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DT 27109

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27109

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

Morning All!. The rating for difficulty indicates my befuddled state come Saturday morning. The main problem I had was tthat many of the clues seemed a bit samey for me.  It may well be that I do a bad thing by solving across and then down in the same way that I ‘Blog. In any case let us know what you thought.


1a           Go to pieces as rent’s increased (5,2)
CRACK UP – A charade of CRACK (rent) and UP (increased).

9a           Outline in which one car is overturned (8)
SCENARIO – An outline of a plot for example. Make an anagram (overturned) of ONE CAR IS.

10a         Grandee adopted defensive stance (2,5)
EN GARDE – Another anagram, this one of GRANDEE indicated by adopted.

11a         Cares not about one farther up the tree (8)
ANCESTOR – One more anagram. CARES NOT (indicated by about) for one further up the (family) tree.

12a         Creator of a ramshackle hut finished with gold (6)
AUTHOR – A from the clue, then an anagram (ramshackle) of HUT finally finishing up with OR – the heraldic term for the colour gold.

13a         Escape outpouring that follows passing of coach perhaps (10)
SLIPSTREAM – A charade of SLIP (escape, the giving of) and STREAM – an outpouring.

15a         Old Bob is able to look at something quickly (4)
SCAN – The abbreviation S for a Shilling (known as a bob formerly) and CAN (is able to).

16a         American native whose day always seems the same? (9)
GROUNDHOG – A cryptic definition of the eponymous critter in a film where Bill Murray had to relive the same day over again until he made the right decisions.

21a         Artillerymen’s pints carried away (4)
RAPT – RA, the abbreviation of the Royal Artilleryman and PT – the abbreviation for pint.

22a         Nice cat lad gets befuddled — it’s not intended (10)
ACCIDENTAL – An anagram, indicated by befuddled, of NICE CAT LAD.

24a         Count governed in a daze (6)
ADDLED – A charade of ADD (count) and LED (governed/ruled).

25a         Told of French beginning to take Scottish isle, suffering complete reverse (8)
NARRATED – Start with DE (of in French) then add T (the beginning of Take) and add ARRAN (the Scottish Island). Then reverse the lot (suffering complete reverse).

27a         Increase prison sentence (7)
STRETCH – A double definition.

28a         State of uncertainty caused by southern coppers reportedly holding American (8)
SUSPENSE – S for Southern then a homophone (reportedly ) of PENCE (coppers/change) with US (Americal inserted between the two.

29a         Film expert standing in front of gallery (7)
ACETATE – An ACE/expert standing in front of the TATE gallery. I spent a while thinking of film titles before I realised that the definition referred to the old material that film strip was made of.




2d           Reject belief in bird losing weight then adding weight (8)
RENOUNCE – Remove the W (abbreviation of Weight) from (w)REN and then add OUNCE (another weight).

3d           In conflict about flogging (8)
CLASHING – C for the abbreviation of Circa (about in Latin – also Ca) and then LASHING for flogging with  e.g. a Cat’O’Nine Tails – Aaaarghhh!

4d           Mark’s after articles from France and Germany, getting stress (10)
UNDERSCORE – Place SCORE (mark) after UN and DER – a French indefinite and German definite article.

5d           Graphic symbol of swindler’s confession? (4)
ICON – A swindler might confess by saying “I CON”. Run that together to get the straight definition.

6d           Lay out trendy underwear (6)
INVEST – IN for trendy/hip and VEST for underwear.

7d           One of the family runs into trouble (7)
BROTHER – One of the easier clues that took me ages to spot!. R for Runs (abbreviation in cricket) placed inside BOTHER for trouble.

8d           Bid of £100 raised by end (2-5)
NO TRUMP – The number 100 in speed or money terms is known as a TON. Reverse that and add the RUMP or end.

11d         Cut off a date line when travelling (9)
ALIENATED – An anagram (when travelling) of A DATE LINE. Cut off meaning isolated.

14d         Second Catholic’s disposed to be concerned with education (10)
SCHOLASTIC – S for Second (in S.I. units) and an anagram (disposed) of CATHOLIC.

17d         Incline to fail, interrupting scholarship perhaps (8)
GRADIENT – DIE for fail inside (interrupting) GRANT for a type of scholarship (the perhaps indicates that there are other examples).

18d         Part of shoe damaged — it’s a blow (8)
UPPERCUT – A charade of UPPER (part of a shoe) and CUT (damaged). A blow with the fist.

19d         Glossy coat to go missing, worn by Romeo (7)
VARNISH – VANISH – a synonym for go missing is placed around (worn by) R – Romeo in the international call sign alphabet.

20d         Player putting key in a lock (7)
ACTRESS – The musical key of C placed inside A TRESS (lock of hair).

23d         Reread novel that’s more treasured (6)
DEARER – A nice easy anagram (novel) of REREAD.

26d         Otherwise gripped by Handel’s ‘Esther’ (4)
ELSE – A word for ‘otherwise’ is hidden in the last two words

I’ll see you all next Friday for a review of the coming weekend’s Saturday Prize Puzzle.


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  1. I think anagrams are something that I solve on automatic pilot – mind you I think after all that time, quite a lot of my solving is done like that! It is only when you come to write the blog that you realise exactly how the mix of clues works.

    1. In defence of the Gnome, I too put BREAK initially and then realised it was why I couldn’t solve 3d !

      1. Welcome Gerry and my apologies.
        In defence of meself I was blogging on the train and didn’t have the solution in front of me. (I usually take a screen dump to .png plus the blog macro for the journey home but forgot to save the solution.png).
        You are, of course, quite correct and I am glad you had the solution. Hope to see you back here soon.

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