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DT 27115

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27115

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All!. Apologies for the tardiness. This was a pretty quick solve but I found it fairly enjoyable for a Saturday morning.


1a           Range for cooking crumpets (8)
SPECTRUM – An anagram (for cooking) of CRUMPETS – Yummy

6a           Wish to throw gentleman in river (6)
DESIRE –  Throw (or rather place) a SIR (gentleman) into the River DEE.

9a           Thanks poet for herald’s costume (6)
TABARD – A TA (Thanks in short) given to a BARD or poet.

10a         Chapter owns tatty blue U (8)
CHASUBLE – C is the abbreviation for Chapter. Add HAS (owns) and a tatty anagram of BLUE – an unknown word but manageable from the wordplay.

11a         Officer after lover for U (8)
FLAMENCO – We need the abbreviation for a Non-Commissioned Officer to follow FLAME or lover/beau.

12a         Military display also includes advanced bike races (6)
TATTOO – Any military display involving bikes usually means tattoo. This time it is TOO (also) with the insertion of A for Advanced (level examination) and TT for the abbreviation of the Isle of Man bike race.

13a         Traveller on wheels, hog, streaked madly around (12)
SKATEBOARDER – Best to start with the BOAR (hog) and make an anagram (madly) of STREAKED) around the outside.

16a         Feel warmth or get tanned — it’s a scorcher (5-7)
FLAMETHROWER – An anagram (get tanned) of FEELWARMTH OR

19a         Hunger sends king into bar (6)
STARVE – R for Rex (king) inside STAVE as a bar in musical notation.

21a         Representative of Indian political scandal being talked of? (8)
DELEGATE – An awful (in my opinion) homophone of DELHI-GATE – a scandal must nowadays be sufficed with GATE and the Indian city is at the front. The homophone indicator is ‘being talked of’.

23a         Material making newspaper close down (8)
ORGANDIE – An unfamiliar word but a straightforward charade of ORGAN (any magazine or newspaper publication) and DIE (close down).

24a         Inbred local put away (6)
INNATE – Not ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ but rather meaning inherent. A charade of INN (local pub) and ATE (put away food).

25a         Poles getting independence — Communist turns more spiteful (6)
SNIDER – Not the loveliest word in the world!. S(outh) and N(orth) poles with I for independence then a reversal of RED (Communist turns ip).

26a         Condemn one to be removed from consciousness (8)
SENTENCE – Sentience (consciousness) with the I for one removed.


2d           Like some kings and queens having power advanced (6)
PEARLY – The cockney paraders. Start with P(ower) and add EARLY (advanced)

3d           Attractiveness of cleaner maiden (5)
CHARM – A cleaner is a CHAR. Add M, the annotation for a Maiden over in cricket.

4d           Scrap dud tanner no longer needed (9)
REDUNDANT – An anagram (scrap) of DUD TANNER.

5d           Nick beset by vermin, getting germ (7)
MICROBE – ROB for nick with MICE (vermin) around the outside.

6d           Doctor behind rough outline (5)
DRAFT – The usual abbreviation for doctor, DR, with AFT (behind) behind!.

7d           Poor speaker must utter erratically to some extent (9)
STUTTERER – A hidden word (to some extent) in muST UTTER ERratically.

8d           Almost part with sweetheart — it offers a bigger prize (8)
ROLLOVER – All but the last letter of ROL(e) followed by LOVER.

13d         Ancient Asian city, a spot in desert (9)
SAMARKAND – An unknown city for me but the wordplay is clear – A MARK (a spot) in SAND for desert.

14d         Like Big Brother, nail lower masses (9)
ORWELLIAN – An anagram ( masses) of NAIL LOWER. After the author, George Orwell.

15d         One’s used to press that’ll get even and club together (4,4)
FLAT IRON – Place FLAT (even) and IRON (a golf club) together.

17d         After Bible study, habit is to make amends (7)
REDRESS – The abbreviation of Religious Education followed by DRESS for habit/garment.

18d         Part of Jacques Tati comedy is not moving (6)
STATIC – Part of , a hidden, word, JacqueS TATI Comedy.

20d         Bush is important person in church (5)
ELDER – A definition and cryptic definition.

22d         Film star Richard embracing new style (5)
GENRE – Richard GERE with N for New going inside (being embraced)


See you all next week!.