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Toughie 614

Toughie No 614 by Micawber

Dear Telegraph Crossword Editor…..

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BD Rating – Difficulty *****Enjoyment *****

Dear Phil

I know I haven’t been kind to you in the past with one or two less than positive reviews, but I speak from the heart as a passionate solver and try to let you know how I feel about my experiences. I don’t see the point in being untrue about a puzzle I can’t get on with. This week I was nearly sticking pins in a doll of you, when access to the site has been all over the place but ultimately it isn’t your fault, so the pins were returned to the sewing box (my modelling skills produced a doll that looked more like Mick Hucknall than you anyway!).

But I am being spoiled something rotten on a Friday. Elgar is a regular and the last two Friday slots have been Notabilis and today Micawber, three of the finest setters around and they have all produced wonderful amazing puzzles. Today’s Micawber gets a five star rating all-round. A puzzle full of stunning invention, wit and topical stuff. Bravo and it is great to see you encourage this younger talent that makes me feel the future of the black and white grid is in very safe hands. This week’s Dada was a fine puzzle too.

Now if you can just make the site behave……

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