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Sunday Toughie 35

Sunday Toughie No 35 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 25th of September 2022



1a East End slang’s double Dutch? (6)
BIGAMY: I imagine our Friday blogger got this easily. Dutch is Cockney Rhyming slang for one’s wife, if you have more than one you will have committed BIGAMY.

4a Doddered along, mixed up (8)
SHUFFLED: A double definition – to dodder along or how you may mix up a pack of cards.

10a Game with six men we know initially — but one’s 11 (5)
CHESS: The game has six different “men” five of them are known in the notation for the game by their initials, Pawn, Rook, Bishop, Queen, King. The final one kNight, has a silent K so we use how it is pronounced (11a) as we already have a piece with the same initial.

11a Uncivil layab[outs poke n]oses, boxing (9)
OUTSPOKEN: Hidden (boxing) in words two, three and four.

12a Walked round — which staff’s occupied or inactive? (7)
DORMANT: A synonym of walked TROD is reversed (round) and occupied by some staff MAN.

13a Blackbeard and Calico Jack maybe travel across ocean westwards (7)
ALIASES: An ocean or SEA around the means of travelling across it SAIL. all reversed (westwards in an across clue) Edward Teach and John Rackham were both pirates better known by their aliases above.

14a Oscar said, Age chooses to regenerate — a fool’s errand (4-5,5)
WILD-GOOSE CHASE: A homophone of how Oscar Wilde’s surname is pronounced, and an anagram (to regenerate) of AGE CHOOSES.

17a Two French articles aired query into gambling — dirty stuff here? (7,7)
LAUNDRY BASKET: Two French articles LA and UN aired or DRY and to query or ASK in some gambling or BET. A place to keep your dirty stuff.

21a Watch first act of play next to old boy (7)
OBSERVE: The first part of a game of Tennis SERVE follows OB for old boy.

23a One attempting to run over 1000 miles to get more fit (7)
TRIMMER: someone making an attempt or a TRIER around two M’s one M being the Roman numeral for 1000 the other M being an abbreviation for miles.

24a High-handed staff with US A&E that’s facing raging flu (9)
MASTERFUL: A staff or MAST how the US refer to A&E – ER ( for Emergency Room ) and an anagram (raging) of FLU, A somewhat high-handed MASTERFUL.

25a Briefly fiddle about in board game? (5)
DARTS: A fiddle, violin or STRADivarius is shortened (briefly) and reversed (about) to give us the game of DARTS. Not strictly speaking a board game but certainly a game with a board to aim for.

26a Most of its vehicles are big or small in length (8)
SHIPYARD: S for small and a synonym of in, trendy or HIP plus the  3ft length YARD. A place where big vehicles are made. I didn’t see it until Wahoo pointed it out, thanks Wahoo.

27a Sign of cat eating small creature that sits beside house? (4-2)
LEAN-TO: The astrological sign of the cat LEO contains (eating) a small creature or ANT to be a LEAN-TO a small building that gets some of its support from the house it sits beside.


1d You’ll need help on clues like this — give in? (4,4)
BACK DOWN: To help or BACK and as this is a DOWN clue gives us BACK DOWN or give in.

2d The Italian will disrupt flying, regular and irregular (9)
GUERRILLA: The Italian the or IL in an anagram (flying) of REGULAR. An irregular is a  member of a fighting force not trained under the authority of a government.

3d Has to report missing black horse (7)
MUSTANG: Has to or MUST and a report of a gun perhaps bANG without the B for black, gives us a MUSTANG a breed of horse.

5d Trouble with grit one’s found in bed (3-5,6)
HOT-WATER BOTTLE: Some trouble or HOT-WATER and some grit courage or BOTTLE. A hot-water bottle may be required to keep the bed warm.

6d Say, bass jammed with piano twice after ‘Love in Vain‘ (7)
FOPPISH: Vain and showy in dress is a Bass or FISH with O for love and P for piano twice PP.

7d When cycling, quench with lots of water (5)
LAKES: To quench a thirst or SLAKE cycles the first letter to the last to be LAKES large bodies of water.

8d Grilled, it may cause gluttony — fifth sin a Dantean keeps up (6)
DANISH: I think we are talking about bacon rather than pastries but both are DANISH and I am certainly a glutton around them both. also a reverse lurker (keeps up in a down clue) in fift{h sin a D}antean.

9d One may buy paints, duty-free oils or mixes (2-2-10)

15d Second group, heavy metal — its purpose is depressing (5,4)
STEAM IRON: S for second, a group or TEAM and a heavy metal IRON. Used for pressing clothes.

16d Strong drink opponents love guzzling squash (8)
ESPRESSO: opponents in a bridge game E(ast) and S(youth) and O for love contain (guzzling) a synonym of squash PRESS.

18d Shark on track to find school of small fry (7)
NURSERY: A type of shark NURSE and a railway track RY, Nursery a school for small fry, whether young children or fish.

19d What will eat idly with no limits? Pigs do (7)
SWINDLE: Some Pigs or SWINE contain (eat) what is left of iDLy after the limiting letters are removed. To SWINDLE con or DO.

20d World of expense, the majority suffering cuts (6)
COSMOS: COSt or expense and the majority or MOSt both suffer cuts to the last letter, leaves COSMOS the world or universe as an orderly or systemic whole.

22d Light soups, occasionally with a roll, healthy food (5)
SUSHI: Alternate letters (occasionally) of Light soups are reversed (with a roll) to give us some rather healthy SUSHI.

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