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NTSPP – 082 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 082

Box by Radler

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Radler has given us a highly enjoyable crossword today that was not too tricky and contains a lot of sex and a highly desirable form of confection.  I have highlighted my favourite clues in blue.

Apologies for the late posting of the review.  Every time I wanted to sit down and type it up, my wife got to the computer first and found me another job to do!


1a Form of 6 having smooth surface with mostly drab exterior (8)
{DRINKING} – The form of 6 (a beverage) comes from a word meaning drab with the final letter removed inside which is a word describing the smooth surface you would skate on.

5a Lacier form of 6 (6)
{ECLAIR} – This sweet or cake form of 6 is an anagram (from) of lacier.

9a Cocaine Charlie concealed by covering ingredient of 6 (5,3)
{COCOA FAT} – An ingredient used to make 6 comes from an abbreviation for cocaine followed by a covering (that you might wear on a cold day) inside which is a three letter word for someone who is a Charlie (as in an idiot).

10a Melted 6 using tip of flame on right (6)
{FONDUE} The melted form of 6 into which you might dip strawberries comes from the first letter (tip) of flame followed by the on in the clue and a word meaning right (as in an entitlement).

12a Passion with escort, it’s useless when 6 (9)
{FIREGUARD} – A colloquial expression  for something that is no use comes from a 4 letter word for passion followed by a 5 letter word for an escort (who may accompany a prisoner).

13a Base level at colder region to the West (5)
{OCTAL} – A number base used when counting in eights is hidden and reversed (region to the west) inside level at colder.

14a Dame dispenses with masculine name when disguised (4)
{EDNA} – This Dame (a creation of Barry Humphries) comes from an anagram (disguised) of Dame with the M removed (dispenses with masculine) and an N (name).  The whole clue also describes this comedic creation.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

16a They’re useless when 6 pierced nipples with bedroom receptacle (7)
{TEAPOTS} – Another colloquial expression for something that is of no use when made from 6 comes from a 5 letter word for nipples inside which is a 2 letter word for a bedroom receptacle for night soil.

19a Alpha and gamma decay around core of nuclear fusion (7)
{AMALGAM} – A word for fusion comes from the letter represented by alpha and an anagram (decay) of gamma around the central letter of nuclear.

21a Marital relations? Got right in and had sex (4)
{BRED} – A word for had sex comes from putting an abbreviation for right inside a three letter word for marital relations.

24a Perhaps 6 coats (5)
{CAKES} – A form of 6 (a gateau perhaps) is also a word for coats (as in covers).

25a Having departed, this one turns up (9)
{LATECOMER} – A word for someone who arrives well after the due time comes from a word for someone who has died and a word for someone who turns up.

27a About sex, start off with 6 perhaps (6)
{COOKIE} – A form of biscuit often having chips of 6 in it comes from an abbreviation for about (circa) followed by a slang word for sex with the first letter removed.  Sex and 6, what a combination!

28a Favour go-go over going back to work (4,4)
{GOOD TURN}   – A phrase for a favour comes from the first GO in the clue followed by another word meaning go (as in a try or shot) inside which is reversed a two letter word meaning to work.

29a Radler’s make-up room (6)
{LARDER} – A room where food is stored is an anagram (make up) of Radler.

30a Sergeant Pepper to make lonely heart? (8)
{ESTRANGE} – A word meaning to make lonely heart (perhaps) comes from an anagram (pepper) of SERGEANT.

ARVE Error: need id and provider


1d Drinks without stimulant! Showing no emotion, Tony leaves upset (6)
{DECAFF} – A form of non-stimulating drink comes from a phrase (5,6) meaning showing no emotion. Remove the word “Tony” from this and reverse the remaining letters.

2d Looked after South American’s second note (2,4)
{IN CARE} – A phrase meaning looked after comes from a name of one of the indigenous peoples of South America followed by the second note of the musical scale (think Sound of Music).

3d Leading man pinching one’s ass (5)
{KIANG} – This form of Tibetan ass comes from a leading man ( a monarch) inside which (pinching) is an A (one).

4d Falls over again then starts to run away (7)
{NIAGARA} – This waterfall is an anagram (over) of again followed by the initial letters (starts to) run away.

6d Many drink in early closing hotel bars? (9)
{CHOCOLATE} – The key to the grid.  Something sold in bars (and boxes – as in the title to this crossword) comes from an abbreviation for many, the word hotel with the final letter removed (early closing) inside which is placed a 4 letter word for a popular fizzy drink.

7d Bonus and idiot’s got it wrong (8)
{ADDITION} – A word meaning bonus comes from an anagram (got it wrong) of and idiot.

8d Coerced listener to join another time (2-6)
{RE-ENLIST} – a word meaning to join another (or second) time is an anagram (coerced) of listener.

11d Entry of mine explaining how to provide extra for the audience (4)
{ADIT} – A word for an entry to a mine is a homophone of add it (how to provided extra).

15d Crash diet gives possible base for 6 (9)
{DIGESTIVE} – A form of biscuit on which you may find 6 comes from an anagram (crash) of diet gives.

17d Ridiculous fine overturned, circa a pound (8)
{FARCICAL} – A word meaning ridiculous comes from an abbreviation for fine followed by an anagram (overturned) of circa followed by an a and a one letter abbreviation for pound (as in the old pounds, shillings and pence).

18d Roadblock eased after new driver went for exit (8)
{BACKDOOR} – A word for a rear exit comes from an anagram (eased) of roadblock after the abbreviation for a new driver (learner) has been removed.

20d Take advantage of type of 6 (4)
{MILK} – A word meaning take advantage of is also a form of 6.

21d Page 6? (7)
{BUTTONS} – This sweet form of 6 is also the name of the page in Cinderella.

22d Partial setback holding up ministerial challenge (6)
{IMPUGN} – A word meaning to challenge is hidden and reversed(partial setback) in the words holding up ministerial.

23d Flower’s  6 segments (6)
{ORANGE} This river (flower) is also a form of 6 that comes segments resembling the fruit of which it tastes.

26d Reportedly one who’s partial to a drink (5)
{CIDER} – A form of alcoholic drink made from apples sounds like someone who is partial or biased.

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  1. I had enough trouble not popping out to the shops (and our nearest one is a mile and a half away) just test solving this puzzle and thinking about chocolate. Your illustrations would have me reaching for the car keys had I not other pressing things to do.

    Excellent review of an excellent puzzle. Lots of favourite clues for me. I like Radler when he’s in this mood!

  2. Many thanks to Prolixic for the review, to Crypticsue for the test-solve and to all of you who solved and hopefully enjoyed the puzzle

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