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Toughie 666

Toughie No 666 by Osmosis

Setter’s Devilry

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Greetings from the Calder Valley. I was all set to use ‘The Number of the Beast‘ as today’s title or even ‘The Devil’s in the Detail (or The 7 Across is in the Detail, to be exact)‘, given that Osmosis usually produces puzzles of such ferocity that my brain usually hurts long and hard after finishing. However this was a much more benevolent puzzle and I have to say I was left a bit flat after finishing it.

There are the usual quality clues from Osmosis, but I don’t understand why the puzzle’s theme word is shown in some clues as ‘7 across’ but not others. There are some NINA’s lurking round the puzzle and they will be explained at the end of the blog so you can highlight them and reveal them if you get stuck. It was a pleasant solve while I was being poked and prodded this morning, but I expected a bit more.

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