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Toughie 237

Toughie No 237 by Osmosis

The Nectar of the Gods

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BD Rating – Difficulty **** Enjoyment ***

As usual Osmosis has produced a challenging Toughie, where getting the answer is often much simpler than working out the wordplay. This is an example of how a Toughie can be tricky and entertaining without resorting to very obscure words or the names of people that few have ever heard of.

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DT 26065

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26065

Hints and tips by Tilsit

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

Greetings from Calderdale Hospital where yours truly is still recovering and likely to be here for a little while longer. This was a reasonably typical midweek puzzle which should please most people, although there were a couple of pitfalls here and there.

I thought a number of the surface readings were a little contrived for one or two clues, but otherwise it was a pleasant challenge.

As usual, the answers can be revealed by highlighting between the squiggly brackets and you can rate the puzzle by clicking on the star ratings. Feel free to comment, but newer posters need to be approved first to prevent those nasty spammers from peddling their rubbish.

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