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ST 3064

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3064

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 12th July 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – I didn’t solve this on the day due to Golf and Apres-Golf but certainly enjoyed many of the clues, particularly when sorting them out for the review.

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1a           Look back inside light and push, connecting electrical device (5-3,4)
THREE-PIN PLUG – Reverse PEER (look back) inside THIN for light and then add PLUG for push (in advertising)

9a           Sunny market (4)
FAIR – Two definitions – one good weather and the other  a country market, say.

10a        Coming from church, what might Rosemary say confidently to Herb? (9)
BASILICAN – If The herb Rosemary was avowing confidence to another herb she might say BASIL, I CAN.

12a        Come and see bread after it’s risen? (4,2)
ROLL UP – A bread that is risen could be a ROLL that is UP.

13a        Rubbish is around square (8)
DINOSAUR – An anagram (rubbish) of IS AROUND.

15a        Crack — mentally and physically? (2,2,6)
GO TO PIECES – A fairly straightforward double definition of a mental breakdown as well as something physically falling apart.

16a        Odd bits of toenails, dark greenish-blue (4)
TEAL – The odd letters (bits) in T o E n A i L s.

18a        Unopened post bag (4)
TAKE – Remove the first letter (it is unopened) of a (s)TAKE or post.

20a        Home builder: reliable chap joining broody female? (10)
BRICKLAYER – A reliable person is a BRICK (although slightly antiquated) this joins a LAYER or a broody female hen.

23a        Bird enthusiast with warm eggs (8)
MUTHATCH – A charade of a NUT or fan/enthusiast and to HATCH or warm eggs.

24a        Knight at home touring large European capital (6)
DUBLIN – TO DUB or knight/ennoble and IN (at home) around/touring L for Large.

26a        Ocean waves increase a further time (4,5)
ONCE AGAIN – A waving anagram of OCEAN followed by a GAIN or increase.

27a        Fate when state of mind reversed (4)
DOOM – A reversal (reversed) of a MOOD or state of mind.

28a        Initials on item used for entering a couple of flats, possibly? (3,9)
KEY SIGNATURE – A SIGNATURE or initials on a letter is after (ON in an across clue) a KEY (used for entering a locked door or even a letter on a computer).


2d           Expression of discontent arrives in sulk before start of holidays (8)
HARRUMPH – Place ARR. For arrives (an abbreviation seen on timetables) inside the HUMP or sulk and then add the starting letter in H(olidays).

3d           Tuscan island fit for uprising? (4)
ELBA – A reversal (for uprising of ABLE/fit.

4d           Plague in spleen etc, I suspect (10)
PESTILENCE – An anagram, indicated by suspect, of SPLEEN ETC I.

5d           Naval commander embraced by colonels only (6)
NELSON – The Lord Admiral is hidden in/embraced by colo NELS ON ly.

6d           Produce milk for baby: feat feeding past midnight? (7)
LACTATE – An ACT or feat is inside/feeding LATE for past midnight.

7d           Unspecific award for old US leader (7,5)
GENERAL GRANT – A charade of GENERAL/unspecified and GRANT/award. There was me looking for a General Oscar!.

8d           Hammer: force nailing everything (6)
MALLET – The MET or Metropolitan Police FORCE surrounding or nailing ALL for everything.

11d        Book that’s brilliant about popular music (8,4)
BRIGHTON ROCK – BRIGHT for brilliant/shining then ON for about and finally some ROCK music.

14d        Spirit about to be put in mixture of ale and punch (10)
LEPRECHAUN – Place RE. for reference/about inside an anagram/mixture of ALE and PUNCH.

17d        Sink filled with fifty fish (8)
FLOUNDER – L, the Roman Numeral for fifty is inside/filling to FOUNDER or sink.

19d        Cheap clothes reserved, minimum of cash invested (7)
KITSCHY – The first letter only (minimum) of C(ash) ins invested inside KIT for clothes and SHY for reserved.

21d        Colour lacking in bottle (6)
YELLOW – The first is the straight definition and the second is a synonym of ‘lacking in bottle’ or scared.

22d        Yours truly is unfortunately up for meat (6)
SALAMI – A reversal (is up) of I’m (yours truly is = I AM) and ALAS for unfortunately.

25d        Wading bird in flock, no tail (4)
KNOT – Another hidden word is IN floc K NO T ail.


Thanks to the setter.