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Toughie 194

Toughie No 194 by Busman

Charabancs of Fire!

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Greetings from Calderdale Hospital, where I am having a very short stay (hopefully home this evening!).  I have just been served with a bowl of the finest NHS Chicken Soup and a Cheese Sandwich for lunch.   Rather oddly, I have also been served with Cheese and Biscuits for dessert!

I was admitted at some rather ungodly hour this morning and while waiting for the ambulance to bring me in, I managed to tackle this Toughie.  When I eventually solved it, I tried to play the game of guess the setter (I do wish they would tell us on the website!) and came up with six other suspects rather than Busman.

I have a feeling this may divide the Community; some will like it and others hate it.  I am disappointed with the rating it got on the website,  it certainly wasn’t that weak.

Whether it’s the medication I am been filled up with, I feel rather sanguine about it.  In some ways I am disappointed as Busman’s alter ego produces some absolutely terrific puzzles in The Spectator series (http://www.spectator.co.uk/article_assets/articledir_10457/5228953/crossword.pdf was last week’s cracker), and this doesn’t feel like a Toughie (today’s DT 26000 was much more ferocious!), but there were clues to make me smile and 8 across was a brilliant clue.  When I finished solving online, I submitted the solution and found I had five mistakes – two were typos, but 2 down,  21 down and 26 across left me having to rethink.

Anyway, let’s dive in and see what lurks within.

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