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ST 2521

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2521

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

I found this puzzle rather harder than some recent Sunday ones, and it took me about twice as long. I’m pretty sure that 23D was one of my last answers, and 25A took quite a while too. I also put in a dud answer at 18A. So if we had multiple pictures, I’d be using the dunce’s cap one which makes too-frequent appearances at Times for the Times.
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Toughie 298

Toughie No 298 by Shamus

A Drawn Out Saga

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

Really, really sorry but an unexpected trip to A&E caused me a huge amount of chaos.  Everything is OK now, but it has meant that I missed posting deadlines quite badly, so sincere apologies.  – T

A nice puzzle to end the week from one of my favourite setters.  Good solid clues that do exactly as they say on the tin with 1 across quite a clever clue that may need a bit of explaining, as well as a couple of new words on me.  13 across has baffled me a bit.  A number of the clues are of the  “whole thing defines it, and the clue is made up of the indications” type and are nicely constructed.

Hope to see some of you at Parsons Green.

As usual, feel free to have your say after the review.

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DT 26156

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26156

Hints and tips by Gazza

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BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment ****

We have another fine puzzle from Giovanni, with his usual impeccable clueing (well, with the exception of 20d). My initial instinct was to give it three stars for difficulty, but it does contain a couple of constructs which may be new to some solvers and Clued Up is currently showing it with five stars, so I’ve compromised with four. Let me know, via a comment, whether you agree or not!
For new readers, the answers are hidden in the white space between the brackets under the clue. Drag your cursor from left to right between the brackets to reveal.

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