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Puzzles for Monday 10th of October

Puzzles for Monday 10th of October

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Once again Phil McNeill, the Telegraph’s Puzzles Editor, has provided pdfs for today’s cryptic, quick and GK puzzles.

They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Monday Cryptic and Quick puzzles

DT 26679

Herculis GK puzzle

Herculis No 12388

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this facility.  Please don’t leave comments on this post about the puzzles themselves.

16 comments on “Puzzles for Monday 10th of October

  1. Many many thanks for providing this facility for us. I only found out about it last night. If the IT problems had been affecting the Telegraphs editorial staff then this would have been sorted weeks ago.


  2. Thanks again for putting these up. I’ve tried to access Telegraph Puzzles a couple of times, but I think it’s feeling a bit ‘Monday morning’.

  3. It is very helpful to have this facility as a backup but I prefer to do it on line because it’s easier for me. I’ve tried again this morning for about an hour so obviously the problem has got worse which I suppose why Phil has tried to help out. The main issue was that we were promised resumption by 7/10 and it has not happened. If this were happening in private industry the individuals involved would have been moved on and a new team put in place

    1. Absolutely right. Thank goodness we do at least have a puzzle but I pay a subscription of course and will it be extended I wonder – hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Most excellent! At least we can actually get the puzzles. Many thanks.
    I agree with Collywobbles – how are the people responsible for the DT site still in a job?

  5. I totally agree with Collywobbles and njm. On a lighter note with regard to 29Down in todays Herculis, I always thought that **** **** **** was in **** and not the other way around. Is it just me?.

  6. I’ve just spoken to the Telegraph only to be told that the problem will continue untill NOVEMBER!!!!!!!! What a shambles

      1. The least we expect is for them to keep to their promises and refund us fully if they do not. That’s how business works

  7. I am so sorry about that last comment on Herculis, is there any way that I can edit and delete?

    1. I’ve edited it.

      The only reason I ask that there are no comments about the puzzles is to avoid spoiling them for others who have yet to start them.

      The clue is badly worded and you are correct.

      1. Big Dave, thank you, I do understand the reasoning and fully agree with it . I can only plead stupidity.

  8. The telegraph have just offered me a 2 month refund for my sept/ oct subscription, ontop of the 1 months for august that they already refunded. All it took was a phone call.

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