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DT 30095 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30095

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 17th September 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

This had to be the work of Cephas as it was a pangram with plenty of anagrams

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2a    On good terms with class, head regularly knowing enough (4-8)
WELL-INFORMED – WELL-IN (on good terms with) FORM (class) and the regular letters of hEaD

8a    Any number leaving, eat a large quantity (4)
MUCH – N (any number) ‘leaving’ MUnCH (eat)

9a    Officer of business cross with lover (8)
COXSWAIN – CO (company, business) X (cross) SWAIN (lover)

10a    Trio belt out part of opera (8)
LIBRETTO – An anagram (out) of TRIO BELT

11a    Amateur excluded from sketch (6)
LAYOUT – LAY (amateur) OUT (excluded)

12a    Worn down, having nothing for new beginning (6,4)
GROUND ZERO – GROUND (worn down) ZERO (nothing)

13a    Drip returning, normal to remove front of optics? (6)
VISUAL – A reversal (returning) of IV (drip) and uSUAL (normal) without the letter at the front

16a    American generation’s normal practice (5)
USAGE – US (American) AGE (generation)

17a    Forty winks Felix has? (6)
CATNAP – A CAT named Felix may well have a NAP

18a    Bursars got disorganised in the city (10)
STRASBOURG – An anagram (disorganised) of BURSARS GOT

21a    Leave river holding record (6)
DEPART – DART (Devon river) ‘holding’ EP (extended play record)

23a    Most wishy-washy from pub included by the way (8)
THINNEST – INN (pub) included in THE and ST (street, way)

24a    Simple type dressed in iron with gold torch (8)
FLAMBEAU – LAMB (simple type) ‘dressed’ in FE and AU (the chemical symbols for iron and gold)

25a    Case of free tuition (4)
ETUI – Hidden in freE TUItion is a small case for holding sewing articles

26a    Infected? No admittance unfortunately (12)
CONTAMINATED – An anagram (unfortunately) of NO ADMITTANCE


1d    After most of month I take alternative lower rank (6)
JUNIOR – After most of JUNe comes I (from the clue) and OR (a conjunction linking alternatives)

2d    At which point our nephew cracked up (9)
WHEREUPON – An anagram (cracked up) of OUR NEPHEW

3d    Protected, like a building
like one in Pisa (6)
LISTED – Like a building that is protected or a description of such a building in Pisa

4d    Desperately recruit next man to bring in old form of assessment? (6,3,6)
INCOME TAX RETURN – An anagram (desperately) of RECRUIT NEXT MAN into which is inserted (to bring in) the abbreviation for old

5d    Deceive having hand cover that’s a bloomer! (8)
FOXGLOVE – FOX (deceive) GLOVE (hand cover)

6d    Loud wordy exchanges (5)
ROWDY – An anagram (exchanges) of WORDY

7d    Astonishingly, April due to give back number (8)
EPIDURAL – An anaesthetic administered in the back (back number) is an anagram (astonishingly) of APRIL DUE

14d    Second rug removed and purloined (9)
SCROUNGED – An anagram (removed) of SECOND RUG

15d    Final defeat that’s the end of the line? (8)
WATERLOO – A final defeat or a London railway terminus

16d    Not going with the current trend (8)
UPSTREAM – Going against the current

19d    Never mind runner on top of mine (4,2)
SKIP IT – SKI (runner) goes on top of (in a Down solution) PIT (mine)

20d    Part of affair is questionably indecent (6)
RISQUE – Hidden in affaiR IS QUEstionably

22d    Own up now Frenchman has sex appeal (5)
ADMIT – AD (Anno Domini, now) M (Frenchman) IT (sex appeal)

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  1. DT 30,095 17/09/22 13a
    How does IV equate to drip? We just can’t get this one. Hope you can explain.
    Tina. Torquay.

    1. Welcome to the blog.

      IV is an abbreviation for intra-venous, as a method of slowly and continuously administering medications of one form or another, commonly referred to as a drip.

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