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NTSPP – 062 (Review)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 062

 … and nonsense by Radler

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When Gazza refers to a puzzle being the most difficult yet, you know you are in for a challenging solve. I am glad that I had the opportunity to test solve this crossword for Radler as the review may otherwise have been long delayed. This crossword does contain all of the Radler hallmarks of some complicated and intricate wordplay (for example see 23a) but these are balanced by some more straightforward ones (such as 26a) – half the difficultly is spotting the simple ones!

Having said this, the theme for this crossword is extremely well signposted with Radler having warned us that there are a number of solutions where the answer means nonsense. These are indicated by the word “stuff” in the clues. The title of the crossword “… and nonsense” is a broad hint about this. Getting the themed clues goes a long way to giving you a framework for solving the remaining clues. I have highlighted the theme clues in green.

There are two or three more unusual words in the crossword but these are well clued.


1a Shoddy workers quantified stuff (1,4,2,8)
{A LOAD OF COBBLERS} – The first of the theme clues indicate by “stuff”.  Workers who may produce goods that are shoddy or cobbled together may, collectively, be described by a phrase that means nonsense.

9a Instrument on the radio – you listen, characteristically moved (7)
{UTENSIL} – A word meaning instrument comes from an anagram of U (on the radio – you) and LISTEN with the anagram indicator being characteristically moved.  Lovely anagram indicator for moving the characters.

10a In need, requiring backing of the Northern fixer? (7)
{RELIANT} – A word meaning in need (or dependent upon) comes from a reversal (backing) of T (the northern) and a word that could mean a fixer (as someone who nails things in).

11a Grand time for quiet stuff (4)
{TOSH} – Our second theme clue.  A word for nonsense comes from a word meaning grand (or upper class) with a T replacing the P (time for quiet).

12a Refuse place to work in, a mistake getting back (7,3)
{RUBBISH TIP} – A place were refuse may be found comes from word sum of a three letter word meaning to work in (as in massage), a slang word for a mistake (four letters) and a final three letter word for back (as a racing punter may do for a favourite horse).

13a See 25 across.

15a Shock about most of outrageous stuff (3,3)
{HOT AIR} – Our third themed clue comes from a word meaning shock (as may be found on the head) around most of the abbreviation for over the top (outrageous).

19a Unnamed fool gets it in exception (6)
{ODDITY} – A word meaning exception comes from a word for a fool with the intial N removed (unnamed) with the word IT inside.

20a Take over, ringing round for lift (4,2)
{BUOY UP} – A word meaning lift (as in raise the spirits) comes from a word meaning take over (in the business or retail sense of acquiring everything) around the letter O (for round).

23a Not initially romantic, sweeten with hot love round model’s back passage (10)
{OESOPHAGUS} – A word for a passage in the body from the mouth to the stomach comes from a word meaning sweeten with the final R removed (not initially romantic) and the abbreviations for hot and love all put around a word meaning model (as a sitter for an artist might do) with the whole thing reversed (back).

25a/13a Stuff down – not last – in posing pouch – not half! (4,6)
{CODS WALLOP} – Our fourth themed clue.  A phrase meaning nonsense comes from a word meaning stuff down (as do with food after chewing it) with the final letter removed (not last) put inside half of a word meaning a posing pouch (word in medieval times by men to enhance their lower regions).

27a Stalks for sweet stuff (7)
{RHUBARB} – Our fifth themed clue.  A word for nonsense shares a name with a staple of allotment holders and gardeners who grow these stalks to make sweets or deserts.

28a/6d Stuff mate in addition to optimist’s con (4,3,4,5)
{COCK AND BULL STORY} – Out sixth themed clue.  A phrase meaning nonsense comes from an east-end word for mate (four letters), a word meaning in addition to (three letters), a word for an optimist (particularly in the stock market)(four letters) with the S added and finally a word for con (in political terms).

29a Stuff from salesmen sensing trouble (15)
{MEANINGLESSNESS} – Our seventh themed clue for nonsense is anagram (trouble) of the words salesmen sensing.


1d Keenness with Rio’s parting would be a strange thing (6)
{ACUITY} – Take a word meaning a strange thing and remove the letters RIO (Rio’s parting) and you are left with a word meaning keenness.

2d Hence link following in the Sky broadcast (9)
{OVERSOWED} – A word meaning broadcast (as a farmer may have done with seeds that are not dug into the ground) some from word meaning in the sky (four letters) followed by a two letter word for hence and a three letter word for link (or marry).

3d Crash right out of 12′s first (4)
{DOSS} – A word meaning crash (as in sleep rough) comes from a word having the same meaning as the first word in 12a with the R removed.

4d Discover how to defy gravity with no lifting! (4,4)
{FALL UPON} – The exclamation mark at the end of this clue tells us that there is some outrageous wordplay here.  A phrase meaning discover comes from a word that means how to defy gravity (under the influence of gravity things fall down – to defy gravity they may have to fall the other way!) followed by the word no reversed (lifting).

5d Horny creature squandered Euro on ambiguous sexual identity (6)
{OUREBI} – This horny creature (a small South African antelope) comes from an anagram (squandered) of EURO followed by a two letter word that may describe someone of ambiguous sexual identity.

6d See 28 Across.

7d Play time, stick around (5)
{ENACT} – A word for play (as in perform) comes from an abbreviation for time followed by a word for a stick (that may support growing plants) with the whole thing reversed (around).

8d Distinguish top class over average at end of test (3,5)
{SET APART} – A phrase meaning distinguish comes from a word sum of a phrase that may describe the top class in a school (3,1), a word meaning average and the last letter of the word test.

14d Greek Lotus Eaters loiter around photo shot on island (9)
{LOTOPHAGI} – The Greek word for lotus eaters comes from a word meaning loiter (three letters) around an anagram (shot) of photo followed by the abbreviation for island.

16d Paper boat folded back (9)
{APPROBATE} – A word meaning back or support comes from an anagram (folded) of PAPER BOAT.

17d Enter house first and run into picture (8)
{HOLOGRAM} – A word for a picture (produced using laser technology to produce three-dimensional images) comes from an abbreviation for house, a word meaning enter (as in record an entry in something) followed by a word meaning run into.

18d Boil balls, cruel fun! (8)
{FURUNCLE} – A word meaning a boil or spot comes from an anagram (balls) of CRUEL FUN.

21d Get to get mixture (6)
{RAGBAG} – A word meaning mixture comes from an word meaning “get to” as in tease followed by a word meaning get (as in capture).

22d Record faces making remarks to audience (6)
{ASIDES} – One face of a record (as in a single in the days before CDs) containing the main song put into the plural means the same thing as making remarks to the audience in a play.

24d Continent united with another hot place (5)
{SAUNA} – A hot place in a spa comes from an abbreviation for a continent, an abbreviation for United and an abbreviation for another continent (joined to the first as it happens).

26d Provides padding for choicest coats (4)
{ICES} – A word meaning coats can be found inside (padding) choicest.

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  1. Thank you to Prolixic, as always, for his well-written review.
    Apologies to those who found this puzzle a little on the tough side. I’ll try not to give you quite such a hard time with the next, but any feedback about particular clues is always helpful and welcome.

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