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DT Cryptic No 25889

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25889

Get your week off the ground with this typical DT cryptic

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Monday’s puzzles are usually relatively easy, and satisfyingly lacking in obscure or tenuous clues.  Today’s is no exception.

Tilsit is still in hospital, but hopes to return next week.


1a Serious actress in great need of new parts (11)
{TRAGEDIENNE} – this excellent anagram of IN GREAT NEED is signalled by “of new parts” to give a serious actress

9a Polish is taught at this school (9)
{FINISHING} – a posh sort of school for young ladies

10a Film actress in the dress circle (5)
{GARBO} – she vanted to be alone did this actress whose name is made up from a word for dress and O for a circle

11a Officer found on the staff (6)
{ENSIGN} – a double definition of this former infantry officer and a flag – he was with us just two weeks ago in DT 25877

12a Begin an unusual run as top of the bill (4,4)
{STAR TURN} – a synonym for begin followed by an anagram (unusual) of RUN gives the act that is top of the bill

13a Clear the account and leave (6)
{ACQUIT} – to clear someone of a crime is derived from a simple but clever charade of AC (account) and a word meaning to leave

15a Periodical may include explosive material (8)
{MAGAZINE} – a fairly easy double definition

18a Senior pupil is a capital young lady (4,4)
{HEAD GIRL} – and an easy cryptic definition

19a It will grow more by development (6)
{EMBRYO} – development signals an anagram of MORE BY to give something in its earliest stages of development that will grow

21a Compass showing angular distance from equator (8)
{LATITUDE} – a straightforward double definition

23a Short notice (6)
{ADVERT} – this is semi-cryptic definition of a shorter word for a public notice that could be placed in a publication or on a hoarding

26a Brief accepted in Quarter Sessions (5)
{TERSE} – “accepted in” signals that this synonym for brief is hidden in quarTER SEssions

27a Sweet enough for Miss Bronte (9)
{CHARLOTTE} – could this kind of deep tart containing fruit and covered with sponge have been named after the author of Jane Eyre?

28a Army jumper (11)
{PARATROOPER} – this cryptic definition of airborne soldier shouldn’t give you too much trouble

I’ll be back with all the down clues after breakfast.

… OK, it was a very late breakfast, and it feels like my body clock went forward three hours instead of one, but here they are:


1d Obtaining material, staff head missed tea break (7)
{TAFFETA} – this material comes from (s)TAFF (head missed) and an anagram (break) of TEA

2d It’s socially acceptable in workers — relatively speaking (5)
{AUNTS} – U is crosswordese for socially acceptable, and workers are usually ANTS (but could be bees or hands); together they give female relatives

3d Simple departure is without formality (9)
{EASYGOING} – at first I thought that this was a word for simple with one for departure around it (without), but it turned out to be a lot less complicated – a charade of simple and departure to give a synonym for without formality

4d Bird is injected with thiamine (4)
{IBIS} – a favourite crossword bird is formed by putting vitamin B1 (thiamine) inside IS

5d A last drink for the head on retirement? (8)
{NIGHTCAP} – a delightful double definition

6d Composer of regal variations (5)
{ELGAR} – a very appropriate anagram of REGAL leads us to the composer of the Enigma Variations

7d Counter-productive defeat (7)
{TROUNCE} – another good clue brings us an anagram (productive) of COUNTER to give a word meaning to defeat

8d One providing a deal for the better (8)
{CROUPIER} – a cryptic definition of the person who deals the cards in a casino

14d Digs for foreign coins (8)
{QUARTERS} – such a simple double definition, but cleverly worded – accommodation on the one hand and 25 cents on the other

16d Support fuss about sick animal (9)
{ARMADILLO} – a support, as in the ARM of a chair, followed by two more favourites ADO (fuss) around ILL (sick) and the result is an animal with long snout, tubular ears and large front claws

17d One who makes it in the world of drama? (8)
{PRODUCER} – perhaps one of those who made Springtime for Hitler!

18d From which to make the draw (7)
{HOLSTER} – even clues like this simple cryptic definition make you smile when you get the answer

20d In a bout we are able to last longer (7)
{OUTWEAR} – hidden in a bOUT WE ARe is a word meaning able to last longer

22d Tether that is restricting ram? On the contrary! (3-2)
{TIE-UP} – IE (id est / that is) around (restricting) TUP (ram) – on the contrary, the wordplay for this word meaning to tether is the other way around!

24d Legally prevent Eastern vessels returning (5)
{ESTOP} – this legal term for to hinder or preclude is derived from E(astern) and POTS (vessels) reversed (returning)

25d Lent, not lento (4)
{FAST} – this pre-Easter period where we are encouraged to restrict our diet is a popular source of clues – it was last seen in 28 across from DT 25887!

Last week, Tilsit recommended the Monday crossword as the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to get into cryptic crosswords.  This is another excellent puzzle that can be solved with a little bit of work, but nothing too strenuous.

Click here for the answers (today I have included the Quick Crossword as well as it has some tricky answers):

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