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I found your site address from a Sunday Telegraph article and what a find! Some years ago my husband and I used to tackle the DT crosswords together and we became quite pleased with our efforts, solving most of the back page crosswords. Then life got in the way and we gradually stopped trying to solve them. Unfortunately my husband has memory problems now and although he can solve Sudoku problems the cryptic crosswords are mostly beyond him. Since we have become online readers of the DT, I have returned to trying to solve the puzzles. At first I was disappointed with my efforts and thought that I was not in tune with the more modern setters. I was reduced to using the solve button and trying to work out the logic behind the clues I could not get.
Now I have your wonderful site to help and after 3days I find that if I get help with the across clues I can manage the down ones. Progress indeed. So thank you very much to you and all the other helpers it will make our long term isolation more enjoyable.
Best wishes and keep well