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Toughie 230

Toughie No 230 by Giovanni

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BD Rating – Difficulty **** Enjoyment ****

An interesting challenge today which I found quite tough in parts and blindingly easy in others.  I particularly struggled with the bottom left corner.  As I solve the puzzle on line, I usually play guess the setter until I can contact a chum who takes the paper.  I have to say I wouldn’t have guessed today’s was Giovanni, it didn’t feel like one of his puzzles.  However, it was the usual enjoyable mix of witty but scrupulously fair clues.  Aspiring setters should always take time to study Giovanni’s clues as they are an absolutel model of perfection.

Recently it was announced that ITV are to be allowed to infest their already dreary programmes with product placement, and I thought this had arrived early in Crossword-land today as 6 across required you to know the name of a leading motor-oil brand (other leading brands of motor oil are available) to help you solve the clue.  Some curious answers today including the name of a Cultural Colossus (see yesterday’s Crossword blog).

Off we go, and remember your home is at risk if you put a tin containing petrol in your microwave and turn it on….

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