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Toughie 369

Toughie No 369 by MynoT

It’s in the air

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Let me first apologise to Big Dave for going away last week and leaving him with an Excalibur puzzle to blog, I did look at it on my return and I doubt that I would have been much more complimentary than he was.  But to be honest I would quite cheerfully have taken last week’s Excalibur puzzle in exchange for this week’s MynoT puzzle.

I filled in all the squares reasonably quickly and then had to resort to the dictionary to check several answers and to work out some wordplay that I hadn’t fully understood. I think I now understand it all but I’m sure someone will tell me of any subtleties I may have missed. Once again MynoT includes three signs of the zodiac as answers.

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ScrewedUp News – Jun 10

ScrewedUp News – Jun 10

Edition 25

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Today the CluedUp site was ported to a different server.  Unfortunately, as Gazza reports elsewhere, it seems to be powered by a Sinclair ZX-80.

I will be out for the rest of the morning, so today’s blogs may be a bit late.  In anticipation of problems, we have secured, courtesy of Phil McNeill, copies of the two puzzles, together with the Quick crossword.

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