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Toughie 306

Toughie No 306 by Micawber

Sprint to finishing line – finishing line disappears!

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Probably my fastest TT solve ever until I reached the very last clue (thanks to BD for helping out). I’m not quite sure why the solve was so quick because, looking back through the clues again, I think there are some quite tricky bits; in fact there are some answers I placed without full understanding of the wordplay, so this review might just contain a few um-ah-er moments. We’ll see.

Easy as it was, it was still enjoyable. A couple of surface readings look less than convincing but I’m very biased in having that area of clueing as the main thing I aim for when writing. To many solvers it’s not that important.

As is my wont, favourite clues are in blue.

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