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Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom

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Reign Name Notes
Monarchs of the Kingdom of Mercia (585-879)
585-593 Creoda Existence disputed
593-606 Pybba Creoda’s son
606-626 Cearl
626-655 Penda Pybba’s son (killed in battle)
626-642 Eowa Pybba’s son (killed in battle) Co-ruler with Penda as King of Northern Mercia
653-656 Peada Penda’s son (murdered) Co-ruler with Penda as King of Southern Mercia
655-658 Oswiu of Northumbria Acted as overlord
658-675 Wulfhere Penda’s son
675-704 Æthelred Penda’s son (abdicated)
704-709 Coenred Wulfhere’s son (abdicated)
709-716 Ceolred Æthelred’s son
716 Ceolwald Æthelred’s son Uncertain if he ruled at all
716-757 Æthelbald Eowa’s grandson (murdered)
757 Beornred (deposed)
757-796 Offa
787-796 Ecgfrith Offa’s son Ruled jointly with his father
796-821 Cœnwulf
798-812 Cynehelm Cœnwulf’s son Ruled jointly with his father
821-823 Ceolwulf I Cœnwulf’s brother (deposed)
823-826 Beornwulf (killed in battle)
826-827 Ludeca (killed in battle)
827-829 Wiglaf (deposed)
829-830 Egbert (of Wessex) (deposed)
830-839 Wiglaf (reinstated)
840 Wigstan (murdered)
840-852 Beorhtwulf (deposed)
852-874 Burgred (deposed)
874-879 Ceolwulf I
Monarchs of the Kingdom of the West Saxons / Wessex (519-879)
519-534 Cerdic
534-560 Cynric Cerdic’s son
560-592 Ceawlin Cynric’s son (deposed)
592-597 Coel Cynric’s grandson
597-611 Ceolwulf Cynric’s grandson
611-643 Cynegils Possibly Coel’s son or Ceolwulf’s son
643-645 Cenwalh Cynegils’s son
645-648 Penda of Mercia
648-672 Cenwalh (reinstated)
672-674 Cenwalh Ruled jointly as King and Queen
674-676 Æscwine
676-685 Centwine Cynegils’s son
685-688 Cædwalla
688-726 Ine (abdicated)
726-740 Æthelheard
740-756 Cuthred possibly Æthelheard’s brother
756-757 Sigeberht (deposed)
757-786 Cynewulf (murdered)
786-802 Beorhtric
802-839 Egbert
839-858 Æthelwulf Egbert’s son
858-860 Æthelbald Æthelwulf’s son
860-865 Æthelbert Æthelwulf’s son
865-871 Æthelred I Æthelwulf’s son
871-879 Alfred the Great Æthelwulf’s son
N.B. Much of the early history of the Kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex is poorly documented.
Monarchs of the Anglo-Saxons
879-899 Alfred the Great
899-924 Edward I (the Elder) Alfred’s son
924 Æthelweard Edward I’s son (uncrowned, ruled for 16 days)
924-927 Æthelstan Edward I’s son
Monarchs of the English
The Saxons
927-939 Æthelstan
939-946 Edmund I Edward I’s son
946-955 Eadred Edward I’s son
955-959 Eadwig Edmund I’s son
959-975 Edgar (the Peaceful) Edmund I’s son
975-978 St Edward II (the Martyr) Edgar’s son
978-1013 Æthelred II (the Unready) Edgar’s son
The Danish Kings
1013-1014 Sweyn Forkbeard  
The Saxons
1014-1016 Æthelred II (the Unready) (reinstated on the death of Sweyn Forkbeard)
1016 Edmund II (Ironside) Æthelred II’s son
The Danish Kings
1016-1035 Cnut (the Great) Sweyn’s son aka Canute
1035-1040 Harold I (Harefoot) Cnut’s illegitimate son
1040-1042 Harthacnut Cnut’s son aka Hardicanute
The Saxon Restoration
1042-1066 St Edward III (the Confessor) Æthelred II’s son
1066-1066 Harold II St Edward III’s brother-in-law
(died in battle)
aka Harold Godwinson
1066-1066 Edgar Ætheling Grandson of Edmund II (deposed, uncrowned)
Monarchs of England Queen/Prince Consort
The Normans
1066-1087 William I (the Conqueror) 1066-1083 Matilda of Flanders
1087-1100 William II (Rufus) William I’s son Unmarried
1100-1135 Henry I William I’s son 1100-1118 Edith otherwise Matilda of Scotland
1121-1135 Adeliza of Louvain
1135-1141 Stephen William I’s grandson (deposed) 1135-1141 Matilda of Boulogne
1141 Matilda, Empress of Germany Henry I’s daughter (deposed, uncrowned) [Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou]
1141-1154 Stephen (reinstated) 1141-1152 Matilda of Boulogne
The Plantagenets (also called the Angevins)
1154-1189 Henry II Matilda’s son 1154-1189 Eleanor of Aquitaine
1170-1183 Henry the Young King Henry II’s son
(served alongside his father)
1172-1183 Margaret of France
1189-1199 Richard I (Lionheart) Henry II’s son 1191-1199 Berengaria of Navarre
1199-1216 John (Lackland) Henry II’s son 1200-1216 Isabella of Angoulême
1216-1272 Henry III John’s son 1236-1272 Eleanor of Provence
1272-1307 Edward I (Longshanks) Henry III’s son 1272-1290 Eleanor of Castile
1299-1307 Margaret of France
1307-1327 Edward II Edward I’s son (abdicated) 1308-1327 Isabella of France
1327-1377 Edward III Edward II’s son 1328-1369 Philippa of Hainault
1377-1399 Richard II Edward III’s grandson (abdicated / deposed) 1383-1394 Anne of Bohemia
1396-1399 Isabella of Valois
The House of Lancaster
1399-1413 Henry IV Edward III’s grandson 1403-1413 Joan of Navarre
1413-1422 Henry V Henry IV’s son 1420-1422 Catherine of Valois
1422-1461 Henry VI Henry V’s son (deposed) 1445-1461 Margaret of Anjou
The House of York
1461-1470 Edward IV Edward III’s great-great-grandson (deposed) 1464-1470 Elizabeth Woodville
The House of Lancaster (restored)
1470-1471 Henry VI (reinstated and later deposed) 1470-1471 Margaret of Anjou
The House of York (restored)
1471-1483 Edward IV (reinstated) 1471-1483 Elizabeth Woodville
1483 Edward V Edward IV’s son (deposed, uncrowned) Unmarried
1483-1485 Richard III Edward IV’s brother (died in battle) 1483-1485 Anne Neville
The House of Tudor
1485-1509 Henry VII Edward III’s great-great-grandson 1486-1503 Elizabeth of York
1509-1541 Henry VIII Henry VII’s son 1509-1533 Catherine of Aragon
1533-1536 Anne Boleyn
1536-1537 Jane Seymour
1540-1540 Anne of Cleves
1540-1541 Catherine Howard
Monarchs of England and Ireland (following the Crown of Ireland Act 1542)
1542-1547 Henry VIII 1543-1547 Catherine Parr
1547-1553 Edward VI Henry VIII’s son Unmarried
1553 Lady Jane Grey Henry VII’s great-granddaughter
(deposed, after 9 days, uncrowned)
[Lord Guildford Dudley]
1553-1558 Mary I Henry VIII’s daughter [Philip II of Spain]
1558-1603 Elizabeth I Henry VIII’s daughter Unmarried
Monarchs of England, Scotland and Ireland (following the Union of England and Scotland Act 1603)
The House of Stuart
1603-1625 James I (England) James VI (Scotland) – Henry VII of England’s great-great-grandson / Mary of Scotland’s son 1603-1619 Anne of Denmark
1625-1649 Charles I James I’s son (executed by Parliament) 1625-1649 Henrietta Maria of France
The Commonwealth and Protectorate
1653-1658 Oliver Cromwell [Elizabeth Bourchier]
1658-1659 Richard Cromwell Oliver Cromwell’s son [Dorothy Maijor]
Monarchs of England, Scotland and Ireland
The House of Stuart (restored)
1660-1685 Charles II Charles I’s son 1662-1685 Catherine of Braganza
1685-1688 James II Charles I’s son (deposed) 1685-1688 Mary of Modena
1689-1694 Mary II James II’s daughter Ruled jointly as William and Mary
William III Mary II’s husband
1694-1702 William III Ruled on his own after Mary’s death
1702-1707 Anne James II’s daughter 1702-1707 Prince George of Denmark
Monarchs of Great Britain and Ireland (following the Acts of Union 1707)
1707-1714 Anne 1707-1708 Prince George of Denmark
The House of Hanover
1714-1727 George I James I’s great-grandson [Sophia Dorothea of Celle]
1727-1760 George II George I’s son 1727-1737 Caroline of Ansbach
1760-1800 George III George II’s grandson 1760-1800 Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
1801-1820 George III 1801-1818 Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
1820-1830 George IV George III’s son 1820-1821 Caroline of Brunswick
1830-1837 William IV George III’s son 1830-1837 Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
1837-1840 Victoria George III’s granddaughter
The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (following Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)
1840-1901 Victoria 1840-1861 Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
1901-1910 Edward VII Victoria’s son+ 1901-1910 Alexandra of Denmark
1910-1917 George V Edward VII’s son 1910-1917 Mary of Teck
The House of Windsor
1917-1927 George V 1917-1927 Mary of Teck
Monarchs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (following the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927)
1927-1936 George V 1927-1936 Mary of Teck
1936 Edward VIII George V’s son (abdicated, uncrowned) Unmarried until after his abdication
1936-1952 George VI George V’s son 1936-1952 Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
1952-2022 Elizabeth II George VI’s daughter 1952-2021 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
2022- Charles III Elizabeth II’s son 2022- Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

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