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Comment – Mar 2009


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5 comments on “Comment – Mar 2009

  1. Thanks Big Dave for the gentle nudges I sometimes need. I avoid the answers even if I am still hesitant after your hints, I tend to give my brain a break and then the penny usually drops with a big clang.

  2. I have discovered your blog and find the hints very useful. I have increased my knowledge of how cryptic crosswords work and thank you for that.

    I finished DT 25,870 and have the answer to 6d – Firm about wine that’s inferior – but don’t understand the rationale on it. Can you help please?

    Thank you and thanks for all the help you give.


  3. A plea for comments on weekend puzzles …

    Of the last four Thursday reports on weekend crosswords, three have no comments at all. I know this is mainly down to the time delay – few of us remember much about puzzles solved four or five days ago.

    But it’s nice to know whether we’re giving you the kind of information you want, and what you thought of the puzzle. Pretty please … (A note stashed on your PC until the Thursday might be more convenient for you than notes scribbled on the puzzle itself.)

    I probably won’t be repeating the “factoid on every location in the puzzle” feature in the report on last Saturday’s puzzle.

  4. The new icon is very professional, Dave, but I don’t half miss your cheerful countenance when I open my Favorites now…

    Best wishes to all bloggers!

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