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DT 28572

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28572

Hints and tips by Mr Kitty

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BD Rating  –  Difficulty **** –  Enjoyment ****


Hello, everyone.  While the Americanisation of October 31 is being suitably recognized over on the Toughie blog, here the date is cause for a more personal celebration, because today marks the one-year anniversary of my first nervous ascent to the blogging chair.  Thanks for letting me experiment on you every Tuesday as I’ve been figuring out how to write hints.  I hope those hints have helped some of you improve your solving skills, and if along the way I’ve also managed to convince a few of you that those repeated answers we see every week are just coincidences, that’s even better 😊.  Befitting the date, today we have a treat that contains a lot of trickiness.  There is some masterful misdirection and disguising of definitions here.  That may not be for everyone, but I enjoy untangling that sort of clue.  I found this crossword significantly more challenging than last Tuesday’s puzzle, which the most recent survey rated at 3.3*, so I have increased the difficulty rating accordingly.… Read More