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A list of animals and their homes, collective nouns, adjectives and other associated words.
This is not intended as a definitive list of animals.


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Animal Home(s) Male Female Young Collective noun Adjective(s) Sound(s) Animal
ant formicary; hill army; colony; swarm formic; formicate ant
antelope buck doe kid herd antelope
ape shrewdness; troup ape
armadillo dugout armadillo
ass jack; jackass jenny; jennyass drove; herd; pace asinine bray ; hee-haw ass
badger hole; set; sett boar sow cub cete badger
barracuda battery barracuda
bass shoal bass
bat cave; roost bat
bear den boar sow cub sleuth; sloth ursine growl bear
beaver lodge kitten colony beaver
bee apiary; hive cluster; grist; hive; nest; swarm; apian buzz; hum bee
beetle drone beetle
bird aviary; nest cock hen chick; fledgeling; fledgling; nestling congregation; dissimulation; flight; flock; parcel; volary; volery avian; ornithic call;  chirp; sing; tweet;warble bird
bird of prey eyrie bird of prey
bittern sedge; siege bittern
bloodhound sute bloodhound
boar sounder boar
bobcat tom lioness kitten bobcat
buck brace; clash; lease buck
buffalo bull cow calf gang; herd; obstinacy buffalo
butterfly caterpillar; chrysalid; chrysalis flight; flutter butterfly
camel bull cow calf caravan; train camel
capercailzie aka: capercaillie tok capercailzie
caribou stag doe fawn cluster caribou
cat cattery; lair; den tom queen kitten clowder; clutter; herd; kindle (kittens); litter (kittens) feline meow; mew (kitten); purr cat
caterpillar army caterpillar
cattle barn; byre; pasture; stable bull cow calf drift; drove; herd; kine; mob bovine; taurine (bull) bellow (bull); low (cow); moo (cow) cattle
chamois herd chamois
chicken battery; coop; henhouse; run cock hen chick brood; chattering; clutch; flock; peep cluck; crow (cock) chicken
chipmunk sciurine chipmunk
chough chattering chough
civet viverrine civet
clam bed clam
cobra quiver cobra
cod codling cod
colt rag colt
coot covert; fleet coot
cougar tom lioness kitten cougar
coyote dog bitch puppy band; pack coyote
crab cancroid; crustacean or crustaceous crab
crane herd; sedge; siege crane
crocodile bask; float crocodile
crow murder; murmuration corvine caw crow
cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo
cur cowardice cur
curlew herd curlew
deer hart; stag doe; hind fawn bevy; herd cervid; cervine bell deer
dog kennel dog bitch pup; puppy kennel; pack canine bark; bay; growl; howl; snarl; whine; yap; yelp dog
dolphin pod; school cetacean; cetaceous click dolphin
donkey jack; jackass jenny; jennyass drove; pace asinine bray donkey
dove dovecote dole; dule; flight columbine coo dove
duck drake duck duckling brace; flock; team; [on water: bunch; paddling; raft]; [on land: safe] quack duck
dunlin flight dunlin
eagle aerie; eyrie eaglet convocation aquiline scream; squawk eagle
eel elver; grig bed; swarm anguilliform eel
eland bull cow calf herd eland
elephant bull cow calf herd elephantine trumpet elephant
elk calf gang elk
emu mob emu
falcon tercel; tierce; tarcel; tarsal; tarsel; tassel or tassell eyas falconine chant falcon
ferret hob; jack gill; jill kit business mustellne ferret
finch charm finch
fish redd cock hen fingerling; fry catch;  draught; drought; haul; run; school; shoal piscine; ichthyoid fish
fly business; grist; swarm buzz fly
fowl cock hen gallinaceous fowl
fox den; earth; hole; lair dog; fox vixen cub; kit leash; skulk; troop vulpine bark; yap; yelp fox
frog tadpole army; colony batrachian croak frog
gelding brace gelding
giraffe bull cow calf herd bleat; grunt giraffe
gnat cloud; horde; swarm gnat
goat billy; billygoat; buck nanny; nannygoat kid; yeanling flock; herd; tribe; trip caprine; hircine bleat goat
goldfinch charm goldfinch
goldfish cloud goldfish
goose gander goose gosling gaggle; skein anserine; anserous cackle; hiss; honk goose
gorilla band gorilla
grasshopper cluster chirp; pitter grasshopper
greyhound leash greyhound
grouse brood; covey; pack gallinaceous drum grouse
guinea pig squeak guinea pig
gull colony larine gull
hare form buck doe leveret down; husk; huske; mute leporine hare
hartebeast bull cow calf herd hartebeast
hawk tercel; tierce; tarcel; tarsal; tarsel; tassel or tassell chick; eyas cast; kettle accipitrine hawk
hedgehog array hedgehog
hen brood hen
heron heronry sedge; siege heron
herring alevin; brit; sparling glean; shoal herring
hippopotamus bloat bray hippopotamus
hog drift; parcel; passel hog
hornet nest hornet
horse paddock; stable; stall; stud stallion mare colt; filly; foal harras; herd; remuda; string equine neigh; whinny horse
hound pack, mute, or cry hound
hyena laugh hyena
impala ram ewe couple impala
insect swarm insect
jackrabbit buck doe kitten husk jackrabbit
jay band jay
jellyfish smack jellyfish
kangaroo buck; old man doe joey mob; troop kangaroo
kine drove kine
lapwing deceit; desert lapwing
lark ascension; exaltation lark
leopard leopard leopardess cub leap; leep leopard
lice flock lice
lion den lion lioness cub pride; troop leonine roar lion
lizard saurian lizard
lobster cock hen crustacean; crustaceous lobster
locust plague; swarm locust
lynx lyncean lynx
magpie tiding; tittering chatter magpie
mallard sord; sute mallard
mare stud mare
marten richesse; richness marten
mice nest mice
mink sow mink
minnow shoal; steam; swarm minnow
mite acaroid mite
mole burrow; fortress; hill; tunnel labour mole
mongoose viverrine mongoose
monkey infant troop simian chatter; gibber monkey
moose bull cow herd moose
moth caterpillar moth
mouse mousehole; mousery; nest nest murine squeak mouse
mule barren; span bray mule
nightingale watch jug-jug; pipe; warble nightingale
otter couch; holt; ledge family otter
owl owlery owlet parliament hoot; screech owl
ox crib; corral bull; bullock cow calf; stot drove; herd; team; yoke bovine bellow; low ox
oyster hive bed oyster
parrot pandemonium psittacine squawk parrot
partridge covey partridge
peafowl peacock peahen peachick muster; ostentation; pride pavonine scream; wail peafowl
peep litter peep
penguin penguinery; rookery rookery penguin
pheasant nide cock hen chick bouquet; brood; nye; nide gallinaceous pheasant
pig pen; sty boar sow piglet drove; litter; trip porcine grunt; oink; squeal pig
pigeon loft; pigeoncote squab flight; flock; kit coo pigeon
pilchard shoal pilchard
plover congregation; stand; wing plover
pochard bunch; flight; knob; rush pochard
pony drove; herd; string pony
porpoise gam; school cetacean; cetaceous porpoise
poultry run poultry
prairie dog coterie prairie dog
puffin puffinry alcidine puffin
pup litter pup
quail bevy; covey quail
rabbit burrow; hutch; warren buck doe bury; nest rabbit
racehorse colt filly foal field; string racehorse
rat hole; nest pack; swarm murine rat
rattlesnake rhumba rattlesnake
raven ravenry unkindness croak raven
reindeer buck reindeer
rhinoceros bull cow calf crash snort rhinoceros
roach shoal roach
roedeer roebuck doedeer kid bevy roedeer
rook rookery squab building; clamor; parliament rook
ruff ruff reeve hill ruff
salmon alevin -> parr -> smolt -> grilse run salmon
sardine family sardine
sea gulls cry; squawk sea gulls
sea lion otarid sea lion
seal rookery; sealery bull cow calf herd; pod; trip otarid; phocine bark seal
shark shoal shark
sheep fold; pen ram; tup ewe lamb; yeanling flock ovine baa; bleat sheep
sheldrake dopping sheldrake
shrimp crustacean; crustaceous shrimp
skunk kitten musteline skunk
snail snailery snail
snake nest bed; den; knot; nest; pit anguine; colubrine; ophidian; serpentine hiss snake
snipe walk; wisp snipe
sparrow host sparrow
spider web clutter; cluster arachnoid spider
sprat brit sprat
squirrel dray; drey dray sciurine squirrel
starling murmuration starling
stork mustering stork
swallow flight; gulp hirundine swallow
swan swannery cob pen cygnet bevy; herd; lamentation; wedge hiss swan
swift flock swift
swine drift; dryft; herd; sounder swine
teal bunch; knob; spring teal
termite mound; termitarium brood; colony; nest; swarm termite
terrapin chelonian terrapin
thrush mutation thrush
tick acaroid tick
tiger lair tiger tigress cub ambush growl tiger
toad tadpole knab; knot; nest batrachian toad
tortoise chelonian tortoise
trout hover trout
turkey stag hen raft; rafter gobble turkey
turtle bale; dole; turn chelonian turtle
turtledove dule; pitying turtledove
viper nest generation; nest viperine; viperous viper
walrus bull cow cub pod walrus
wasp bike; byke; nest; vespiary herd; nest; pladge vespine wasp
weasel boar; whittret cow kit pack musteline weasel
whale bull cow calf gam; pod; run; school cetacean; cetaceous whale
whelp litter whelp
whiting pod whiting
wigeon bunch; company; flight; knob wigeon
wildfowl bunch; knob; plump; sord; sute; trip wildfowl
wolf den; lair dog bitch cub; whelp herd; pack; rout; route lupine bay; howl wolf
woodcock fall woodcock
woodpecker descent woodpecker
worm clew vermiform worm
wren jenny herd wren
zebra stallion mare foal herd; zeal zebra

Created 02 November 2010

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