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DT 30575 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30575 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club (hosted by crypticsue)

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A warm, misty Easter Saturday with, for me anyway, a friendly Saturday Prize Puzzle.  Happy Easter to all

There are quite a few well-hidden anagrams in the mix so if I haven’t hinted a clue you can’t get, try looking to see if it might be one of them

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


9a           Run further (5)
A cricket run or an adjective meaning further

10a & 6d Hairstyle fixed with roller (9,4)
Fixed, intending to remain followed by a long heavy sea roller

23a         Napoleon for one a large penguin? (7)
A title held by, for example, Napoleon or a type of large penguin

25a         Circle lake bed first (7)
A type of bed goes first before one of the Great Lakes

27a         On my back, in a sense unacknowledged (9)
ON (from the clue) and a reversal (back) of  MY inserted between A (from the clue) and a synonym for sense

28a         Leader snatched from platform? That’s hatred! (5)
A platform without (snatched) its first letter (leader)



1d           Echo in club creates rhythm (4)
The letter represented by Echo in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet inserted into a type of club

3d           British tree died: another tree showing rot (10)
The abbreviation for British, a type of tree, the abbreviation for Died and another tree

4d           Rising LA rents increase continually (6)
A reversal (rising) of LA (from the clue) and a synonym for rents or tears

7d           Double first? (4,4)
A cryptic definition of the result of a race where two or more competitors are equal  This seems a good image to use in view of what is taking place on the Thames today

8d           Gullible Romeo on the whisky waited outside (6-4)
A synonym for waited or remained into which is inserted (outside) the letter represented by Romeo in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and a type of whisky

26d & 17d Memo PM has not written out for actress (4,8)
An anagram (written out) of the first four words of the clue


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The Quick Crossword pun:    LAPPED + ANSWER   = LAP DANCER


68 comments on “DT 30575 (Hints)
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  1. 2.5*/3.5*. I made this enjoyable puzzle tougher than needed by not looking at the enumeration for 7d, which meant that I spent far too long trying to think of an 8-letter answer to fit the clue.

    15d is a horrible word, but at least the setter indicated its American provenance. 👍

    I haven’t heard the 10a/6d expression for a long, long time but managed to drag it up from the recesses of my memory banks.

    16a is an excellent anagram woven into a very smooth surface and it gets my vote as favourite. It is joined on my podium by 3d (lovely word!), 7d & 8d.

    Many thanks to the setter and to CS.

    1. I’d never heard of 15d before, I’d call it clumsy. Easy enough to work out though, given all the letters. I wonder if it’s in the dictionary?

      1. Thanks for asking, Merusa. She’s in a lot of pain in both her rib and her knee, although thankfully she managed to get a reasonable night’s sleep last night.

        1. Give her our love. Alas, falls are so common among us old folk! Watch where you put your feet, the therapist drummed into me, but sometimes you can’t help it.

          1. Our pavements are so bad I have to watch my feet- then I saw myself on the new security cameras and realised I was walking stooped! Heaven forfend! Stand up straight, girl!

  2. Thought we may be in for a pangram after the NW but it wasn’t to be. An enjoyable puzzle with 7d last in & the only real head scratch. Lovely & sunny here in Herefordshire so a lovely start to our week away.
    Thanks to the setter & to Sue.

  3. Very gentle indeed but some nice surfaces, even if 23a doesn’t really make sense. 3d’s appealing and 16a reads brilliantly. 10a/6d are well done but the synonyms are perhaps too neat as it reads like a quick! Thanks to setter and CS.

    1. Hi Grumpy

      I think the setter is suggesting that Napoleon looks like a large penguin. A comma either side of ‘for one’ may help.

  4. A puzzle of 3/4. All except the top right is great fun but the top right is fiendish esp 7d which was very tough.
    Enjoyable in most parts.
    3/4 ***/****
    1/4 *****/*
    Thx to all

    1. I too found the NE the trickiest part of this puzzle, but I enjoyed the challenge and once I twigged 4d the rest fell into place, except 7d which had me scratching my head for a while longer. Very satisfying once the penny dropped though and it is my COTD.
      Thanks to all

  5. Enjoyable SPP fun – **/****

    Candidates for favourite – 11a, 25a, 3d, and 7d – and the winner is 3d, a word that should be used more frequently.

    I am thinking this is a NYDK production although 15d could be the sort of word that Chalicea would confirm is in the dictionary.

    Thanks to whomsoever and to CS.

  6. I well remember several of my mum’s friends opting for a 10/6 look back in the day. There were invariably sections of hair that hadn’t taken the solution and some of the results were a sight to behold. At around the same time, I used to iron my locks to banish any sign of kinks! Goodness, how we abused our ‘crowning glory’!
    Enjoyed this SPP – maybe penned by NYDK? and my leader board mirrors that of RD – 16a plus 3,7&8d.

    Thanks to our setter and to CS for the hints – Easter greetings to both you and Mr CS.

    1. I used to iron my hair back in the 60s. I was doing it once in the kitchen- my mother finished the washing-up, turned round, and almost
      fainted …..her daughter with her head on the ironing board, iron in hand…………!

  7. I wanted to put another word in at 5d that would most definitely have been vulgar! 😳 Fortunately, I didn’t.

    A great guzzle with some real teasers added to the mix. 7d took some working out as did 15d. The latter is such a strange word and I don’t think I’ve come across it before. I don’t have a COTD because there were too many good clues. I will submit for The Mythical but I have a few overwritten letters because I got them wrong the first time round.

    Thank you to whoever compiled this bundle of fun. Thank you CS for the hints.

    1. This is where a pencil comes in handy, but only for the dubious ones. Hope you both have a restful Easter!

      1. When I first started to do the DT cryptic back in the year nineteen hundred and frozen to death I always used a pencil. I did not have the confidence that my answers would be correct and I needed to be able to erase them with the little rubber at the end of the pencil. (As an aside I remember pencils had a wonderful smell about them).
        I changed to pen back in the 2000s but I can’t recall why. Using a pencil today would have saved a rather messy looking grid.
        Mind you, the pen is myth so it matters not whether I use pen or pencil. 😊

  8. What a fine Easter offering. I really did not want too much of a tussle and this was just the right level . Had to check the spelling for 15 d and it was my least favourite. Lots of ticks though and thanks all round.

  9. No indication on the old puzzle page that this was a prize one, so I printed it off as usual. Then I remembered it was perhaps a SPP, so filled it in online and submitted it.. Que sera sera.
    Lots of lovely stuff, but I shall plump for 27a as fave, basically because when parsing it I got held up thinking that Telegraph Towers would never allow ‘back’ to reference the first and last pair of letters in the answer.
    Thanks to whomsoever for the fun and to CS for the blog.
    Happy Easter everybody!

  10. Enjoyed this puzzle, particularly the French connection, as I am in a rather wet and chilly France at the moment. Favourite clue which made me smile was 19a.

  11. A pleasant Saturday puzzle on par with most, with a couple of clangers in the mix to keep one on one’s toes.


    Favourites include 16a, 27a, 28a, 3d & 7d — with winner 3d
    Smiles from 3d, 19a, 23a & 27a

    Thanks to setter & CS for hints/blog

  12. An enjoyable puzzle. As others have reported, northeast was last to fall. Added another British expression to my memory bank with 13d. Thanks to setter and CS.

    Sue, in the hint for 27a, I believe the ON should not be reversed.

  13. An enjoyable crossword which was honest and clear in its clueing although not easy in some cases. The !0/6 combo was a gift and the smoothness of the anagram at 16a was very clever. Thanks to CS and the setter.

  14. 7d my final entry as I had a brain fade and could not see it until the old penny dropped. I thought this was a pleasant and entertaining puzzle with some great surfaces, none better than 16a.

    Thanks to our Saturday setter and Sue.

  15. Nice comfortable
    Uplifting puzzle.
    Thanks setter and CS.
    Still grappling with
    Yesterday’s, 3 to go.
    Not the biggies top
    And bottom.

  16. Lovely puzzle with lots of penny dropping moments. NE gave me the most problems with 4d my last one in.
    Favourite was 3d with 13d a close second.
    Thanks to the setter and CS.
    Happy Easter to all.

  17. Just the job for a sunny lunchtime. I too remember my mother and 10a, also as George is watching the Boat Race, I remember as a child being taken each year to Putney to watch the start and Daddy buying us big ribbon rosettes. I was the only one supporting Cambridge simply because I preferred the colour. Little did I know I would grow up to marry an oarsman and spend hours watching from the towpath. Back to the guzzle – I am inclined to think we have several 13downs amongst us, naming no names, so that is my favourite but I did like the big anagram across the centre. Many thanks to Messrs Setter & Hinter and Happy Easter to all.

      1. Did indeed, though we thought there was something amiss with the Oxford stroke. I didn’t hear the commentary as G watched with sound off as it irritates him. There will be a few pints downed in the town tonight I guess!

  18. This was so enjoyable, the best left for the weekend. Of course I remember 10a/6d, what torture, but what was a girl to do with Chinese straight hair? I’d never heard of 13d but google had. I can’t begin to pick just one from this lot, I loved the playing card and home-based enterprise, but I think 3d beats them all, what a wonderful word.
    Thank you setter for all the fun, and Sue for the hints and tips. I’ll bet that pussywillow will look beautiful in a few days. Happy Easter to all.

  19. Ah Saturday, always a relief after the torture of Fridays. An enjoyable solve today, with the lovely word at 3d, and the nostalgic moment at 10a – can still remember the smell, from my early teens. 26d – 17d is perhaps my least favourite, not the clue, the person. Like many others 7d held me up and needed hint to explain. And of course next to zero cricket knowledge didn’t help me with 9a. Thanks to setter and Cryptic Sue. A beautiful day here, clear blue skies, low 70s and low humidity for my walk before breakfast. The birds were in full form, singing their hearts out, obviously enjoying it all like me.

  20. I can’t see me using 15d in the near future or ever if it comes to it and I think the American is doing double duty as part of the clue and an indicator. All pretty straightforward with 3d being favourite with a number of others running it close. Thanks to the setter and CS.

  21. I see I am not alone in having found the NE corner of this enigma the most demanding but I did very much enjoy the overall challenge. 10a surely was/is not a style but a means to an end. Have not previously come across 15d but I don’t think it warrants addition to my personal Thesaurus. Took sometime to realise relevance of vulgar in 5d. So cross with myself ‘cos after watching tennis from Miami until 3.00 a.m. I then forgot to watch the boat race but have been working on this puzzle instead. Thank you Mysteryone and CS.

  22. I gradually unpicked this one having feared I was going to get very little on my first pass through. 15d was a new word but guessed it based on the letters I had, 25a was a new word that I needed to look up and 8d was one of those that I got right for all of the wrong reasons!

  23. Me too with NE being the last in. The only one to really hold me up was 7d and I see I am not alone. I did not need any of CS’s hints but I have gone through them subsequently. Didn’t take long but admit to a little snooze in the middle. Now not looking forward to receiving my grocery delivery within the next hour. One day I suppose there will be a button to press to put the shopping away. We are off to Porto on Friday and at the moment the weather does not look much better than here. Do any of our members reside in that area? Favourites 25a and 3 4 and 18d. Thanks NYDK (if you it be) and CS (whom it is). I don’t comment as often as I did and see many new names. How I am sorry we no longer meet in Little Venice on the last Saturday of January.

      1. Thank you! They were all amazing especially when we had some of our number from foreign parts so I shall certainly watch this space.

      2. Still waiting on The Bridge House to get back to me – they are undergoing renovations but should be open again by now

    1. WW wehave been to Porto a couple of times and had several excellent meals. I shall have to look at my Tripadvisor comments to remember which ones but will post them here. Of course they may have changed hands but no harm in mentioning them. The hop on and hop off bus is great value for money. I’m jealous! David bought me a cork handbag and because it was over 20 Euros we were given a free gift – it was a selfie stick! The little assistant was so excited for me I hadn’t the heart to refuse it but it has never been used.

  24. I had to work quite hard for this one but it was an enjoyable challenge with plenty of good surfaces.

    Can anyone explain why the third letter of 14a means ‘character standing’? It looks like somebody standing upright. Is that it or am I up the wrong tree?

    My hotly contested podium is 16a, 7d (LOI) and 8d.

    Many thanks to the setter and CS (love the pics!)


  25. I note that Oxford received a right stuffing across the board on the Thames today. I was able to watch the women’s and men’s races, where light blue boats seemed to win by a good few nautical miles. According to the Oxford 7 Jenkins, his team had been affected by illness. Apart from the stroke almost giving up the ghost in the boat at the post, Cambridge had obviously escaped any such difficulties.

    A winner too, for me, is today’s excellent daily. 11A I found really funny for some reason (nothing to do with e-coli or other forms of river pollution in UK, I should add, but there are other roads, such as curry consumption, more frequently travelled by the likes of me), with anagrams at 16 & 19, and 26 17 being very neat indeed. However, 7D gets the champagne from me, super clue.

    Thanks Curtsy Epic and setter. Very likely NYDK, as noted passim.

  26. Help! Does anyone have access to Telegraph Towers. I cancelled my subscription yesterday but I have paid up front for another 7 weeks and have the vouchers up to 18 May. I have just tried to use the APP and it says I have no valid subscription. As I am going abroad in a few days I shall need the APP for the news and the crossword. Any ideas? I tried ringing but they are closed until Monday. Thanks.

    1. I have a few bonus digital subscriptions to share, if you want one, comment on my toughie blog tomorrow and I will have your email

  27. Afternoon. Thanks to Sue and to all for comments.

    Boat Race eh. I had a row with the missus once, but as we were both Blues …

    Have a good rest of Eostre, everyone.

    (Just for the avoidance of doubt, I did go to Cambridge. For the day. It was lovely along the backs, and I bought a tee-shirt.)


  28. Glad to back with the puzzle in the paper – until DT decides to b****r this up too.

    As a dark blue my commiserations with Oxford.

    Otherwise, enjoyable puzzle after a day of Sahara dust.

  29. Took me ******* today – good or poor crossword solving ?
    I agree with comments on 15d, I hear
    a different expression a lot even here
    and its this – impactful. Don’t like it !

  30. Completed unaided and thoroughly enjoyed, I learnt a new word in 15d. 7d was last in but obvious once the penny dropped. I had no time to comment before as we are visiting family.

    Many thanks to NYDK and to CS for the hints.

  31. Sorry about this, guys but the radio station I listen to rather a lot is championing new records by artists from the 60s and 70s. They are playing new works by the likes of Peter Gabriel, The Stones and Tony Christie. This is one by Billy J Kramer that I like for the memories it evokes.

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