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Toughie 242

Toughie No 242 by Giovanni

Cooking the Books!

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BD Rating – Difficulty **** Enjoyment ****

A really enjoyable challenge from Giovanni today, but it contained a rare flaw from our setter.  The answer to 4 down contained a misspelling.  However all is well now and a correct spelling and clue have been inserted.    I have known Giovanni for a number of years and on checking with him, and realising a slip had been made and being the professional he is, he was mortified. A quick exchange of mail and all resolved.   This didn’t distract too much from the overall puzzle, which was to his usual standard.

A good balance of all types of clue in the puzzle with a couple  of fairly tricky explanations.  However fairness is paramount at all times, and aspiring setters should study the wording and phrasing of the clues to see how he achieves the clever surface reading.

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[I have now been able to access the new version, but only from the Play Puzzles / Crossword Puzzles page, not from the home page. BD]

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