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Crypticsue, BD and Brian Greer (Virgilius)

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  1. Not really a comment but a request to Brendan in these days of “social distancing”. Would it be possible to use all or part of your delightful golf themed crossword from July 2019 (Guardian # 27877) in a newsletter for my golf club? It appeared in the Toronto Star this past week, and I just loved it. As Women’s Convenor, I have to write a brief article for each newsletter and as we are stuck in our homes and not even sure whether there is a going to be a golf season this year, I thought your puzzle would make a wonderful diversion for our members. With luck and a few hints we might even recruit one or two new fans to the genre.
    P.S. I try to do the puzzles on line each evening and comment occasionally under the user name MarkOnCan, an abbreviation of my location in southern Ontario.

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