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DT 26194

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26194

Hints and tips by Rishi

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This week I was held by a couple of the long answers for a few more moments than usual. Take 8d for instance. Though these blocks are used in the building industry in India, they are not known by that term. At least, I have not heard. In 28a, I had to disabuse my mind that William = Tell before the answer stuck to me. As for 7d, well, we in India too have bond, and, oh yes, bind (“Gita, what’s it? Wait a minute…”) but it may not be band, it is ‘thali’ which only women wear round their neck to signify that they are married  and the man has nothing to show!  In 12d, I had to decide that the word outside is CHINAS, not CHINA.

I enjoyed solving this crossword despite a couple of clues that we have seen in the same or almost similar form (e.g., 13d, 16d) in the past.

I liked 29a and 26d as they are very smooth in surface reading.

A quibble: 14a reads “Listen to a number cheer”. In real life, would grammar require the use of ‘cheering’ ?

If you want the answer to any clue to show up, highlight the white space within any the curly brackets under the relevant clue.

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