed).

7d           Song concerning idle fellow (8)
LAYABOUT –  LAY (a short idyllic song) plus ABOUT (concerning).

8d           Engineers fast to yield (6)
RELENT –   Follow the abbreviation for the Royal Engineers – RE with LENT (the period when we are supposed to fast).

14d         Small person making an impression as an athlete (8)
SPRINTER –   S (small) plus PRINTER (person making an impression).

16d         European town like Barcelona in vogue documentary (9)
REPORTAGE – Barcelona is a PORT which, with E for European,  should be inserted into RAGE (all the rage,  in vogue).

17d         Point to titles being edited (8)
STILETTO –   An anagram (being edited) of TO TITLES.

18d         Bashful takes Doc’s stuff — that’s funny (6)
COMEDY  –   Insert MED (the abbreviation for medicine (Doc’s stuff) – doctor being abbreviated to Doc in the clue  indicates that we need an abbreviation in the solution – into COY (bashful).

20d         Harry and Mary to get job on farm (7)
YARDMAN –   Harry is used here as an anagram indicator, telling us to rearrange AND MARY.

22d         Passage taken from Zola is legible (5)
AISLE  is hidden (taken from)  ZolA IS LEgible.

24d         Hotel broadcast legal documents (5)
RITZ –   The second use of ‘broadcast’ as a homophone indicator.   This time WRITS or legal documents sound like the RITZ hotel.

25d         Object to     intellectual (4)
MIND –   Another double definition –   as a verb it means to object to; as a noun,  an intellectual or clever person.

I think I’m back on Sunday duty properly now – I’ll be back in due course.