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Toughie 178

Toughie No 178 by Messinae

Just Like That?  Not a Lot!

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment *** – (CluedUp Site Difficulty **************)

Very irritating today.  Not the puzzle, but the blooming CluedUp website.  I logged in to do the puzzle and finished it, and was chugging along writing the blog.  Funnily enough at the time I thought that it didn’t feel like a Messinae puzzle.  Visited this lovely site and then saw Gazza’s blog on the same puzzle!  Checked in to Clued-Up again and got a different puzzle!

So we start again, a bit late!  This was a really nice puzzle to solve (unlike his current fiendish Listener puzzle, which is a s*d!) and contains one of the best clues I have seen in a while.  However I think there’s a problem with one of the other clues.

Off we go, let me have your thoughts below.

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