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DT 28482

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28482

Hints and tips by Mr Kitty

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***


Hello everyone, and welcome.  Thanks to BD for standing in last week when travel took me out of internet range for several days.  I’ve now had a chance to solve last Tuesday’s puzzle and, like many of you, I wondered what it was doing in that slot.  I would have given it at least four stars for difficulty.  On the other hand, there were several great clues so I’d be happy to see another puzzle from that setter if it came with a sprinkling of easier entries.  Today, I’d say that we’re back to normal Tuesday levels of difficulty.  I found this puzzle a curious mix of clues so simple that I wondered if I was missing something and of complex clues so original and so enjoyable that they generated very big smiles.  I did wonder if the setter has been paying attention to recent discussions of solver demographics because pensioners and senior citizens both make appearances in the clues, and we also have a song that became popular decades before I was born.  Or perhaps, like many seemingly unlikely crossword coincidences, it really is all just a coincidence.… Read More