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DT 26535

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26535

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

A topical and fun crossword for the Easter Bank Holiday today with plenty of appropriate references.

If you need to reveal the answer just highlight the space between the curly brackets.

1. An event Jews won’t forget or ignore (8)
{PASSOVER} – A Jewish festival that celebrates the exodus from Egypt, is also when split (4,4) a term that means to leave out or disregard.

6. Bill put in stir, perhaps, being a bigot (6)
{RACIST} – Put AC (bill) into an anagram (perhaps) of STIR to get someone who is prejudiced.

9. Upset to miss cold meal — the last? (6)
{SUPPER} – Remove C (miss cold) from a slang word that means to destroy or wreck to get a light evening meal. The last in this case referring to the final meal that Jesus shared with his apostles before his crucifixion.

10. Fast-growing spring flower? (4,4)
{LENT LILY} – a cryptic definition of another name for a typical spring flower. Note Fast here is a reference to abstaining from food, and refers to the period between Ash Wednesday to Easter,

11. Edge to the left when travelling in Britain (8)
{NEARSIDE} – A gentle cryptic definition that refers to the part of a vehicle that is normally closer to the kerb.

12. Hit on an advertising catchphrase (6)
{SLOGAN} – The sort of big hit you would probably see in a 20-20 cricket match is followed by AN to get the sort of phrase that is used repeatedly.

13. A fast start (3,9)
{ASH WEDNESDAY} – See 10a with reference to the use of the word fast.

16. See mandatory changes today (6,6)
{EASTER MONDAY} – Today is an anagram (changes) of SEE MANDATORY.

19. A capital investment for Easter (6)
{BONNET} – In architecture capital can refer to the top part of a pillar or column in other words its head. What sort of thing might a girl wear on her head at Easter?

21. Urge fellows to become journalists (8)
{PRESSMEN} – A word that describes newspaper reporters is constructed from another word for impel, followed by a another word that describes a group of males.

23. Those of rank, perhaps, developing basic duty first (8)
{TAXICABS} – Take another word for a government levy (duty) and then add an anagram (developing) of BASIC for the sort of cars that would wait in a rank for passengers.

24. Not in appropriate costume (6)
{OUTFIT} – Definition is costume, a three letter word for not in, and then another three letter word for suitable.

25. It describes the weekday when there’s a sovereign remedy for the needy (6)
{MAUNDY} – The Thursday before Easter when the Queen distributes “alms”.

26. Five hundred wrongly laid off — it’s a bloomer (8)
{DAFFODIL} – D (Roman numeral for five hundred) and an anagram of LAID OFF. See 10a.


2. Took advantage of American in a plot (6)
{ABUSED} – Place US (American) inside a small area of cultivated land to get a word that means used improperly.

3. Outstanding police officer (5)
{SUPER} – Double definition, something of the highest quality, and a police rank senior to Chief Inspector.

4. One applying a gloss to wood and nails (9)
{VARNISHER} – Someone who coats a surface with a hard, glossy, transparent film.

5. Take over from a king and two Biblical characters (7)
{RELIEVE} – R (king), then a priest and teacher of Samuel, and finally the wife of Adam.

6. Is classified as military distinctions (5)
{RANKS} – To position items in order or sequence is also word that is used to describe grades in the Armed Forces.

7. A cosy lull is disturbed in an insensitive way (9)
{CALLOUSLY} – An anagram (is disturbed) of A COSY LULL is also another word for unfeelingly or heartlessly.

8. Fruit and nuts, alas, all mixed up together (8)
{SULTANAS} – Another anagram (all mixed up together), this time of NUTS ALAS are the dried fruit of seedless grapes.

13. Standing order, rigidly obeyed (9)
{ATTENTION} – A motionless position used especially in drill by the Armed Forces. Legs and heels together, arms to the sides, and head and eyes facing to the front.

14. Having agreed with the head over cricket side, fell asleep (6,3)
{NODDED OFF} – A word that means to lower and raise the head in agreement is followed by one of the sides of a cricket pitch to produce a phrase that describes having a doze.

15. View troops in Central American country (8)
{PANORAMA} – Put OR (Other Ranks) inside a country famous for its canal to get an extensive or unbroken view.

17. Objected to work, took up modelling (7)
{OPPOSED} – A word that means to be against or averse to something is made up from the musical abbreviation for work, followed by a position arranged for pictorial purposes for example.

18. A sign, say, to jack up the car (6)
{GEMINI} – Reverse (jack up) the Latin term used for “for example” (say) and add a famous small car designed by Sir Alec Issigonis to get an astrological sign.

20. Obsequious parasite of today (5)
{TOADY} – An anagram (of) of TODAY.

22. Start a fight (3-2)
{SET-TO} – Double definition, to get started with something and a brief fight.

The Quick crossword pun: {wring} + {rowed} = {ring road}

58 comments on “DT 26535

  1. Beaten by one clue today – 10a. Liked the topical references, and liked 23a. Thanks to the setter and Libellule.

  2. A very gentle start to the week, I liked 1 and 23a and 5d. Have a nice day, everyone, cloud and misty here in Le Marche

  3. Hasty P.S. Many thanks to the setter, a really lovely one to solve aand L. for the hints

  4. Good morning Libelulle, and a late Happy Easter to everyone, what a nice crossword to start back on, completed all but four today without ‘help’ got stuck on 6d and 12a, also 23a and 20d, though I did do Saturdays crossword, it was too late to comment on and I just didn’t get the time to do yesterdays, good to be back, the ‘virgin’ caravanning trip was mostly a success with just a few cross wrods and stamping of feet when trying to put up the awning!! weather needless to say was exceptional :-) Had never heard of 10a but had heard of an easter cactus! fav clue today 26a, always thought 23a had a hyphen in the middle

      1. Hi Kath thanks, the dogs are shattered particularly Shadow, she just loves the sea and was swimming twice a day!

      2. Where is everyone today? A pleasant gentle stroll to start the week while sitting in our sunny garden. This weather cannot go on! Or can it?
        Thanks to setter and Libelulle for the hints.

    1. No matter how often you go caravanning, the awning ALWAYS causes cross words! ¡ Felices Fiestas a todos !

  5. A nice crossword which didn’t take long to solve after my return from an early walk in the woods – all the bluebells are out now so it was lovely. Thanks to Rufus for the nice gentle start to the week and to Libellule for the hints.

  6. 11a did for me – I don’t know why it takes me ages to spot Rufus’ ‘gentle cryptic definitions’. Must be a wavelength thing. Another lovely puzzle to start the week. Thanks Rufus and Libellule!

  7. Very enjoyable topical puzzle. Not difficult but it contained some nice clues. Favourite was 23 for surface reading. Only one cricket clue, Mary.

        1. Thanks Sue, I will be here for a while now but back & fore during May I’m afraid, I thought I would stay in touch now with my new i phone but the site we were on had no internet or phone service! not necessarily a bad thing though, it wa really nice not to be contactable for a few days :-D

      1. Hi Mary, been away, I’m back now in full swing

        Libellule, can you explain the relevance of wood and nails in 4d. I got the answer but could’nt see the relevance

          1. Doh! Tks CS.
            By the way, Happy birthday Libulle, you have the misfortune to share it with myself, BD and the Queen. We all just missed Adolf Hitler

            1. Is it Libelulles birthday today? If so Happy Birthday Libelulle, what a nice sunny day for a birthday, enjoy :-) and also to you Collywobs, oh now I see were you all on the same day as Dave???

  8. A nice relaxing crossword beautifully themed. Thanks to Rufus for the crossword and to Libellule for the review.

  9. I’m not always a fan of themed puzzles ( I wonder what will happen on Friday?), but for me this is a textbook example of how to do it. I thought 13a and 16a were just wonderful. Thanks to Libellule and the setter, and chocolatey goodness to all.

    1. The same as happened in the GK Quick on Saturday, I expect! The nuptials. Happily our TV isn’t working in Spain, so we are spared what I understand is a big build-up.

  10. A pleasant start to the week with gentle clues and topical answers.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule

  11. As always, an elegant and very pleasant puzzle, beautiful surface reading, and a joy to solve.

    Didn’t get into Saturday’s puzzle at all, so enjoyed this one.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  12. Just needed a couple of hints for explanations, it all fell into place quite easily without the hints, which makes a nice change. Fun puzzle, lots to like.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule. Welcome back Mary from your ‘virgin’ caravanning trip. I’m off this afternoon on my ‘virgin’ boating trip – have the use of a 23-foot cabin cruiser for the summer, let’s hope for good weather!

    1. Hi Geoff where will the boat be? as you know we just sold our 34′ cabin cruiser and bought the caravan as we never had enough good weather to merit the marina fees!!
      Have a great time, are you the ‘Captain’ :-)

      1. It’s moored just outside the front door Mary, doesn’t take long to get to it. Not the Captain today, this is a ‘lesson’ in what to do to get it going and how to drive it.

  13. Not being at work today, I had the luxury of sitting down with the crossword and it was a real luxury. I managed to do all but two and with Libelulle’s hints (thank you!) they fell into place easily. A great start to the week. Back in Barcelona now after a few days in the North-East. Lovely weather apart from the sea fret which plagues that coast. Enjoy the rest of the break everyone.

    1. Sorry, meant to say North East England – Barcelona is obviously already in North-East Spain!

    2. Kate, where in NE England? I’m a Bamburgh girl, but migrated to Valencia 5 years ago. I understand while the rest of England scorched on Friday, Spain was drenched, and Bamburgh was cold and shrouded in fog all day.

  14. Very gentle start to the week although my last three – 11 and 23a and 15d – took longer than the whole of the rest of the crossword. Didn’t know that 10a is another name for daffodil. Too many good clues to mention any in particular. Off to the sun and the garden now – everything is terribly dry – ‘they’ keep forecasting ‘heavy thundery showers’ but we haven’t had any at all.

    1. Kath,
      We had our thunderstorm last night, I am sure I can now hear the grass growing!

    2. Kath – I see from Chambers A-Z that Lent Lily is daffodil but the Lent Lilies that I had sent to my Californian ladyfriend were real lilies so maybe this is another difference between GB and USA!

  15. A classic effort from Rufus, for which many thanks. What happens, however, when this crossword appears in a compilation of DT puzzles? 16a just wouldn’t work, unless the theme is applied. Merci bien, Libellule.

  16. First off Mary it is lovely having you back. Glad to hear you enjoyed your outing – weather was good so that would make up for any hassle (after the awning went up of course).

    Second – belated birthday greetings Collywobbles – hope you enjoyed your day.

    Went out to have a coffee and did most of this in the coffee shop. Liked 12a and 26a as top but didn’t like 20d – not a nice word.

    Should do some housework but going to sit in the garden and listen to the countdown on ClassicFM

    Thanks for puzzle Rufus and for the excellent review Libellule.

    1. Hi Lea and thanks, how are you doing? are you back driving yet? I have actually got my appt at last with the orthopaedic specialist tomorrow, two knees to be sorted!!!

      1. I wish you luck with your knees – are you going to have both done at the same time? Probably know aftrer tomorrow.

        I am doing well – been signed off by the surgeon – everything has healed well and the best thing is the lack of pain. Bit of muscle ache but that is to be expected. Going back to the gym which should sort that out.

        Been back driving a while now and it is so nice to have that independence again. I wish you well tomorrow.

  17. Thanks Rufus for a good workout and to Libellule. 10a new to me but got from the wordplay. 6d last in – did not know the military connection until reading the hint. Back to work tomorrow but enjoying the sun for now.

  18. Many thanks to Rufus for a nice gentle start to the week and to Libellule for the review.

  19. A special input from me today! Special since every Easter Monday, Whit Monday and Boxing Day we never get the DT from Brussels as all the local bookshops and stationers are closed – I suppose one might get it at Schiphol but I don’t drive my car anymore except locally. So I drew myself a blank grid and using Libellule’s Hints and Tips as fodder managed to construct the puzzle.
    An excellent topical theme.
    The very best clue for me was 10a as I ordered some online last week for Easter for a very special old ladyfriend of mine who lives in California – she is a devout Lutheran.

    Glad to see that Mary is back in the fold and survived her holiday!

  20. Many thanks to Rufus for an enjoyable puzzle, and to Libellule for the review.
    I printed this off early, but never got around to it until this afternoon.
    Welcome back Mary :)
    Off to fire up the BBQ now with a couple of sundowners.

    1. Thanks Jezza, quiet here today everyone must be out enjoying the sunshine, hope the BBQ goes well :-)

  21. Lovely Monday puzzle and weather..even in the far north. Just the ticket after a fine day in the sun. 23a great clue I thought. Thanks to RFS and LBL.

  22. I have just discovered this wonderful site. I have enjoyed trying to solve the Telegraph Cryptic Crossword for a few years and your hints and comments have made it even more enjoyable!
    Thank you everyone.

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