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Suggestions – Archived


Suggestions on how this site could be improved

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11 comments on “Suggestions – Archived

  1. Thanks for that Peter – I only suggested it because they usually have a long thread on AnswerBank, which is difficult to find if you haven’t bookmarked it.

  2. Having recently discovered your blog, I am intrigued by the poll you are holding re Sat crossword. I feel you have the balance about right at the moment. You provide enough information to enable a novice to get a toe hold, while at the same time not spoiling the competition element. Afterall, the fun is in pitching your wits against those of the compiler – and the real success is the buzz of actually completing the crossword!
    If people want more, perhaps you could approach the Saturday crossword like a striptease artist – reveal a little more each day, finally giving the full solution on Thursday!

  3. MC

    It also gives me a couple of days in the week to catch up on all the other things I should be doing!!

    The poll currently shows general agreement with your views, so I think I will carry on just doing the handful of hints.

    I know on some other sites, they publish their page after the deadline, so I may consider that.

  4. I think the Sat puzzles should get a complete description eventually, whatever you say about them while still “live”. I might even write it for you if you catch me before I change my mind!

  5. Big Dave

    Congratulations on your Blog, it is excellent.

    However would it be possible to display your clues/answers only when they are clicked on.

    When I look for assistance with a particular clue I cannot help reading your comments for the adjacent clues.

    Good site though.


    Paul Merrygold

  6. Paul
    I know that a “Spoiler” facility is avalable on some sites, but, as far as I am aware, this is not a WordPress feature. The only other way is to set a link to an item on the web for every answer, which would take an inordinate amount of time.

  7. Dave

    The answers hidden in the brackets is perfect.

    It is nice to read the prompts without having to try and avoid seeing the answer.



  8. Paul
    I’m still a little nervous about it as it’s a known technique for trying to fool the search engines, and I may fall foul of their checks – so far so good!

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